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Thanks Toronto!

Toronto 5K Run

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to Catalina Urtoi who organized a 5K Run on May 20th in Toronto, Canada to benefit The Water Project.  Together they raised $1,000 to help fund a well.

5k runs are an especially powerful way to show support as so often, moms and children walk upwards of the same distance every day, just to find water in developing communities.

Thanks to the Toronto runners, one community in Africa will no longer have to!


Ark of Orphans Well Completed

A new well has been completed and handed over to the community at Ark of Orphans Development Project.

This local, grass roots organization cares for orphans and helps place children in local foster homes.  This well project serves the resident orphans, the foster families and the surrounding community.

Our local implementing partner reported…(unedited)

“It was another beautiful day as we arrived at Ark of Orphans offices with the Orphans of Ark looking happy and anxious to be handed over clean and safe drinking water. One could tell as the parents, guardians and community members came in large numbers to witness the handover of the new well.

There was one Orphan child of Ark who gave a testimony describing the new well as their only savior. She said that they have been suffering from water related diseases i.e typhoid as a result of  taking turbid, muddy water, she also added that they had difficult time to concentrate on their daily activities i.e reading, singing in class instead there were forced to walk miles away looking for dirty water now she believes that this will never happen again with this new well near them. On behalf of  the Orphans of Ark she expressed thanks to The Water Project through Bridge Water Project for caring the lives of Orphans by providing them with safe clean water.

A testimony from the Director of Ark of Orphans who described the new well as a source of income to the Ark members since they will utilize this new well to start other new projects i.e brick making, crop growing and dairy farming in turn which will help to raise funds for other basic needs I,e food, clothes and education to Orphans of Ark. On behalf of staff and Board members of Ark he was very thankful to The Water Project through Bridge Water Project for remembering those people who are in need of clean water.”


Masingo Well Project Completed

A new well has been completed and handed over to the community living in the Masingo slum near Kakamega Kenya.

Our implementing partner reported the following from the handing over ceremony. (unedited)

“It was a happy and joyous moment to people of Masingo slum when the Bridge water staff went for a handing over. We were received with their traditional songs like ‘KANO AMAUA KANDATOLA KHUNJIRA’ meaning the flowers I got on my way.

On reaching the ceremonial place, happy faces of the aged mothers and fathers together with the young men and women and their children were waiting to hear the good news from us. We had no otherwise but to declare and let them take full maintenance and operation costs of the water system.

During the ceremony, everyone from the community wanted to say thank you for what they said was a miracle in their life. A grandmother aged 85 years and who has a swollen stomach for over 10 years said that her stomach was swollen because of drinking water from the sewage. But the interesting part of her story was that for the shortest period she has used the clean water, the swollen stomach is now reducing. The old mother said that was her golden chance to have clean water since she was born. Another lady said, “Since I begun using the clean water, the problems of itching, stomach ache and severe headache have stopped.

One man stood and said that, “We are now clean and we look like other human beings, GOD came inside you people and brought life to us.”

After the testimonies, we went towards the water system and we found that the community had begun growing vegetables as a result of the water system. Also a local bathroom had been built as a source of income for maintenance and operation of the water system. The community members pay 20 shillings per house hold per month.”


Columbus Signature Academy Funds a Well

By Karen Quackenbush – 2nd Grade Teacher

Columbus Signature Academy is a new project/technology based school in Columbus, Indiana.  Our curriculum is powered by student driven projects and the 21st Century skills of technology.  So our students determine what we will be working on, and teachers guide the process.

Our Well Project began when Olivia Linnemann, one of the students in my class, shared about her family’s project to help build a well in Ethiopia.  Her family had adopted triplet babies from Ethiopia and decided that they wanted to help those people in Africa who needed clean water.  When Olivia shared this with the class during our morning meeting, Molly Dye, one of my other students, raised her hand and asked, “Could we help drill a well?  The whole class immediately jumped on board and became excited about helping other students like them far across the globe.  The idea that they, as 2nd graders, could help save lives, gave true meaning to project based learning.

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