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Well in India – METTUPATTI

Mettupatti was the second project funded by Performers for Progress.  This well serves nearly 1,000 people!

Like the previous village, this one was made up of agriculture workers who were very poor and had no reliable water source.  The water scarcity in the area was apparent as the overhead tank supply was sporadic and limited.  Now things are different thanks to Performers for Progress.  The people now have their own water tank which will give them safe water throughout the day and eliminate the need for extended travel just to have sufficient water for the day’s needs.

1,000 people call this place  home.  They are very poor, making a few dollars every day by laboring in the fields.  They were very excited to have us visit and were very appreciative of the new well.

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This was the first of two projects being funded by Performers for Progress.  It will serve a village of 600 people.

When the Wells for Life team arrived they were met by a group of about 30 people, primarily the women and children of the village though there were some men present.  Most of the villagers had left for the fields as it was early afternoon by the time we arrived in this place.

We saw many of the places where they lived and their primary water tap which was unreliable.  Now thanks in large part to the generosity of Performers for Progress, these villagers are enjoying their very own protected water source.  This improved source will meet all of their water needs.

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Bumangale Nursery School and Community Well

Construction is well under way at the Bumangale School.  The borehole has been completed and is awaiting pump installation.   The drilling team is continuing to experience delays in acquiring hand pumps, but we remain hopeful that situation will be resolved quickly.

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Musungururu Community Well – Update

The Musungururu Community Well is almost complete after two months of delays.  The drilling team encountered some difficulty and there was a delay in acquiring the hand-pump as well.  We’re working to determine why these particular delays occurred, though delays such as these are actually quite common.

We’ll have a final update prepared when the next set of pictures arrive from the well dedication.  In the meantime, here are some photos of the pump being installed.

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