Project Status

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 250 Served

Project Phase:  In Service - Oct 2011

Functionality Status:  Functional

Last Checkup: 03/06/2024

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Community Profile

Our implementing partner reports...

The village of Katamarwa lies in the open expanses of farmland in Uganda’s Kiryandongo District.  Katamarwa’s people hail from within mid-western Uganda as well as from other parts of the country, including eastern Uganda and the West Nile region.  Most residents of Katamarwa are farmers and maize is their dominant crop.  Corn-based foods, along with beans and cassava form the basis of the local diet.  After the harvest, residents sell surplus crops in the village market which find their way to places as far away as Kampala and Juba, which is the capital of South Sudan, the newest country in the world.

Life for the farmers in Katamarwa may be simple but it is also tough and health issues pervade the community.  Lack of clean water is the single greatest contributor to poor health in the village. The village has over 300 households, some of which rely on a single protected well that was drilled in the 1960s.  One village elder recalled moving to Katamarwa from the West Nile region in 1974 and has been drinking water from that well ever since.  While reliable, the well is too far for many in the village to use. Katamarwa is a very spread out rural community, and so many families take their water from unprotected springs.  These springs are completely open to the elements – which allow them to become contaminated from animal feces.  The water is filthy and causes sickness for many people, particularly children, in Katamarwa

Busoga Trust has commenced work on a shallow well which will benefit many in this community.  We estimate that when finished, this new water source will serve 250 people who today rely on contaminated water from the open springs.  Village residents have contributed land and materials for this project and currently are working alongside a Busoga Trust technician to dig a well by hand.  When they are finished, a high quality hand-pump will be installed which we expect will serve the community for as many years to come.

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Project Type

Hand-dug wells have been an important source of water throughout human history! Now, we have so many different types of water sources, but hand-dug wells still have their place. Hand dug wells are not as deep as borehole wells, and work best in areas where there is a ready supply of water just under the surface of the ground, such as next to a mature sand dam. Our artisans dig down through the layers of the ground and then line the hole with bricks, stone, or concrete, which prevent contamination and collapse. Then, back up at surface level, we install a well platform and a hand pump so people can draw up the water easily.


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