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Help Solve the Water Crisis

Access to Clean, Safe Water Unlocks Potential
You can help restore hope that ripples out for years to come
Girl with access to clean water in South Sudan

For a small investment, you can fund reliable water projects that serve villages and schools.

Wells, dams and rain catchment systems can provide a reliable source of drinking water. Sanitation facilities and hygiene training then help multiply the impact. Communities become far better able to grow themselves out of poverty.

A new water project in rural Kenya

You can help restore hope.

Give water and help rescue some of the 440 million school days lost every year to water-related sickness. Put an end to the nearly 1 in 5 deaths under the age of five that occur due to dirty water. See between $3 and $34 be returned in economic growth for every $1 invested.

You can unlock potential.

At The Water Project, people - not hardware - are at the center of everything we do. Our solutions meet tangible needs, create jobs, and respect those we serve.

And we can't do any of it without you.

Boy collects dirty water in Uganda.

The Water Crisis

For hundreds of millions of people...dirty, diseased water leads to a cycle of sickness, lack of education, poverty and lost hope. It is needless suffering.

Crews dig a well in Rwanda

The Solution

We're installing wells and other reliable water projects with support from people like you. Local teams engage with communities to promote good hygiene as well.

Girls play in clean, safe water from a new well in Burkina Faso.

You Can Help

Help fund a water project. We'll send you a tracking link instantly so you can follow the specific project you're helping to build. You'll see the impact your donation makes.

We Need Your Help. Will You Join Us?

To fund our work we rely on individuals, small groups and companies committed to giving back.

The majority of our projects are funded by donors who have given $20, $50 or $500 gifts.

We've had young students raise money in their neighborhoods, sororities organize entire campuses and a couple guys even biked across Africa to help.

Everyone gets a link to track the construction and results of the specific water project they helped build. You can too!

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You'll make stories like Bridget's possible.

We want you connected to the entire process so you can celebrate with the community you help.

What We Build

Through our years of experience funding water projects, we have learned that each community we serve is different. From basic geology, to climate, to culture, many factors determine the most sustainable means to provide access to clean and safe water.

We fund new wells, well rehabs, rain catchment, spring protection and sand dams where appropriate. We empower our partners along with the communities themselves to determine what makes sense.

Your gifts enable robust community mobilization, careful project construction and rigorous long-term follow up and evaluation.


What's The Value

Technologies vary and so do costs. An $11,000 water project in one village might cost $27,000 in the next due to geology, local climate and the technology used. Catching rain or repairing a pump might be less expensive and just as valuable as digging a well.

We're committed to funding the most appropriate, efficient and sustainable solutions available.

We've learned that seemingly low-cost projects often ignore the most important aspects of community-building and long term impact. We ensure our partners are holistic in approach and accountable over time.


How We Prove It

For each project you support, you'll receive an in-depth project report detailing the technology used, the location of the effort, the number of people it serves, and photographs of the process and completed water project.

See an example here »

If your project's total expenses are less than your gift, we'll show you any additional project(s) you've supported as well! For larger gifts, there may instances in which you'll be the sole sponsor on multiple projects.


You'll get stories, GPS coordinates, photos and other information about who and how you’ve helped. You’ll know exactly how your giving makes a difference.

Communities are waiting for water. Our teams are ready to respond.  

You make it possible.

Informed supporters benefit everyone. We're here to teach. Ask us anything.
Ready to dig a well

The process of sponsoring a water project in Africa is simple.

Once you have raised the money and/or made a donation to The Water Project, Inc., we will assign the gifts to the next available project site on our ever-growing list.

We work very hard to keep our implementers busy, and try to ensure they always have a back-log of work. That simply means that your project will be constructed about 8-12 months after your donation.

We won't send your donation to the field until just before it's ready to begin construction - keeping everything safe, secure...and accountable.

Yes! And no matter how much you donate, we'll show you the specific project where your gifts were used...every time.

A water project costs more than just the hardware.

To ensure each project is done right and lasts for many years, there are three essential phases to every project including:

  • Site selection & community education
  • Project management & construction
  • Long-term monitoring & evaluation

The majority of your donation goes to our field implementers in the construction phase. They use it to pay for supplies, well pumps, concrete, drill bits, wear and tear on the rigs, fuel, and wages for the drill crews.

When you sponsor an entire project, you'll be an integral part of the effort from the very beginning to clean water flowing and throughout its lifetime! We'll show you how all along the way.

Learn more about the process »

Water Well in Google Earth

Currently, we're working to fund new wells, well rehabilitations, rain water catchments and spring protection schemes at schools, medical clinics, and churches and community centers in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. Individual sites are each open to the public and can serve large groups of people.

Our teams and partners prepare each community for their new water water project. They ensure the community is committed to the project, and in most cases will require some form of investment of time and/or money on their part. This is a critical step to ensure that a water project is sustainable so that your investment has the longest possible effect.

We're committed to providing a reasonable estimate of usage. It doesn't help anyone to overstate the true impact of a water project.

Most of our recent projects actually serve around 500 people, which we consider the upper end of a reasonable limit for any hand-pumped well. Spring catchments serve around 200 or so.

Still, the number of people who use a water project will vary by location. If you've seen claims of wells serving thousands, ask questions. It's important to realize that simply because a community has a population of 1,000 people, it does not mean a single project can serve them all.

An overused well, for example, won't last very long.

Managing a water project over time is just as important as how many people it can serve. To make sure the projects we fund last as long as possible, we go back and check to find out what's working and what's not. We work hard to do the greatest good with your gifts.

Properly maintained, a pump can provide clean, safe drinking water for upwards of ten years or so before needing a complete overhaul or replacement. Properly maintained, other types of projects can last even longer.

Dedicate a Well in AfricaYes, of course! Our implementation teams are great at sending pictures and updates back to us as they work. We'll pass those on to you through our Project Reports - listing you and your team as the sponsors (you can choose to remain anonymous too).

You'll be able to track your specific project from its beginning, through construction and for many years to come.

Water Well in Google Earth

Proving water projects and wells is hard work, but we believe it's essential to building trust through transparency.

We ask our drillers to send pictures of the actual drilling process when possible. In many cases we're provided with before and after photos.

In addition to pictures, we insist that every well be documented with Govt. drilling permits and GPS coordinates. We have folks on our team visit random wells, using these coordinates, to keep everyone honest.

Finally, we ask for itemized expense reports and copies of deposit/withdrawal forms from the banks to which we wire funds for projects. We trust our teams, but also try to remove any opportunity for others to question their integrity.

At this time, we are not able to ensure either safe travel or participation by volunteers at water projects in the field.

Well drilling is specialized work carried out by trained professionals and it is often quite dangerous. Our teams, made up of local drilling techs, don't have the ability to manage visits while they work.

The locations in which they work are often very remote and not frequented by foreigners.

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