Youth Group Service Project

Starting The Water Challenge at Your Church

Do you want to make a real, lasting impact in your church, community and the world? Are you looking for a service project for your youth group with a big, but entirely possible goal?

Join "The Water Challenge" and help provide access to clean water for hundreds of people in Africa?

The Water Project is a Christian non-profit organization that's bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water.

Discover "The Water Challenge"

Why Water?

Youth Group Water Well Service Project

Today, nearly 1 billion people don't have anything safe to drink. We serve a God who told us to help - in no uncertain terms. "Whoever gives a cup of cold water in my name..." (Matt 25:35)

We help build wells. Using the donation your church or youth group raises, we'll provide the means to install a long-lasting solution.

Typically, for about $23, you can provide access to clean, safe water for one person. An entire water project can be constructed for about $12,000, but you don't need to raise it all on your own.

The effort you make this year will last for many years - truly an investment in the Kingdom.

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Why Your Youth Group?

YOUth Missions Youth Group

The desperate need of clean water is a story anyone can tell with just a few facts. And youth have an amazing ability to motivate others. Through their creativity, you'll be amazed at what can be accomplished. People respond.

In fact, our entire ministry started with an inspired youth leader and thirty or so passionate youth. We started this whole "project" intending to build just one water solution at a church. We pulled it off in just a few months with no resources, no ideas, and no fear. Then...we just kept on going. Eventually it developed into what you see here. Tens of thousands with clean water, and hundreds of schools, churches and youth groups involved.

Yeah for us??? ...Not a chance! We know who made this possible. HE called us, we held out our small hands, and HE made it happen...every last detail. And HE will for you too.

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Why The Church?

A church in Kenya

We're Called
Simply put, Jesus calls us to action. His teaching on helping the poor, loving our neighbor, and making disciples could not be more clear.

Providing water through the Church and often to the Church is one of the most basic responses we know of. Clean water unlocks potential. It let's people be who God made them to be.

Access to water unleashes the Gospel
Today, the Christian Church is relatively strong in places like Kenya and Uganda. Many congregations are full of life and faith in Christ. But their work and ministry is crippled by a lack of basic needs, the most important being clean water.

When a church community receives a well, children can be educated - taught to read the Word. Women can get back to more productive labor. Entire villages can begin to lift themselves from a cycle of poverty while spreading the Gospel to their own neighbors.

Water draws people. Remember, it was fresh water that drew the Samaritan woman to the well where she met Jesus. When we build wells at churches, the doors to that community of faith are opened wide.

A Note from a Youth Group

Keswick Baptist Church Changes Lives

Is there anything better then giving in His name? In our eyes, NO WAY!!

We first heard about The Water Project at an event we took our youth group to called SpringForth. We were all so amazed that so many children were dying because they didn't have clean water, and also amazed how such a little amount of money can mean the difference between life and death. I am confident in saying that it was life changing knowledge and I knew that we could make a difference! And boy, what a difference.

The youth group and I told our church about the project and had a month to raise the money for one well. Some in the church actually took the challenge of drinking just water for two weeks. Many, myself included, couldn't go the whole two weeks. Water is something that we take for granted.

Not only did the people get involved, we had Daily Vacation Bible School for a week. We told the kids that we were going to give water, and save kids that were the same ages as them. And did God ever work through that! Over $700.00 was raised with an average of 50 kids coming each night. I still am shaking my head in awe.

We didn't advertise or give anything to their parents to tell them this is what the offering was going towards, the kids went home, and told their parents. Again, how awesome is He!

I would encourage all to give in His name! And in doing this, you will save lives not only here on earth, but grow the Kingdom of God, and that's what it's all about!

-- Amy Gordan

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