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The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Water Storage Containers
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Self Help Group Members
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Pouring Water Into Container
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Picking Up Container
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Mutave Muema
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Livestock
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Latrine
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Kitchen
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Katunda Kyungu
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Inside Kitchen
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  House
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Hauling Water Home
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Hanging Clothes To Dry
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Garden
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Fetching Water
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Courtyard
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Compound
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Community Meeting
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Carrying Water
The Water Project: Mbiuni Community -  Carrying The Full Container

Project Status

Project Type:  Sand Dam

Regional Program: Southeastern Kenya WaSH Program

Project Phase:  Funded - Project Initiated
Estimated Install Date (?):  12/31/2019

Project Features

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Nduti Community is found in Mbiuni Village of Makueni County. The community hails from a peaceful rural area which has average vegetation cover made of both planted and naturally occurring trees. The majority of community members live in brick houses covered with iron sheets while others opt for mud-walled houses covered with iron sheets.

Community members have been relying on open river scoop holes in their quest to get water for drinking and household use. The scoop holes are found on a seasonal river channel and are prone to running dry at certain times of the year – which makes life unbearable for community members as they struggle for water.

“Our community lacks a reliable water source, and we are currently depending on water from river scoop holes which is not safe for human consumption nor enough for the village population needs. Cases of amoeba have been reported in the past as a result of using water from this source,” said Katunda Kyungu.

The available water source is shared with wild animals and looks exposed to many other possible contaminants. Locals are required to cover substantial distances to get there, which makes it a burden for women and children who are traditionally tasked with fetching water for family use in this community.

The existing water source is depended upon by the whole village population. At certain times, there are huge lines of people waiting to get water, which means people lose even more time each day fetching water.

Many people in Mbiuni are actively involved in fruit farming on their pieces of land, especially of mangoes and oranges. The increased production of fruit in the area is the result of the Makueni County Government installing a fruit processing plant at the nearby Kalamba Market. But the gains made through money made by selling fruit to the processing plant are wiped out by the high cost of problems caused by the lack of safe water.

What we can do:

Our main entry point into Mbiuni Community has been the Nduti Self-Help Group, which is comprised of 42 farming households that are working together to address water and food scarcity in their region. These members will be our hands in feet and both constructing water projects and spreading the message of good hygiene and sanitation to everyone.

Sand Dam

After the community picked the spot, our technical team went in and proved the viability by finding a good foundation of bedrock. Now, our engineers are busy drawing up the blueprints. We estimate the dam will be 38 meters long and 4.5 meters high.

We are unified with this community to address the water shortage. As more sand dams are built, the environment will continue to transform. As the sand dams mature and build up more sand, the water tables will rise. Along with these sand dams, hand-dug wells (check out the hand-dug well being installed next to this dam) will be installed to give locals a good, safe way to access that water.

With these projects, clean water will be brought closer to hundreds of people in Mbiuni, Kenya.


We will hold hygiene and sanitation training sessions with Nduti Self-Help Group, which are also open to non-members. These will teach about important hygiene practices and daily habits to establish in the community at the personal and household levels. Taking good care of self and environment will make for a healthy community.

“Levels of personal and household cleanliness have been below required standards because we lack enough water in our community,” said Mrs. Kyungu.

The majority of the community members have latrines and clotheslines, which is a positive sign that they will implement the lessons they learn. Improvements are still needed in leading high levels of cleanliness, implementing handwashing facilities, as well as digging garbage pits within the family compounds.

We're just getting started, check back soon!

Project Photos

Project Type

Sand Dam

Seasonal streams (and the sand they carry) are trapped by dams, replenishing the water table and allowing for adjacent hand-dug wells. Almost completely led by community-supplied sweat and materials, and under the supervision of engineers, dams are strategically placed within those dry river-beds. The next time it rains, flood-waters are trapped.

With a sand dam, this trapped sand begins to hold millions of gallons of rainwater. Soon enough, sand reaches the top of the dam, allowing water to continue downstream – where it meets the next dam. The result? A regional water table is restored.


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