Water Matters

The latest on our work and those supporting it

Four New Wells Begin Construction

We’re moving your donated funds into place to begin digging four new wells, three of which will be at schools.  These new freshwater wells are being dug near Kendu Bay in Kenya.  Each of them will serve between 1,500 – 2,000 people, mostly students.

Our team in Kenya hopes to have the drill bits spinning this week.  The rainy season is fast approaching and the soil in this particular area must be dry to drill in.

We’re excited to see the pace of this particular project picking up speed now, as expected.  With two fully functioning rigs, the work should be finished in good time.

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Clean Water Flows at Eburenga

Water Flows in Eburenga

Water Flows in Eburenga

Water is Flowing at the Eburenga School

The new well project started a few weeks ago at the Eburenga school in Western Kenya is now complete.  There is clean and safe water now flowing to hundreds of students and the surrounding community.

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New Well in India: Mathakoil


Young Girl from MathakoilThis is Well #6, given by Northview Christian Church.

The villagers using this project were previously forced to take water from sources which were really unfit for consumption. The overhead tanks built by the government are not supplying water due to limited power and even when water was in the tank it was dirty and unsafe.   As a result of this project, now with the bore well in their locale, they can drink confidently.

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New Well in India: Adi Dravidar, Poondi

Adi Dravidar, Poondi

adi_dravidarThis is Well #5, given by Northview Christian Church.

In this village there are 100 dalit families with a population of 400 in the Adi Dravidar Street area. Most of them are landless agricultural laborers.

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