Water Matters

The latest on our work and those supporting it

New Well in India: Poondi Pu

Students celebrate their new well

Students celebrate their new well

This is well #4 funded by Northview Christian Church.

Our partner reports,

Poondi Pu School was our second stop of the day with 6 projects to go.  This is a government run school which from an appearance point of view was a stark contrast than our previous stop.

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New Well in India: Meetpar School Well

Girls wash up at restored water taps
Girls wash up at restored water taps

Here’s some more details about the new Meetpar School well in India, donated by Northview Christian Church.

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Declining Water Supply in Africa puts many at Risk

This is a great article on the clean water issues facing Africa.

Check it out here and get inspired to act!



New Well in India: Ad Street, Kokkudi

Ad Street, Kokkudi

This is well #3 donated by Northview Christian Church.  In a few more days we’ll begin to post those brief reports and GPS fixes we promised.

(our partner is a bit jet-lagged having just returned home)

In the meantime…enjoy more fruits of this great work!