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Project Type:  Solar Pump

Program: Wells for Schools - Kenya

Impact: 500 Served

Project Phase: 
Community Managed
Implementing Partner Monitoring Data Unavailable
Initial Installation: Jan 2012

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This information was provided by our partner IcFEM

Musembe Primary School, Mbakalo

The region known as Mbakalo is found within Trans-Nzoia county which is on highly fertile agricultural land. There are no large towns in Mbakalo though you can find small shops selling basic items and on a Monday the market allows traders and villagers to sell and buy produce such as livestock, vegetables, fruit and clothes. There is another market each Tuesday in Lungu village. Mbakalo has no major industry or employers, most people survive as subsistence farmers. There are primary and secondary schools in Mbakalo as well as a polytechnic and a teachers training college.

A particular feature of the area is the picturesque Nzoia river which runs through the region, and also provides the water for several villages which have sprung up alongside the river. However, there are a large number of other villages which are found away from the river which have particular challenges relating to a lack of available clean water.

IcFEM staff met with Mary and Rose from the Musembe village, in which Musembe Primary School is found. Musembe is just one of those villages with an acute need for clean water. Villagers grouped together in past years to protect one of the springs a couple of kilometres away, although this water is not considered to be fully safe for drinking. This spring forms the main water source for Musembe village, with other local villages (Kananechi and Mtoto A) and Lunyu market also currently using that spring as their primary water source. Some water-related diseases are prevalent in the area, particularly diarrhoea and typhoid resulting from this spring water. Cattle and other animals are also brought to the water sources in order to drink and wash, which further reduces the water quality for the villagers, yet even more concerning is that in the dry season, this spring – like many others away from the river – dries up causing major issues for the villagers in finding water.

The project will offer a much improved water source for the residents of Musembe and other surrounding villages. This will make their lives much easier and protect them from diseases that afflict them at the current time. They are hopeful that this project will improve their lives and help everyone in the community.

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Solar water systems use energy from the sun to power a low-maintenance submersible (underground) electric pump. The solar-powered pump is ideal for pulling water from an already-existing source without the input of human energy and for transporting it to a more convenient location. The pump collects water in tanks to serve a larger population. When the user is ready to access the water, all they have to do is visit a public kiosk and turn on the tap!


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