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Three School Well Repairs Completed

Three wells were recently repaired at schools near Kakamega, Kenya.  These projects, originally completed about two years ago, had fallen into disrepair due to sub-standard pumps being installed.

These projects are a great example of when our team didn’t get it right the first time.  So…we’ve gone back with them, found the problems, fixed the pumps, and made substantial changes in how our partner works to ensure we don’t get it wrong again.

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We’re committed to following-up and evaluating the work we do.  Our partners help in this process as well.  When we find problems, we’re going to publish them right along with our successes.  Then, we’ll do our best to make it right.  We say it all the time, if this work were easy, it’d be done.

When you choose to support The Water Project, your gifts help ensure the promised long-term benefits of water are truly sustainable.  If we don’t go back and check…and check again, we would never know what works and what doesn’t.

Be a part of this effort with us and let’s make a truly lasting impact!


Butere Girls High School Well Completed

The water project at the Butere Girls High School in Kakamega, Kenya has been completed. It will serve over 1,200 students and 120 staff members.

Our implementing partner wrote of the dedication ceremony… (edited for clarity)

“The handing over ceremony at Butere Girls school was very colorful as you can see from the photos. We did the handing over while Board of Governors had a meeting in school.

The Anglican priest read from the book of Exodus 1:13 about the importance of water to human life.

The Head-mistress thanked Bridge Water Project for the water supply in the school. She was very grateful that now the students will be clean and they will concentrate on studies and she expects that the results will improve. She said that she expects the relationship between Bridge and the school to continue.

One student also thanked us for the water and promised that their standards (grades) will improve since they now have water available at their school. They will try hard in their studies to excel.

The District Officer of Butere thanked Bridge Water that the water given to the school is a gift of life to the students and the entire school fraternity and the community. He encouraged the students that hard work and discipline in their education is an investment in their future. The entire community of Butere were very thankful to the donors of The Water Project for what wonderful work they are doing to save the lives of millions of people by providing safe drinking water.”


North Way Christian Kidz GIG Raises over $9,000

This June, North Way Christian Community, a church in Wexford, Pennsylvania, hosted their annual  summer camp, Kidz GIG.   The objective of the week-long camp was to teach kids about the importance of service. The result: kids modeling true service to the entire church.

Kidz GIG, accepted an ambitious challenge. Inspired by the Water Project (www.thewaterproject.org), 330 kids and close to 200 leaders, agreed to drink only water for 5 days and collect the savings to build a well in Africa. We set a considerable goal of $6,000, enough to build a complete well, and believed that God was going to accomplish this through the hearts of our children.

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Well Completed at St. James ACK Church

The well at St. James ACK Church near Kakamega, Kenya has been completed and handed over to the church community.

Our implementing partner reported from the ceremony…(unedited)

“Bridge Water Project officers arrived on Sunday and it was good to have the Sunday service with the Christians of St. James ACK Enanga who came in large numbers to receive their new well officially from BWP.

The Padre of the church described the well as living water that was given by Jesus Christ, as he quotes from the bible in the book of John 4:13 and there will be no thirsty, no water borne diseases to anybody who will take this water, he further said that may God bless The Water Project abundantly for them to continue blessing the needy with clean safe water all over the w world.

One of the church members who is in charge of Church Development committee described the well as a source of income to the church members, that they are going to use water from this new water source to sprinkle their crops during dry seasons and from this they will be able to raise funds to start their own small scale businesses. He also said that this new well is going to save time to the community members for them to concentrate on other activities since they will no longer walk miles away wasting time looking for dirty water. All church members were very thankful to The Water Project for providing clean water to millions of people in the world.”