Project Status

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump

Program: Wells for South Sudan - NeverThirst

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Aug 2013

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Community Profile

The water project at Hai Tarawa is part of our partner's program in South Sudan.

Hai Tarawa is a rural community of more than 1000 people.  (Editor's Note: While this many people may have access on any given day, realistically a single water source can only support a population of 350-500 people.  To learn more, click here.)  Before the completion of this water project, the people of Hai Tarawa would travel more than a mile to gather water from an unprotected river.  According to members of the community, this water caused diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, stomach pain.

The community is very excited to have this new source of safe clean water so close.  The testimonies below were gathered by our partner from those who will benefit from this project:

Joy Lawrence said, "Before this hand pump, we would drink from the river. It was very far for us. We would walk for about an hour to get there. We had illnesses like diarrhea, malaria, typhoid. We think there will be much less sickness now. We were very happy when we heard that we were going to get a hand pump in our village and today we are very happy. We will make sure to keep the place very clean to prevent sicknesses here too. Maybe we will get filters someday too."

Cecelia Augustina said,"We are happy because the water is here and we don't have to go long distances for water or sometimes go without what we need. We are happy because we are drinking clean water and we won't have diarrhea or stomach pain. We also thank God for helping us raise the maintenance and repair fund. We give glory to him for the borehole.We thank him for providing donors to give money for the bore well. We also pray for this water pump to stay clean. We have hope that God will continue to provide for our needs in the future."

It is so great to hear the determination in their words to make this project a success, so that it can truly bring change to the community.  Thank you for your help!

We're just getting started, check back soon!

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Project Type

Abundant water is often right under our feet! Beneath the Earth’s surface, rivers called aquifers flow through layers of sediment and rock, providing a constant supply of safe water. For borehole wells, we drill deep into the earth, allowing us to access this water which is naturally filtered and protected from sources of contamination at the surface level. First, we decide where to drill by surveying the area and determining where aquifers are likely to sit. To reach the underground water, our drill rigs plunge through meters (sometimes even hundreds of meters!) of soil, silt, rock, and more. Once the drill finds water, we build a well platform and attach a hand pump. If all goes as planned, the community is left with a safe, closed water source providing around five gallons of water per minute! Learn more here!