Project Status

Project Type:  Well Rehab

Program: IcFEM Water Projects

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Aug 2013

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Community Profile

This project is part of IcFEM's WaSH program, which includes multiple water source schemes as well as substantial community level hygiene promotion, and training on project operation and maintenance. 

What follows is a brief project outline direct from our partner: 

Brief Background:

The borehole is found in Kona village, Kona Location of Kakamega County. The area is a settlement scheme with many residents being large scale maize farmers. Other crops grown include beans and bananas. The area receives high amounts of rainfall (between 1,300mm to 1,800mm per annum) and the land is highly productive. However, water for domestic use is a major concern for area residents

The borehole in the school was made by KEFINCO in 2004 to provide a solution to the perennial water problem in the school and surrounding villages. The pump is still on site but not functional and the water is now contaminated producing a foul smell thus making it unfit for human consumption. Since then, proper hygiene and sanitation has become a major challenge to the school and the surrounding community exposing them to the risk of water-borne diseases. Cases of typhoid and dysentery have also been reported in the school. The alternative source is an unprotected spring 1 kilometre away  

According to the residents, the borehole became dysfunctional due to a weak committee which did not understand or discharge its duties effectively. Again, the spare parts of the pump were not locally available meaning that it could not be repaired upon breaking down.

There is therefore a genuine need for refurbishment of the borehole to ensure that lives are protected. The community and the school are willing to participate in the rehabilitation process in order to bring healing for water users in the area.

We're just getting started, check back soon!

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Project Type

Well rehabilitation is one of the most cost effective ways to bring clean, safe water to a community.  Sometimes it involves fixing a broken hand pump, other times it means sealing a hand dug well to prevent it from being contaminated.  These repairs, and often time total replacements, coupled with sanitation and hygiene training make a huge impact in communities.