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Ebubayi Community Well

Ebubayi5Update: Jan 05, 2010:  This well is complete.

Lat: 0.30648 N  Long: 34.28882 E

People Served: 700

The drilling failed twice as the crew encountered hard rock. On the third attempt they were able to break through and reach deep enough for clean, safe water. An Afri-dev hand-pump was installed and water flow was measured at 40 liters/min.

The community leader said,

“The response was positive and encouraging. The members through their committee promised to take good care of their new current water source. They also prayed for the blessings to those who donated towards its construction.”

Previously this community drank from a dirty, un-protected stream about 3km away.  A community member noted that the former water source “caused water borne diseases such as diarrhoea and Dysentery plus coughs.”

Today a water committee of 5 men and 7 women oversee the new well, making sure it will serve this community for many years to come.

This well is being funded by:

Indian Hill Church – Cincinnati, OH

See more pics of the drilling process inside


Ebuhayi Nursery School Well

Ebuhayi1A new well has been completed for the Ebuhayi Nursery School. We just received these pictures are awaiting a full report and GPS coordinates. We’ll update this post when they come in.

This well was funded by:

Individual Donors: Gift Date Between 4/17/2009 – 5/09/2009

Brennen Elementary – Columbia, SC
Park Street School – Boston, MA
Gilbert Community School District – Gilbert, IA

This community is located in the Eshisiru Central sub-location in Western Kenya, about 18km from Kakamega.

GPS — LAT:00.216770N  LONG: 034.730430E

The water project located at this nursery school will serve well over 1,000 people, both at the school and from the surrounding area.  A water committee consisting of 3 men and 7 women has been formed and the community had contributed about $300USD to acquire surveys and permits for the new well.

The former water source was a passing stream nearly 3km away.  It was unclean and unsafe.

The project leader noted…

“The response was so encouraging, positive and the well issue seemed to have reclaimed the lives of both the nursery school children and the community dwellers. The community members promised to form prayer groups to be praying for those who donated towards this well.”

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Mutsembi Primary School Well

Mutsembi1Drilling is underway on the Mutsembi Primary School Well in Western Kenya.  We’ve received a few pictures and are awaiting GPS coordinates and a community profile.

This well will be serving over 1,000 people.

This new well is being funded by:

Individual Donors: Gift Date Between 4/1/2009 – 4/16/2009
FaceBook Cause Donors in January 2009
Donations made through GroundSpring.org in January 2009

Federal City Alumnae Chapter – Delta Sigma Theta
Lumpkin County Middle School
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
Gilbert Middle School FCCL

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Kimangeti Secondary School

Updated: Sept. 14th, 2009

A new well is now under construction complete at the Kimangeti Secondary School.

This community is located in the Kabras West Location in Western Kenya, about 34km from Kakamega.

GPS — LAT:00.465250N  LONG: 34.885490E

The water project at this very large school will serves about 1,520 students and a total of 1,800 people in the surrounding area.  A water committee consisting of 9 men and 3 women has been formed and the community has contributed about $300USD to acquire surveys and permits for the new well.

The current former water source was an unprotected and collapsing hand dug well that was inadequate and of poor water quality due to its age.

More pictures, video and a map inside