2012 Annual Report

A reminder of what we accomplished together
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In 2006, The Water Project began with one project.

One pastor traveled from Kenya to share one story about the need of clean, safe water. He spoke for five minutes and one person chose to act. Then, together with one small group, we started TWP and set out to fundraise... once.

We never quit. And nearly seven years later, though the numbers continue to get much bigger, the purpose of our work remains the same... providing clean, safe water - one village at a time - through the work of individuals just like you.

We're pleased to report some of the notable figures from 2012 below, but know that our real passion is unlocking people's potential. So, if you're anything like us, you'll skip ahead to see the names, places and faces of everyone we were able to help in 2012.

Once you have, we hope you'll take one step closer to the people we serve and get even more involved.


A View from the Field

An example of tracking impact over time
Kakiring Water Well Project
reasons for hope

At the water project, we commit to following up with every community we serve. When water flows for the first time on a new project, it's only the beginning.

During a memorable follow up visit last year, our Program Manager, Jack Owen, returned to Kakiring - a village of about 300 people in Northern Kenya - to see how the interventions we made there in 2011 were impacting the local community he had grown so close to.

He said of the experience that, "everyone talks about impact all the time, and struggles to quantify it. Numbers served, diseases reduced or eliminated, children in school, dish racks in use, washing lines, and latrines in homes, income generating activities... All of these are indicators of positive impacts that water, sanitation and hygiene projects can achieve. I think about all of this too, but sometimes when I think about impact, I just think about Kakiring, and the genuine relief written all over the faces of those whose lives have been transformed through access to a functioning hand pump."

Jack went on to say, "There was a sense that things were getting better in Kakiring, and an energy that comes from achieving something tangible."

It's the kind of outcome we hear about time and time again. It never gets old. When people can once again flourish... we celebrate that we were able to play a small role alongside them.


Fundraising Campaign Pages

From birthdays, weddings, bar-mitzvahs and more... our supporters rallied thousands to the cause.
Personal Fundraising Page
fundraising pages created

We learned during our first water project fundraiser that the story of water is inspiring and the joy of serving others is contagious. So, we created a online platform to make it easy to share it all with friends and family. Thousands joined in during 2012.

Together, our supporters raised over $640,000 through these campaigns alone!

Now, those same folks are seeing the impact of their generosity. Throughout this year, everyone who contributed will see the specific outcomes of their donations, as they happen, right from their own campaign page.


Reaching Teachers... Inspiring Students

We work with educators to engage students in solving the water crisis
Engaging Teachers
lesson plans downloaded

Teachers from around the world downloaded The Water Project Lesson Plans 2,588 times. Their students then engaged with our mini-curricula to learn about water scarcity and how community dynamics can affect the outcome of any water project.

We know that many of these students went on to organize events and fundraisers in response to what they learned. In fact, over 880 schools, churches and other groups signed up for "The Water Challenge". The dedication of literally thousands of volunteers translates to clean, safe water for tens of thousands more!!

Your support helps unlock people's potential to help others.


Individuals Make it Happen

You are amazing!
Personal Fundraising Page
individual and group donations

We don't rely on support from large foundations, government grants or the rich and famous. We depend on people just like you!

And you do amazing work.

From lemon-"aid" stands to church carnivals, gaming marathons to bike rides across continents, the passion and creativity of our supporters make this work possible.


Alex and Murray biked across sub-Saharan Africa last year and raised over $15,000 for clean water. Along their route they visited some of the water projects we'd funded in the past and witnessed first-hand the transformation taking place. It was a great chance for us to hear about our work from someone else's perspective.

When they met up with one of our partners, IcFEM, they reported back that, "In several communities people living near to the schools [where water projects have been installed] have been able to open small businesses thanks to the pumps – like vegetable gardens and brick manufacturers… As an organization, [The Water Project's partner] seems to be making real progress in empowering the Kimilili community to help itself."

Biking across Africa for Water

Unlocking Potential

One person at a time
Water Projects We Funded
people will be served

With your support, The Water Project funded over 213 water projects in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

We estimate, conservatively, that each project serves - on average - about 350 people. We know that some water projects will help far more.

Working with eight implementing partners, our program staff continued to deepen our commitment to building truly sustainable water projects. Each partner continues to bring particular strengths to the work that we are able to share across all our efforts.

Together, through new wells, rehabs, sand dams, spring and rainwater catchments and sanitation & hygiene training, we are able to help unlock potential in the people we serve.



The amazing efforts of everyday people doing extraordinary things... for others.
in contributions during 2012

Over the past six years, the tireless efforts of our fundraisers and volunteers have enabled us to grow at an incredible pace and reach many more people with the gift of clean, safe water. We work hard every day to put all of these resources to the best possible use, providing clean, safe water for hundreds of thousands of people.


We work very hard to put every dollar to the best possible use. We're also committed to financial and operational accountability and transparency so you don't have to take our word for it.

Below you will find links to our latest financial statements. In addition to these documents, you can review the outcomes of all our water projects through our online directory. We post every outcome of every project we fund. And, we intend to continue to report on the status of those projects for years to come as that information becomes available.

2012 Financial Documents

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Reports are generally posted 7 months after the close of our fiscal year.

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