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That’s A Lot of Change

A.G. Bell School in Chicago, IL raises nearly $2,000 in change!   Yes…the jingly kind!!

Check out the letter we just received…

My name is Samantha D., I am writing from Alexander Graham Bell School on the north side of Chicago. One of our school initiatives this year was to promote green initiatives in our curricula and our community-based efforts. As such we re­searched like-minded organizations and were particularly inspired by your efforts.

While it may be easy to impress upon adults the issues of the world, children are often unsure of what they can do to help. In an effort to inspire them and show how they can make a difference, we held a “penny war” competition at our school.

Each grade competed against each other by filling their jug with pennies. They then “at­tacked” other grades with silver coins and dollars to negate their penny earnings. The battle was fierce, and we are proud of the camaraderie that surfaced. After five days of “battle” (and a LOT of coin counting) we raised over $1900. We would like to give you this money to support your cause of helping people the world over have better access to clean water.

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Congrats to Jeff and Lauren

Jeff & Lauren's Friends Give Clean Water as a Wedding Gift

Jeff & Lauren's Friends Give Clean Water as a Wedding Gift

Jeff and Lauren are getting married this weekend.

To celebrate this very special occasion, a few of their friends have decided to give a different kind of wedding gift…one that keeps giving, everyday, to more than 100 people for the next 10 years!

With the money this group has collected, we’re going to build a well in Western Kenya.  In a few months, Jeff & Lauren, and everyone who attends their wedding will be able to see the good they have done, right here.

Just imagine the countless weddings that will take place in Kenya, over the next ten years, in the community this will help.  At each celebration there, clean water will be served to the guests…thanks to one very special wedding this weekend.

Congratulations Jeff & Lauren…on your marriage, and on having some very special friends!

If you’d like to support Jeff & Laurens Wedding Gift, you can be a part of it here.  Or, you can leave a comment below for the happy couple!


Khasunire Well Complete

The well at the Khasunire Community in Western Kenya in now complete.

This well is serving 570 people in the community.  The project is overseen by a water committee of 3 men and 7 women.  Together with the rest of the community, they raised over $300USD to secure the initial permits and surveys needed to carry out the project.  They will oversee it going forward, helping to ensure it’s sustainability.

Lat. 00.296680N   Long. 034.674150E

This well was sponsored by the following donors:

Change Christmas Campaign and General Gifts:
January 15, 2009 – January 26, 2009

[xmlgm {http://thewaterproject.org/kmz/khasunire.kmz} zoom=18]


Ebumamu School Well Complete

The well at the Ebumamu Primary School in Western Kenya in now complete.

This project serves over 800 students at the school and a total of well over 1,000 when you include the community in the Shinoyi Sub-location of Western Kenya, about 25km from Kakamega.

A water committee of 11 men and 3 women oversee the project.  Before construction began, the community was mobilized and raised over $300USD to cover the cost of surveys and permits.  This project is truly “owned” by the community.

The previous water source was a passing stream over 3km away that was both unclean and unsafe.

The project leader noted…

“The community response was positive, most of them welcomed with joy the new water source. Most of them said the distance from their homes to this new water source cannot bother them, even if it is far but their joy was that they were able to access clean water.”

This well was sponsored by the following donors:

Change Christmas Campaign and General Gifts:
December 26, 2008 – January 10, 2009