Performers for Progress Builds 3 Wells

Monday, November 16th, 2009

IMG_0535_2This past October, Performers for Progress set out to raise enough money to build two wells in India.  They ended up raising enough for three!

Just a few weeks after performing and asking their audiences to get behind this important work, the first two of their three wells was constructed in India.  You can see the new wells at Sirumayangudi & Mettupatti in India.

So far over 1,600 people have access to clean, safe water because of the efforts of a few committed students.  The communities in India are very grateful…and so are we!

About Performers for Progress:

Performers for Progress is a student-run organization based in Orinda, California that produces and organizes student talent shows to benefit charities of the organization’s choosing. Our organization has the dual benefit of giving students an outlet to share their abilities in the visual and performing arts while simultaneously aiding humanitarian organizations beyond their community. In the past, we have raised money for Haiti Medical Mission, Each One Reach One, and PDH-Togo. We ensure that 95% of the proceeds go to the designated charities by operating on a very small budget and relying on volunteers and donations for almost all of our needs.

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