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Balmoral Hall School for Girls – Grade 5

According to one of the girls parents, “These girls, along with their classmates learned about drinking water standards, water consumption, laws that protect water, threats to our water and global solutions to conserve and create sources of drinking water for all.

Through this learning opportunity and their efforts, they raised $137.”

Ms. Bocek’s Grade 5 students are our heroes for getting informed and getting involved. Together with Grace D.’s team they are funding a well repair in Zambia.


Grace D.

Grace D. wrote us this week. She’s in the 3rd Grade in Connecticut. At the end of this past school year, Grace decided to take “The Water Challenge” and to get her whole class to do it too!

In her own words she said…”I did a lot of research and did a presentation to my class about the need for clean water in Zambia. My class helped me raise $300 for a well.”

Grace D. is our hero for learning AND acting. She inspired others and is making a huge impact in Zambia with her friends.


Valencia Elementary School

Valencia Elementary Water Project Heros 5th and 6th Grade students from Valencia Elementary School in Aptos, California raised enough money to fix a well in Zambia.

They produced their own public service announcement for TV and held a fundraiser during their class open house. As a team, they restored old bicycles and raffled them to fund a well.

They are our heroes for not only raising money but telling the story of water too. They’re changing lives and making a difference.