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Haiti Earthquake Relief

The Water Project has joined a coalition of water organizations who are coordinating our response to the crisis unfolding in Haiti.

We’re proud to be partnered with Living Water International (LWI) who is ready and able to provide immediate assistance to the people of Haiti.  They are on the ground now!

How to Help

100% of funds raised will go directly to the relief effort.

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We will post updates on Twitter, Facebook and here on our site as we receive them.

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New well under construction in Kigwo Sudan

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=right]Hi Water Project!  This is Stephen Huber, Project Manager for WHI and I am happy to tell you that we started drilling your well yesterday (Jan. 7th)  in the village of Muresuk in Kigwo Boma S. Sudan.  We have drilled down to about 24m yesterday and hope to finish the drilling today.  The drilling is slow going due to the hardness of the rock.

Kigwo is the most undeserved Bomas (sub-counties) in Kajo Keji County.  It has four villages and only one water well.  Until recently, the area was very inaccessible due to very poor road conditions and unexploded land mines.  Thankfully, deminers have been working hard clearing the road and another NGO has grated the road and built bridges.

Needless to say, the villagers are very excited!  Many villagers have shown up to help and contribute labor, materials for pad construction, and food for the crew.  The WHI crew is very excited as well to help these people that have been neglected for far to long.  Thank you for your support and we will continue to keep you updated on the drilling process.  Please have a look at the pictures that were taken yesterday.

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Who will? We will! (and they did…)

OctoberfeAst 2009

OctoberfeAst 2009

“Come to OktoberfeAst!  Drink, give, rejoice, and help us build a well!”

That’s how the invite read when a non-profit group in California decided to step-up and do something they’d never done before for people they’ve never met.

Over 150 people, 65 pounds of Bratwurst, and one polka band were just the beginning of a great day of giving this past November.  Together they raised $5,300 for clean water!

Now…in just a few months, well drillers will begin constructing the first of two wells that Who Will We Will and friends funded in Sudan. Thanks for all your…ahem…hard work. 😉

Read about Who Will… and the event


Well in India – Sirumayangudi

This new well serves a village of about 650 people, mostly agricultural laborers.   Before this well was installed they did not have a protected source of water.  The well in use was unreliable and filled with garbage (you can see pictures of it below).  Today, thanks to the generosity of individual donors to The Water Project, these families are enjoying clean and safe drinking water.

Our implementing partner noted about their visit,

“Arriving at this place and experiencing the fireworks and the celebration was a tad overwhelming but when you consider what they had previously to what exists now, it’s no wonder they were excited to have us and show off their new water source.”

Lots of Pictures Inside