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Someone just gave $70.28 to Hydrate the Homeland! (In George's honor)
Someone just gave $200.00 to Marissa Cherry's Fundraising Page
and said the world needs more teenagers like you, Marissa!
Someone just gave $35.29 to Stephanie's Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $34.00 to Shelby's Campaign for Water
and said Deut.15:11 - For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother
Someone just gave $10.59 to Rebecca Mader's Birthday Project 2016
and said Thanks for all the love Rebecca!
Someone just gave $12.00 to Hydrate the Homeland! (In George's honor)
and said Jon and family -- I'm sorry for your loss. This is a great way to honor George. Bob G.
Someone just gave $250.00 to Mason Street Church of Christ 2016 Campaign for Water
and said Water changes everything! Help us make a huge change for our neighbors in need.
Someone just gave $10.59 to Cody's Campaign for Water
Someone just gave $10.50 to Hespera's Campaign for Water
and said Just thought I'd keep the ball rolling...

How it Works


Create your page and then rally friends and and family to support your project.


Inspire your friends and family to join you in support of clean water. When you're done raising money, just let us know. We'll mark your page complete and assign what you've raised to a specific project.


We'll select a community in need of a water project, and as soon as work begins, we'll let you know where it is! You'll get info on the community you're helping, usually within 6-8 months after your campaign is complete.


Once construction is finished, you'll receive another update with pictures, GPS, a community profile and sometimes even video. You'll be able to celebrate along with the community you've served!


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Marissa Cherry's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $8803.01

Hello, and thank you for checking out my page! I have lived in West Africa for most of my life and love the people and the place. Right now ...

Kati Bucciero's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $8602.17

I can go on and on about why I'm doing this and why I need your help....and I certainly will below if you are interested in reading further. But if yo...

Grace Graebel's Fundraising Page - Total Raised: $8482.42

Hello everyone, over the past year I have become increasingly interested in pursuing a philanthropic cause. Watching my grandparents charitable ef...

The Snider Wedding Project - Total Raised: $7610.51

Thank you for considering supporting our wedding well. We are hopeful that our joy and your generosity will help to bring better health and an improve...

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