Project Status

Project Type:  Sand Dam

Regional Program: Southeastern Kenya WaSH Program

Project Phase:  Reserved
Estimated Install Date (?):  -0001

Project Features

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Community Profile

The (# of people served) (people/students) of (community name/school name) struggle to access sufficient water. (Make an impact statement that pulls on the heartstrings of readers.)

(“Quotes” mention that they are in the photo below)


(Describe the current water source and how it is obtained)
The primary water source the (people/students) of (community name/school name) rely on is (name the primary water source), but it presents challenges. (Describe specific issues and challenges it causes). (Issue with water source) and (issue with water source) make it difficult to (tasks that are not accomplished). And without the benefit of clean water access life for (specific person/people/students) in (community name/school name) is (adjective to describe the situation).

(“Quotes” mention that they are in the photo below)


The (installation/rehabilitation/protection) of the (water solution) will enable (people/students) like (name of first person quoted) and (name of second person quoted) to focus on (future potential opportunities with water access) instead of (roadblocks from the current water situation).

Helping to solve the water crisis in this community will take a multi-faceted system. It requires the collaboration of the TKTK and a TKTK. They will work together to create a sustainable water source that will serve this community for years to come.

The Proposed Solution, Determined Together...

At The Water Project, everyone has a part in conversations and solutions. We operate in transparency, believing it benefits everyone. We expect reliability from one another as well as our water solutions. Everyone involved makes this possible through hard work and dedication.

In a joint discovery process, community members determine their most advantageous water solution alongside our technical experts. Read more specifics about this solution on the What We're Building tab of this project page. Then, community members lend their support by collecting needed construction materials (sometimes for months ahead of time!), providing labor alongside our artisans, sheltering and feeding the builders, and supplying additional resources.

Water Access for Everyone

This water project is one piece in a large puzzle. In Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Uganda, we’re working toward complete coverage of reliable, maintained water sources that guarantee public access now and in the future within a 30-minute round trip for each community, household, school, and health center. One day, we hope to report that this has been achieved!

Training on Health, Hygiene & More

With the community’s input, we've identified topics where training will increase positive health outcomes at personal, household, and community levels. We’ll coordinate with them to find the best training date. Some examples of what we train communities on are:

  • Improved hygiene, health, and sanitation habits
  • Safe water handling, storage & treatment
  • Disease prevention and proper handwashing
  • Income-generation
  • Community leadership, governance, & election of a water committee
  • Operation and maintenance of the water point

We're just getting started, check back soon!

Project Type

Sand dams are huge, impressive structures built into the riverbeds of seasonal rivers (rivers that disappear every year during dry seasons). Instead of holding back a reservoir of water like a traditional dam would, sand dams accumulate a reservoir of silt and sand. Once the rain comes, the sand will capture 1-3% of the river’s flow, allowing most of the water to pass over. Then, we construct shallow wells on the riverbank to provide water even when the river has dried up, thanks to new groundwater reserves. Learn more here!