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Esumeyia Primary School Well

DSCN0043A new well has (finally) been completed at the Esumeyia Primary School in Kakamega.  This well now serves the 720 students at the school and their parents, a total of over 1,000 people!

The well is located about 19km from Kakamega in Western Kenya.  It is one of a cluster of wells we continue to build at schools in the area.

Lat. 0.28712 E – Long. 34.75619 N  (confirmation pending)

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Sokone School & Community Well

Updated with new photos 12/31/2009

The Completed Well

The Completed Well

A new well is now under construction complete in the community of Sokone in Western Kenya.  This well will serve the community of about 600 people and a local school.

Lat. 0.28694 N – Long. 34.63308 E

Sokone is about 20km from Kakamega in the Central Butsatso Area.   Previously, the community fetched water from a stream about 2km away.  It, like most streams, is unprotected and shared by livestock.  The water is not safe.

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Ikobero School Well

Ikobero5Update: Jan. 1, 2010

The drill crew has encountered hard rock formations which their drill cannot penetrate.  We are awaiting access to a compressor to break through.  We hope that arrives by Jan. 11th.

Updated: Oct. 7th, 2009

Construction is about to has begun on the Ikobero School and Community Well in Western Kenya. This community is located about 30km from Kakamega in the Busali Location.

Lat. 0.25136 N – Long. 34.62089 E

The school has over 600 students who, along with the 1,000 community members, will soon be enjoying clean and safe drinking water.

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St. Thomas ACK Church – Lunza

A new well has just been completed at the St. Thomas ACK Church in Lunza.  This well is located about 30 km from Kakamega, Kenya.

Lat. 00.228830N  034.541290E

The well serves the 520 church members in addition to the entire surrounding community.  The church is a convenient and publicly accessible location for this well.

In the video, you’ll meet Mildred, a mother of triplets who today is benefiting from this new, clean and safe source of drinking water.

A water committee of 4 men and 5 women oversee the project and will help ensure its long-term sustainability.

Prior to the well being installed, members of this community walked at least 2km to a passing stream nearby where the water was neither clean or safe.

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