Well in India – Sirumayangudi

This new well serves a village of about 650 people, mostly agricultural laborers.   Before this well was installed they did not have a protected source of water.  The well in use was unreliable and filled with garbage (you can see pictures of it below).  Today, thanks to the generosity of individual donors to The Water Project, these families are enjoying clean and safe drinking water.

Our implementing partner noted about their visit,

“Arriving at this place and experiencing the fireworks and the celebration was a tad overwhelming but when you consider what they had previously to what exists now, it’s no wonder they were excited to have us and show off their new water source.”

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Notre Dame Students “Totter for Water”

totter 3 adults also!In order to fundraise for the Global Water Initiative, Howard Hall at the University of Notre Dame decided to host a 24 hour teeter totter marathon. Totter for Water stationed a teeter totter right on South Quad and had people see-saw for 24 hours straight!

The hall’s female residents, nicknamed the “ducks”, hosted a kickoff party where dorm mascots from all over campus came to ride the totter. Food and music always add up to a good time.

People walking by were encouraged to both donate to the cause and relive their childhood memories by riding the teeter totter. Over 270 people rode the totter. From on-site and online donations we raised a total of $2,331.03. That translates as 233 people who now have access to clean water for 10 years. Well, you know what they say, ducks love water!!

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Over 1,500 girls attend the Eva Marrie Girls School in Perambalur, India.  The shear size of the school magnified the lack of access to water.  Before this well and distribution systems were constructed,  the school children would have to leave the grounds to access public taps or they would use a small amount of water which the school was forced to pay for from a “water cart”.  Improving access to water means more time in class, less danger traveling outside of school grounds and far better access to proper sanitation, a huge issue for a girls school.

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Well in India – BAGAVATHI

This was the second of two wells funded by Burns High School FFA.  The full name of the location is Kothamangalam Bagavathi Amman Street.  This particular village has about 700 Dalit families and like the first had been without a safe and dependable water source.

This village, not far from the first, suffered many of the same water problems.  Prior to this well being installed they walked great distances for water.   Even then, what they found was water designated for the fields and crop growing – unsuitable and unsafe to drink.

Thankfully,with the help of the students at Burns HS FFA, these people are enjoying their very own protected water source.

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