You Can Help Solve the Water Crisis

Restore hope that ripples out for years to come.

Your giving provides access to safe and reliable water projects across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our in-country teams build water wells, sand dams, spring protections, and other water solutions. Then, we make sure they keep working through regular follow-up and maintenance.

Your support restores hope, one community at a time. And you'll watch it happen.

Providing access to water gives people back their time. Safe water improves health and education. Communities begin to grow themselves out of poverty.

People just like you make it all possible. Students raise money in their neighborhoods, sororities organize entire campuses, companies pledge profits, and a couple guys even biked across Africa to help.

We work with local experts and the community to determine the right technology to provide clean, safe water at each site. And we'll make sure it keeps working over time.

What We Build

We build new wells, rehab neglected wells, construct rain catchment tanks, protect springs and install sand dams where appropriate. We empower our in-country experts along with the communities themselves to determine what makes sense.

Your gifts enable robust community mobilization, careful project construction and rigorous long-term follow up and evaluation.

What's The Cost

We're committed to funding the most appropriate and sustainable solutions available. Sometimes catching rain, protecting a spring or repairing a neglected pump is just as valuable as digging a new well.

We've also learned that low-cost projects often ignore the most important aspects of community-building and long term impact. So we ensure our teams are holistic in approach and accountable over time.

Every gift is applied to a specific project that you'll see.

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Clean water and proper hygiene go hand in hand. Each water project provides hygiene training and facilities where appropriate.

Your support allows our team to take a holistic approach to improving health through safe water.

How We Prove It

For each gift you make, you'll receive an in-depth project report detailing the technology used, the location of the effort, the number of people it serves, and photographs of the process and completed water project. See what a report looks like by browsing our map of current projects.

The Water Crisis

It's needless suffering...dirty, diseased water leads to a cycle of sickness, lack of education, poverty and lost hope.

The Solution

Providing access to safe and reliable water projects with support from people like you. See what the process looks like.

Get Involved

Help fund a water project. Give, fundraise or host a Water Challenge. You'll see the impact your donation makes.