Project Status

Project Type:  Protected Spring

Program: IcFEM Water Projects

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Oct 2013

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Community Profile

This project is part of IcFEM's WaSH program, which includes multiple water source schemes as well as substantial community level hygiene promotion, and training on project operation and maintenance. 

What follows is a brief project outline direct from our partner: 

The spring is found in Mlimani village of Sirakaru sub-location, Kabuyefwe Location in Bungoma County. Residents in this area are farmers mainly growing maize, beans and vegetables.

Though the area is well endowed with more than enough rainfall, the people in this region suffer from a perennial water problem. Due to high poverty levels, the locals are unable to tap into the heavy downpour because it requires them to invest in gutters for their houses. 

As such, many people depend on springs and seasonal rivers. Makhele spring is one such spring supplying water to an expansive area across 5 villages. The spring has never been protected and the residents draw the not-so-clean water from the ground making them prone to water borne diseases. The spring’s protection will be a huge relief and a worthy intervention to safeguard life.

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Springs are water sources that come from deep underground, where the water is filtered through natural layers until it is clean enough to drink. Once the water pushes through the surface of the Earth, however, outside elements like waste and runoff can contaminate the water quickly. We protect spring sources from contamination with a simple waterproof cement structure surrounding layers of clay, stone, and soil. This construction channels the spring’s water through a discharge pipe, making water collection easier, faster, and cleaner. Each spring protection also includes a chlorine dispenser at the waterpoint so community members can be assured that the water they are drinking is entirely safe. Learn more here!