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Lamvorongur village is located in the rural setting of the Uganda’s mid-western region.  The diverse village includes people who have moved to Kiryandongo District from areas such as northern Uganda, the West Nile region, as well as the eastern portion of the country.  They are farmers, and maize and cassava are their crops of choice, growing them in large quantities.  In addition to forming staples of the local diet, cassava and maize is sold to traders who come by the village in large trucks during the harvest season.  With this opportunity to profit from farming, the people have come to Lamvorongur village to live better lives.

Lamvorongur is a community that has long suffered from a lack of water.  Busoga Trust came to the immediate need of the village in October, helping them to build a shallow hand-dug well.  This well has done a lot to improve access to water in the community but it has not been enough.  Lamvorongur has a total population of over 500, far too many people to use a single well.  Having access to safe water is such an important part of life, and it is something that all people in Lamvorongur deserve.  Clean water is vital for health, especially in children who suffer the most when clean water is not available.  Sanitation remains very poor in Lamvorongur as well, and it is important that this improves to protect the health of the community

Busoga Trust began construction of a second hand-dug well in November. The people of Lamvorongur were very active in helping with the construction as the video below illustrates. We struck the water table at 13 feet but had to insert concrete rings into the well due to colapsing soils. The final depth of the well is 23 feet and we installed the pump on December 22, 2011. Busoga Trust will continue working to improve sanitation in Lamvorongur by helping dig latrines.  Experienced social workers have been working with the community to create a more sanitary overall environment.  The health impacts of clean water and improved sanitation we expect will be felt for many years to come.


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12/06/2011: Construction has begun at Lamvorongur – Wayenda

Construction has begun on a water project for the Lamvorongur – Wayenda in Uganda.  We’ve posted picture, video and a community profile.

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Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Lamvorongur Village, Western Uganda
ProjectID: 615
Install Date:  12/23/2011

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Water Quality: Needs Attention
Well Depth:  23.00M


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Country Details


Population: 27 million
Lacking clean water: 36%
Below poverty line: 37%

Partner Profile

The Water Trust partners with rural communities in Uganda to establish and sustain access to safe water and healthy, clean environments for children to survive infancy and develop to their potential. The Water Trust’s program approach emphasizes community empowerment to enable the community to lead and sustain improvements in water, sanitation, hygiene, and general management of environmental health risks.