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Pictures from Kimira Well

kimira_1At long last, pictures are trickling in from the Kendu Bay wells.  The first to make it are from the Kimira Well site.

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Burns H.S. FFA – Building 2 Wells in India

Burns HS FFA Team

Burns HS FFA Team

UPDATE: November 17th, 2009 – Well Project Reports Posted

See the Wells at: Bagavathi & Kattur

Casey and the crew at the Burns High School FFA Chapter just blew the doors of their Water Challenge fundraiser!  We got a letter a  few minutes ago from the team.  Here are some excerpts…

“Our FFA Chapter wanted to take on a task that would impact the world.  An officer, Alison K., … proceeded to research it and learn about all the different programs that would allow us to help build a well.  After careful consideration she selected The Water Project.org as a worthy organization.

After careful brainstorming…we came up with “Well Week” that would be focused entirely on raising money to fund the building of a well in India.  The week before “Well Week” we started The Water Challenge.  We showed the video of The Water Project to let people see how they could come up with money by drinking water.

Burns HS FFA Chapter

Burns HS FFA Chapter

The “Well Week” and The Water Challenge went better than expected.  We had over 200 people sign-up…we raised a total of $2,848.38!!

The opportunity to help others puts a joy in your heart like nothing else can.  Our whole school was able to be a part of something that will forever change people’s lives…We look forward to seeing the project completed.

– Casey

You can read Casey’s entire letter here.


Gilbert M.S. FCCLA – Dodgin’ for Water

The team at Gilbert Middle School really brought a smile to our faces with this very creative way to raise money.  Who knew a gym class favorite could do so much good?  Check out what Mrs. W. wrote…

Our middle school chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) heard about The Water Project from our high school chapter, and the middle school students wanted to earn money to provide clean water to the people of Africa.

We held a dodge ball tournament at the end of March called “Dodgin’ for Water” where all students who participated had to collect at least ten dollars as an entry fee. Almost 100 students participated. We were amazed when the evening produced $1,640.00 for The Water Project.

We’re amazed too!  And we can’t wait to show you pictures from the projects you will help build in a few months.  And hey…do you have any great pictures of someone taking a good hit for clean water?  Send ’em along.


Colorado Peace Jam Making an Impact

From left...Chloe, Joellen, New Era Volunteer, Sterno, Julie, and Becky.

From left...Chloe, Joellen, New Era Volunteer, Sterno, Julie, and Becky.

Julie, from the Colorado Peace Jam, wrote us last week and said…

Things are going well with our fundraising, we’ve made a little over $2,000, which will hopefully grow to $5K after our two fundraisers that are coming up.

Currently we’ve joined along with New Era, a group both focused around getting more people involved with our community, and teaching others about our impact on the world. We’re trying to inform others around our community of what exactly is in a 0ne-use water bottle, along with the importance of drinking water.

I attached a couple pictures of our group at work, It’s difficult getting pictures of us working, people want to stop what they’re doing and smile! Which is wonderful, but its important to show that we’re working. 😛

Thank you so much.