Project Status

Project Type:  Dug Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for Masindi / Jinga Uganda

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase:  In Service - Mar 2011

Functionality Status:  Functional

Last Checkup: 03/07/2024

Project Features

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Community Profile

The community of Nyakabale is home to 360 households which are spread out along a shallow valley in Kiryandongo district, Uganda.  The land in Nyakabale is very fertile and the great majority of residents are farmers who spend their days tending to their crops.  Many people grow tobacco as a cash crop and harvest maize, beans and cassava root to feed their families. Nyakabale also hosts a large trading center where locals can buy all sorts of items ranging from cooking oil to beauty products.  The small store fronts are where people tend to gather to chat, debate or simply pass the time.

Although the trading center may have a wide selection of modern amenities, Nyakabale unfortunately lacks many of life’s basic necessities.  There is no health center, no school, no electricity and no clean water.  People must walk great distances to reach any of those services.  Due to the limited access to
clean water, residents resort to collecting water from small, open pools which they often must share with animals.  The water in these pools easily becomes contaminated because they are unprotected and it poses a great health risk to the population.  Diarrheal diseases, such as typhoid, giardia and dysentery are often contracted and can prove fatal to young children.  These and countless other diseases can be prevented simply through the provision of clean water.

Busoga Trust, our implementing partner, will be working with the people of Nyakabale to construct a shallow hand dug well and provide a safe source of water for hundreds of people.

In the video below, a woman from Nyakabale fills her jerry cans for the day.  In a little over a month from now, this scene will be a thing of the past.  No more long walks.  No more dirty water.  Life is about to change for this family and many others.

Project Updates

March, 2011: The well is complete at Nyakabale, Uganda

The well in Nyakabale - Ausonzi is complete.  The pump has been attached and clean, safe and abundant water is flowing!

We've added a ton of pictures from the site and this video of the community filling up their jerry cans for the first time.  This is what hope looks likes!

Thanks again to Terri Clark and Friends for making it possible.

Project Type

Hand-dug wells have been an important source of water throughout human history! Now, we have so many different types of water sources, but hand-dug wells still have their place. Hand dug wells are not as deep as borehole wells, and work best in areas where there is a ready supply of water just under the surface of the ground, such as next to a mature sand dam. Our artisans dig down through the layers of the ground and then line the hole with bricks, stone, or concrete, which prevent contamination and collapse. Then, back up at surface level, we install a well platform and a hand pump so people can draw up the water easily.


Terri Clark & Friends