Water Matters

The latest on our work and those supporting it

Thanks Jess

We asked some folks taking “The Water Challenge” to share with us what they are doing to raise money to help provide clean water in Africa or India.

Our new friend Jess says…

I am helping The Water Project without a team for my bat mitzvah and I am working on a letter that I will be sending to each of my guests.  They will be forwarding on to me the money they save during my 2 week project.

We say…Thanks Jess.  You’re about to change a lot of lives, forever!


Blogging for water – Can you help too?

“Millions of people get upset if the first drops of water in their shower bear faint taints of rust. Many are outraged if their hot water is not scalding. Thousands of us take for granted the immediate provision of clean, safe, temperature-controlled water — and we shouldn’t.

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Wells for India Program Launch

We’re excited about our brand new partnership with Wells for Life to dig wells in India.

We’re even more excited about our launch partner, Northview Christian Church, whose incredible genorosity will be funding the majority of the first ten wells.

We’ll have pictures, GPS fixes, and updates posted here within weeks as the wells are dedicated.

See the Wells for India project page for more info.


More facts about bottled water

We’ve just posted two great new articles by Shannyn Snyder, our research intern. She has worked to expose some more of the facts and truth about bottled water and its true value.  See Bottled Water: Not such a clear choice.

As you may know, we encourage all our supporters to give up bottled water and consider filtering water at home so that they can free up some cash to help others.

Check them out the two links above.