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Gaming for Water

Can video games change lives? The twelve teens who took part in a recent “Game-a-thon” to raise money for The Water Project sure think so.

On November 19-20, 2010, the group from the DC area played video games nonstop for 12 hours to raise money for our Wells for India program.

The teens collected donations and “per hour of play” pledges leading up to the event. At the end of the night, they had raised $1700 toward a new water project. Organizer Shannyn (mom of one of the participants) described the night, “We had a leader board on the wall and a fundraiser ‘thermometer’” on the wall tracking the donations. When we hit our ‘goal,’ the kids were shouting and screaming and cheering. It was really awesome.”

Thanks to these teens, a thirsty community will soon be enjoying clean, safe water!

You can see what they accomplished here:

North Way Christian Kidz GIG Raises over $9,000

This June, North Way Christian Community, a church in Wexford, Pennsylvania, hosted their annual  summer camp, Kidz GIG.   The objective of the week-long camp was to teach kids about the importance of service. The result: kids modeling true service to the entire church.

Kidz GIG, accepted an ambitious challenge. Inspired by the Water Project (, 330 kids and close to 200 leaders, agreed to drink only water for 5 days and collect the savings to build a well in Africa. We set a considerable goal of $6,000, enough to build a complete well, and believed that God was going to accomplish this through the hearts of our children.


Thanks Toronto!

Toronto 5K Run

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to Catalina Urtoi who organized a 5K Run on May 20th in Toronto, Canada to benefit The Water Project.  Together they raised $1,000 to help fund a well.

5k runs are an especially powerful way to show support as so often, moms and children walk upwards of the same distance every day, just to find water in developing communities.

Thanks to the Toronto runners, one community in Africa will no longer have to!

Columbus Signature Academy Funds a Well

By Karen Quackenbush – 2nd Grade Teacher

Columbus Signature Academy is a new project/technology based school in Columbus, Indiana.  Our curriculum is powered by student driven projects and the 21st Century skills of technology.  So our students determine what we will be working on, and teachers guide the process.

Our Well Project began when Olivia Linnemann, one of the students in my class, shared about her family’s project to help build a well in Ethiopia.  Her family had adopted triplet babies from Ethiopia and decided that they wanted to help those people in Africa who needed clean water.  When Olivia shared this with the class during our morning meeting, Molly Dye, one of my other students, raised her hand and asked, “Could we help drill a well?  The whole class immediately jumped on board and became excited about helping other students like them far across the globe.  The idea that they, as 2nd graders, could help save lives, gave true meaning to project based learning.