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South Sudan

Wells for South Sudan - NeverThirst

Latitude 5.24
Longitude 30.62

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The water project at Nyeaba is part of our partner’s program in South Sudan.

Nyeaba is a rural village of more than 700 people.  (Editor’s Note: While this many people may have access on any given day, realistically a single water source can only support a population of 350-500 people.  To learn more, click here.) Before the completion of this water project, the people of Usho would travel 7 miles to draw water from an unprotected river!  Village members attributed various health issues to drinking and gathering the water and its location including diarrhea, malaria, vomiting and stomach pain.  Many of the village members noted how wonderful it will be to have all of those hours available for investment in their own community rather than walking to fetch water.

How will this new well effect life in the village?  The people of the community can tell us best:

A community member named Viviana shared, “The water we were drinking before was dirty. It brought sickness like diarrhea to us. Sometimes we couldn’t get showers and our bodies were not comfortable. We had to go long distances to fetch water. We would walk about 7 miles. We would go once a day to get water. We would leave in the middle of the night to avoid the heat and the bees. It would take two hours to get all our water-2 or 3 Jerry cans is all we could get.”

Another woman named Flora said, “Now we have the new borehole we are happy. Before we had to spend much time outside. There were many scorpions, snakes, bees. We feel relieved to have a hand pump nearby. We have clean water to drink so we won’t get sick. We use to get water from the river or from small ponds. Many people who use to live in our village left because of the water issues. We hope they will be able to return now.”

What potential will be unlocked in this community now that clean water is available and so much closer?  Thank you for your help!

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Recent Project Updates

08/27/2013: Nyeaba Community Project Complete!

At long last, we are very excited to report that the water project in Nyeaba, South Sudan, is complete!  The new well brings a source of safe, clean water right into the community rather than 7 miles away.  We just posted a report from our partner in the field including information about the community, GPS coordinates, and pictures of the project.  Thank you for your help!

The Water Project : southsudan242-4

04/11/2013: Status Update From South Sudan

Wondering what might be going on with your project in South Sudan?  We realize it has been quite a while.  We have had some recent communication with our partner in the field, and we can assure you, the work is being done.  The difficulty with this region is that while in South Sudan, our partners have virtually no ability to communicate their progress to us.  Once the work is completed, and they come to a region where they have that ability, we will receive full reports on all of the projects they are working on.  And as soon as we have that information, we will pass it right on to you.

Thanks for your patience!

Project Data

Project Type:  Borehole Well and Hand Pump
Location:  Boma: Lanyi, Payam: Lanyi, South Sudan
ProjectID: 242
Install Date:  08/27/2013

Country Details

South Sudan

From its independence in 1956 until 2005, Sudanese were caught in ongoing civil warfare between the north and south, resulting in extreme violence and devastation, and what humanitarian organizations call a "lost generation."

Due to its war-torn past, the country lacks almost every part of what modern society considers a necessity:
access to basic health care services, educational opportunities, electricity and infrastructure, a working economy, and most of all - clean water.  The country is rebuilding, but is starting from almost nothing. One recent report indicated there were no more than six miles of paved roads in all of South Sudan. (Source: WHI)


Population: 41.3 Million
Lacking clean water: 30%
Below poverty line: 40%
Climate: Tropical in south; arid in north (desert); rainy season varies by region
Languages: Arabic (official), Nubian, Ta Bedawie, English
Ethnic Groups: Black 52%, Arab 39%, Beja 6%, Foreigners 2%
Life Expectancy: 58 years
Infant Mortality Rate: 81 deaths per 1000 live births

(Source: CIA The Word Factbook, LWI)

Partner Profile

Neverthirst is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been in operation since 2008.
They are currently working in India, South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic, and starting to
work in Cambodia. Their mission is simple: Neverthirst exists to provide clean and living water to the
poor through the local church. They desire, along with The Water Project, for communities to use clean water towards realizing long term sustainable development.