Invested in leadership.

We equip, train and fund local NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) with an established in-country presence who can help provide reliable access to clean water and ensure its maintenance over time.


We come alongside every partner and help them develop programs that meet the needs of their neighbors. We listen first, and offer what we know with humility.


Tools and technology allow our small teams to do far more then they could otherwise. But, these tools never get in the way of relationship and respect.


With partners and teams around the world, we're able to spread learning and best practices quickly. All of us can then work together toward lasting solutions.

Your Support = Local Solutions.

People - not hardware - are at the center of everything we do. Your giving meets the tangible needs of families and creates local jobs, all while respecting those we serve.

Appropriate water projects, not just wells.

We work hard to make sure that a community's needs are always considered first. Local experts in the field help ensure that happens. With your support, we are able to provide support and expertise for various water solutions.

We listen for our local teams's lead in choosing the right type of water project for a particular community or school. Far too often, "default" technologies like a handpump are being installed because of misguided assumptions, only to end up rejected or abandoned by a community.

We've also learned that a water project must be reliable, convenient and safe and that requires careful consideration alongside each community.

We work with local experts and the community to determine the right technology to provide clean, safe water at each site. And we'll make sure it keeps working over time.

Community Engagement at a Water Project

The Water Project Process

Community Engagement

Learn why the communties we serve are involved at every step of the process. Find out why it's critical to success.

Community Education

Clean, safe water can be a new concept in a village. Understanding concepts like hand-washing and proper use of latrines is key to maximizing the benefits of a new well.

Installing the Project

From filing for permits to installing a well pump or other hardware, a lot goes into the construction phase of a water project like a well. Learn how our partner drills a well.

Education Follow-up and Handing Over

The exciting moment when water flows and a community celebrates their new water source is just the beginning.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Did it work? Is it still working? Was anyone really helped? If we don't ask, we'll never know. Discover why follow-up is so essential.

Integrity and Transparency

Counting the true cost of a water project
Jerry cans at a well

We believe deeply in end-to-end transparency and accountability. That means not only showing every outcome, but also being honest about every cost.

Anyone can dig a hole. Anyone can attach a pump. But making sure a water project is sustainable and reliable takes time, expertise and a commitment to honest evaluation. The Water Project funds full life-cycle project costs, from here to the field and into the future. We demand our partners disclose the true costs of installing and maintaining a water point, as best they can.

We know that claims of "low cost" wells or "life-time" access to water for $20 a person are just that... claims. Everyone knows the costs are higher and the outcomes less certain. Claims to the contrary cheapen the work and ultimately disrespect the communities being served.

In addition to revealing true project costs, we also provide realistic assessments of the number of people a given water project can truthfully benefit. Quoting a general population count, instead of more realistic usage figures, inflates perceived impact and may actually discourage further necessary investments. Our goal is to see water available and reliable in an entire area.

Transparency and accountability are about making a commitment to serving others first, with excellence. Done right, our supporters always benefit as well.

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