Join These Folks and Start Your Own Fundraiser

Amazing effort. Incredible results. Count us inspired!

What do water wells in Sierra Leone, senior projects, spaghetti dinners, an auction,  a day spa  and an inspirational fundraising effort have in common?  Olivia Coury!

Olivia is a senior at Daniel High School and has been working on her Senior Project since early in the fall of 2010.  Olivia’s passion for Africa and knowledge of the need for clean, safe water inspired her to fundraise for water projects in communities in Sierra Leone.  To date, Olivia has raised nearly $12,000.

In her research to find an organization to work with, Olivia said, “I wanted to hear stories of struggle, hope, and redemption–of real people with thoughts and feelings and ambitions. I guess what I’m saying is that The Water Project showed me, in a tangible way, the people behind the numbers that I wanted to help.” And help she did.


Bryson and Andrew’s Read-a-Thon for Water

Bryson and Andrew are working to raise money for myWaterProject!  The boy’s goal is build two wells for a community.

They are planning to read all that he can in the month of Feb.  Together they have set a goal to read 1000 pages. They are looking for people that will sponsor them at a penny a page for this effort.

Here’s what Bryson has to say…

“I don’t want other kids to suffer because I am a child and I get all the water I want… I want every kid to be able to get the water they want too. It makes me feel happy to think I could help other kids be happy and get water to live. I hope all of you will help me in the water project to bring clean water to kids and adults everywhere.”

You can follow their blog at

Raking for Water

Not sure how to raise money to help fund a well?  Here’s an idea…

This past fall, Hannah and her friends decided to raise money in their North Carolina neighborhood by doing yard work and donating the profits to The Water Project. Hannah and four of her friends raked and bagged leaves for their neighbors.

With just a few simple tasks, they were able to raise over $1,000 to help fund a well! And so not only did they help their neighbors with their leaves, they are now helping their global neighbors find clean, safe drinking water. Their creativity and hard work will make a real difference in many lives. Soon, a community in Sierra Leone will have a newly repaired well.

You can follow the progress of that project here at

Carrying Another’s Burden

Photo Courtesy: Swikar Patel | The Journal Gazette

How do you teach little children about the water crisis?  Our new friends at the Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center had a fantastic idea…  Why not have the children experience what it might be like to gather their own water every day?

So, for the past couple of weeks, that’s exactly what they did.  Each morning students had the opportunity to struggle with a gallon of water, hauled in from a tap outside their classroom.  It’s a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Children, not much older then themselves, carry out this same chore day after day in countries like Uganda and Sierra Leone.  Of course, there is no tap outside their classroom.  Instead the trek is often miles, and the water they eventually fetch is rarely clean or safe.

This little guy couldn't quite manage to carry a whole gallon, but he was determined to take part!

The students at Bunche spent a month learning about these truths while they raised funds to help build a water project.  Each of them got personally involved and quite literally carried the burdens of another.  In doing so they learned just how much their help truly matters.

Now, thanks to these students, life will soon be changing for students just like them at one school in Sierra Leone.  The money they have raised will be used to repair a broken down well.  Hundreds of students will then have access to clean, safe water right outside their classroom, just like the students at Bunche.

We’re so proud of their hard work!  And we can’t wait to show everyone who participated the actual well they helped fund.

You can follow their project at