Water Matters

The latest on our work and those supporting it

Lumpkin Middle School Takes the Challenge

The seventh graders of Sabrina Gooch’s second period social studies class said goodbye to soda last month as they decided to save their quarters for a worthier cause.”

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Morse High School Tells the Story

Morse High School 1Here are two pictures of Hands Helping Humanity in November. These two pictures are of some of us just getting tables/booths ready at Morse High School. I wish I had more pictures to give you, but so far this is all I have. We made posters and banners with water facts and posted it up all over the school too.

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Well Digging Complete at Eburenga

We just received word and pictures from our project at the Eburenga School.  The drilling is complete, the platform framed in and and the concrete is setting.  The final step will be to attach the pump.  Should be just a few days before water flows!


Thanks Jess

We asked some folks taking “The Water Challenge” to share with us what they are doing to raise money to help provide clean water in Africa or India.

Our new friend Jess says…

I am helping The Water Project without a team for my bat mitzvah and I am working on a letter that I will be sending to each of my guests.  They will be forwarding on to me the money they save during my 2 week project.

We say…Thanks Jess.  You’re about to change a lot of lives, forever!