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Well Rehab in Kenya

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Stories and Community Profile

This project is part of Bridge Water Project’s well rehabilitation program. The following project details are direct from BWP, and have been edited of clarity:  

 The proposed project is with Nirinya community, in Mumias district. The community is made up of 50 households. The community constructed a hand dug well. The well was dug to serve the community, and to help the women in the community who used to fetch water from a long way away. The community are unable to fund the purchase of the necessary hand pump to finish the project, and approached BWP for assistance. Th installation of a hand pump will greatly improve this source as the community are currently drawing water using a rope and jerry can, which is highly susceptible to contamination. 

 Members of the self help group grow vegetables which they sell and support themselves. 

 The group is well organised and have appointed a water committee, and set up a bank account in which they can save the community contributions for operation and maintenance costs.    

 Bridge Water Project is committed to both the hardware implementation and a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation training program as part of this project. 

Project Photos

Recent Project Updates

07/20/2012: Njirinya Community project complete

These photos show the handing over ceremony at Njirinya Community. The well has been rehabilitated and is now a functioning water source. The community and the team from Bridge Water Project have taken part in a handing over ceremony, during which responsibility for management of the facility was officially taken on by the community. The project team will return to the site for follow up in a couple of months to ensure things are running smoothly. 

The Water Project : njirinya-self-help-group-handing-over-18-oct-10-1-01-04-am-2 The Water Project : njirinya-self-help-group-handing-over-18-oct-10-1-01-12-am-2 The Water Project : njirinya-self-help-group-handing-over-18-oct-10-1-01-22-am-2

07/16/2012: Water flowing at Njirinya

This well rehabilitation project is progressing well. The team from Bridge Water Project have installed the pump, and water is now flowing. They’ll be returning to the site in a few days time to attend teh handing over ceremony, when responsibility for the project will be assumed by the community. Excellent progress so far!

The Water Project : pump-installation-njirinya-self-help-group-3 The Water Project : water-flowing-njirinya-self-help-group-3

06/27/2012: Community education underway!

Bridge Water Project are in the middle of the hygiene promotion campaign with the community, and have sent through these photos showing the workshops in session.  

The Water Project : njirinya-self-help-group-community-education-21-sep-10-1-15-59-am-2 The Water Project : njirinya-self-help-group-community-education-21-sep-10-1-16-41-am-2

Monitoring Data

Project Type:  Well Rehab
ProjectID: 4104
Install Date:  07/20/2012

Monitoring Data
Water Point:
Needs Repair
Last Visit: 06/03/2015

We are actively working with this partner to resolve the issues in this community. The "last visit" date is not necessarily the date we were notified by the partner of any potential problems. Once informed of downtime, we work to respond quickly. We will update the project status when these issues are resolved.

Visit History:
10/09/2012 — Functional
06/03/2015 — Needs Repair

Country Details


Population: 39.8 Million
Lacking clean water: 43%
Below poverty line: 50%

Partner Profile

Bridge Water Project has been funded by The Water Project almost since they got their start in 2007.  This local Kenyan NGO works directly with the communities and neighbors they know well.  Building relationships with these villages and the local government helps ensure that the water projects we fund are sustainable in the long term.

BWP works to repair up to four wells for every new one they install.  In this area of Kenya, many old and broken down water points still exist.  We have found that restoring these water points and establishing new plans for maintenance and monitoring, is quite cost effective.

We work closely with partners like BWP to strengthen their teams, through professional development growing their impact and quality of work over time.  Your donations make it all possible.