myWaterProject Fundraisers Index

"It's Kevin's Birthday!" Campaign for Water

"Zoi" water point renewal and protection project

# The Gr. 7 Water Project

#1MillionNFTS for a Healthier Planet by #BoredArt4Water




#GildedGivesBack Campaign for Water




#iREACHYPC Campaign For Water









$23=One Life Saved!

'Fill a Bucket' Water Challenge

'My Home' Crowd Source Fundraiser for The Water Project

'My Home' Crowd Source Fundraiser for The Water Project Second Chance

(Don't) Pour a Bucket, Give a Bucket

-Kaitabahuma Community Water Goal-


1 dollar 1 life

1 Race for 1 Well

1 Young and Free Fundraising Page

1% for 1

106 H2O Project - Chase Elementary

10F Geography Campaign for Water

11 North Water Warriors Fundraising Page

11º3 Water Project

15-16 Powhatan Well Wishers

1Heart 1Purpose

2/3S Fundraising - CNPS

2012 Rwanda

2014-2015 Brownsburg East Middle School Fundraising Page

2015 Wickersham Family Water Project!

2016 Summit Ridge Campaign for Water

2017 Water Carnival

2017-2018 Calvert's 5th Grade Campaign for Water

2018 ISC Walk For Water Project

2018 Summit Ridge Campaign for Water

2019 Glen Crest 6th Grade Water Challenge

2021- 2022 Calvert's Fifth Grade Campaign for Water

2022 - 2023 Calvert's Fifth Grade Campaign for Water

23BD Fundraising Page

2nd Chance for Children

2nd Grade's Campaign for Water

2nd Grade's Campaign for Water

2Twenty Snack Bar proceeds

3 Guys in Africa

3,000 to 1

3,000 to 1

3-2's Campaign for Water

3-J Indiana 3rd Graders' Campaign for Water

305th OSS' Campaign for Water

3L's Campaign for Water

4 basic needs


4th and 5th Grade S.S. from CHBC

4th Grade Rat's Fundraising Page

4th grade REAL- Campaign for Water

4th Grade's Campaign for Water

4th Grade's Campaign for Water

4ThePeople fundraiser

4to grado Spanish Fundraising Page

4V's Fundraising Page

5-6 Campaign for Water

5k Well Run, DIG IT!

5th Company Well

5th Grade VBS - Spring Hill Baptist Church

5th Graders for Clean Water!

6th Annual Dumont Santacon

6th Grade Bobcat's Paws for the Cause

7/8K Water Fundraising Page!

7th Grade Social Studies fundraising

7th grade TWIST team

8th grade Campaign for Water

9si's Fundraising Page

9th Grade For Water

9th Grade Service Project for Water

A Bucket of Smiles

A Campaign for Water

A Different Kind of New Year Resolution

A Different Kind of Water Challenge

A Dollar for a Well

A Drop of Faith

A Drop of Hope's Campaign for Water

A good cause for my 21st birthday gift Fundraising Page!

A Joyful Journal Fundraising Page

A Long Walk for Water

A Long Walk to Water Fundraiser

A New Hope's Fundraising Page

A New Year, A New Well 2013

A Quest for Water

A Sutton's Fundraising Page

A Walk For Water

A Water Campaign for my 22nd Year of Life :)

A Week for Water

A Well for Sierra Leone

A Well for the Great Horn of Africa TC424

A.O.K.'s Fundraising Page

A.Social.Awareness.Project for H20

Aaliyah and Meghan's Campaign for Clean Water

AAM Environmental Science Class Fundraising Page

Aaron Sheldon's Fundraising Page

Aaron's Campaign for Water - Save a life - Make a change

Abbey Mattson's Fundraising Page

Abby and Kelsey's Campaign for Water

Abby & Cameron Brown's Fundraising Page

Abby and Sarah's Fundraising Page

Abby Bloomfield's Water Project Project

Abby Donnelly's Fundraising Page

Abby Raney's Fundraising Page

Abby \'s Campaign to Build a Well in Africa

Abby's Campaign for Water

Abby's Campaign for Water

Abby's Campaign for Water

ABC Inoac Fremont Water Project

Abdoulie's Campaign for Water


ABGS NJHS: Recycle for Clean Water!

Abigail Bastian's Fundraising Page

Abigail's Campaign for Clean Water

Abigail's Well Wishers

Abraham Lincoln High School's Fundraising Page

Abraham Lincoln School's Act of Kindness

Abu Dhabi HomeSchool Association Campaign for Water

Academy of Science's Campaign for Water

Access Project's Fundraising Page

Access to Clean Water in Memory of Haresh Barber

Access to Water Exhibition Group Fundraiser

ACMS Campaign for Water!

ACS's Campaign for Water

Adam Landrum's Fundraising Page

Adam's Campaign for Water

Adam's Campaign for Water

Adam, Jovana, Marcel, and Michael's Campaign for Water

Addison's Campaign for Water

Adele's Fundraising Page

Aditi's Campaign for Water

Admiral Farragut Academy c/o 2011

ADP Human Rights Fundraising Page

Adrian's Campaign for Water

Adrianna 's Campaign for Water

Adrianna's Fundraising Page

Adrianne Knight's Fundraising Page

AEA Cares

Africa 2016: Water Project

Africa's WaterProject Fundraising Page

African Cultural Society

African Moms, Children, and Dads Suffering: Help Africa get clean water

African Student Association's Campaign for Water

Agape Fundraising Page

Agnes's Campaign for Water

AGS Honor Society of Ventura College Water Project

Agua Épica Campaign for Water

Agua para África

Agustín Gioscia's Fundraising Page

Agustina's Campaign for Water

AHS Community Service Fundraising

Aida Rafat's Fundraising Page

Aida Ramovic's Fundraising Page

Aidan's Campaign for Water

Aidan's Campaign for Water

Aidan's Campaign for Water

Aidan's Water Project Fundraising Page

Aiden 's Campaign for Water

Aiden Bezark's Fundraising Page

Aiden's Campaign for Water

Aiesha's Campaign for Water

Aimet Victoria's Fundraising Page

Aine's Campaign for Fresh Water

Aini's Campaign for Water

Ainsley George's Fundraising Page

Ainsley's Campaign for Water

Airtiah - Fundraising for Africa.

Aisha Syed's Fundraising Page

Aisha's Campaign for Water

AJ & Samantha Grey's Fundraising Page

AJ Leveen's Fundraising Page

Ajay Singh's Fundraising Page

AK Scouts and Guides Group Nairobi (1931 - 2003) Alumni Campaign for Water

Akerson's Fundraising Page

Akiba Academy

Al Rahmah School Fifth Grade Water Project's Fundraising Page

alaina's Campaign for Water

Alan's Campaign for Water

Alana Ferrante's Fundraising Page

Alaska Well Women Fundraising Page

Albany Avenue Student Council Campaign for Water

Aldridge Therapy's Fundraising Page

Alec DeBoer's Fundraising Page

Alejandro 's Campaign for Water

Alena’s Fairy Wish for Water

Alex Aldarondo's Fundraising Page

Alex Falk's h2o Fundraising Page

Alex Fuller and Madison Evans's Campaign for Water

Alex Kench's Fundraising Page

Alex Rowley's Fundraising Page

Alex Tenenbaum Group

Alex Wright's Fundraising Page

Alex's Clean Water Challenge - #DrinkWater2GiveWater

Alexander Seca's Fundraising Page

Alexander Sharpe's Fundraising Page

Alexis Vandrey's Fundraising Page

Ali Khaial's Water Fundraising Page

Ali Lucas's Fundraising Page

Ali Rogers's Fundraising Page

Ali's Campaign for Water

Ali's Campaign for Water

Aliamanu 5th Graders Campaign for Water

Alice's Campaign for Water

Alicia Dipiazza's Fundraising Page

Alina Campos's Fundraising Page

Aline and Jacqueline's Campaign for Water

Aline Fruchter's Fundraising Page

Aline's Campaign for Water

alisha's Campaign for Water

Alison Schofield's Fundraising Page

Aliza Brown's Fundraising Page

Alkaline Go: Campaign for Water

All's Well that Ends (with a) Well

Allaboutafrica Lily's Campaign

Allegheny College African Students Association's Campaign for Water

Allen Family's Fundraising Page

Alli Cab's Fundraising Page

Allie Sinclair's Fundraising Page

Allie's Campaign for Water

Alligator Creek's Fundraising Page

allison barton's Fundraising Page

Ally's Campaign for Water

Alma & Kiria Cifuentes's Fundraising Page

Alma Carbajal's Fundraising Page

Alma Reyes's Fundraising Page

ALO's Fundraising Page

Alonzo's Fundraising Page

Alpha Gamma Sigma's Fundraising Page

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Chi Omicron Omega Chapter Campaign for Water

Alpha Omicron Chapter of Sigma Lambda Upsilon

Alpha Phi Omega Tau Chapter's Fundraising Page

altered states vintage for altered lives

Alton Village Water Challenge

Altrusa International of Hermiston's Campaign for Water

Altus Christian Academy's Campaign for Water

Alyson 's Campaign for Water

Amanda Bressner's Fundraising Page

Amanda Brown's Fundraising Page

Amanda Goldstein's Fundraising Page

Amanda Hochleutner and Liz Rusnacs myWaterProject

Amanda McDowell's Fundraising Page

Amanda Tuzzo: Introducing Water

Amanda's Campaign for Water

Amanda's Campaign for Water

Amanda's Campaign for Water

Amanzi Awethu!

Amber Sharma's Fundraising Page

Amelia and Samantha's Campaign for Water

Amelia's Campaign for Water

Amelia's Campaign for Water

American Eagle 2020 Water Project

American Eagle 2021 Water Project

American Eagle 2022 Water Project

American Eagle NYC Design Office

American Eagle NYC Design Office Water Project 2019

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. 2023 Water Project

American Eagle Outfitters Production/Tech/QA/Responsible Sourcing 2016 Water Project

American International School of Costa Rica's Campaign for Water

Ames & Henry's Campaign for Water

AMEZion Youth's Fundraising Page

Amie's Campaign for Water

Amir and Lila's Campaign for Water

Amiri Nash's Fundraising Page

Amol's Campaign for Water

Ampthill Church's Fundraising Page

Amr Gabale Well Initiative

Amy Monnius's Fundraising Page

Amy Reynolds's Fundraising Page

Amy's Campaign to Change Lives with Water

An Achievable Dream's Fundraising Page


Ana Ligia Galvao's Fundraising Page

Anadarko Interns Fundraising Page

Anastacia Boudreau's Fundraising Page


Andar Supply Co's Campaign for Water

Anders Allen's Fundraising Page

Andie Costa's Fundraising Page

Andre Nealy's Fundraising Page

Andre Pelletier's Fundraising Page

Andrea DeFelice's Fundraising Page

Andrea Marshall's Fundraising Page

Andrea's Campaign for Water

Andreas Bday Campaign for Clean Water

Andrew Albert's Birthday Campaign

Andrew Browning's Fundraising Page

Andrew egan's Fundraising Page

Andrew To's Campaign for The Water Project

Andrew's Campaign for Water

Andrew's Campaign for Water

Andrew's Campaign for Water

Andrew's Water Fundraiser

Andrew's Water Project

Andy and James Mann's Fundraising Page

Andy Parker's Fundraising Page

Aneesha's Campaign for Access to Clean Water

Angela & Friends - Give Water

Angela Currie's Fundraising Page

Angela Roberts's Fundraising Page

Angela's Campaign for Water

Angelica's Campaign for Water

Angelina's Campaign for Water

Angelo-Gum Marial's Fundraising Page

Angie's Small Legacy

Anglia Ruskin University, Build a well fund.

AngryVetsAbroad Campaign for Water

Angus's Campaign for Water for Men and Women Around Africa

Anika and Maddie's Campaign for Water!!

Anika Hernandez's Fundraising Page

Anja's Fundraiser

Anjali's Campaign for Water

Ann Duni's Fundraising Page

Anna and Beth's Fundraising Page

Anna Hirsch Allison Catizone's Fundraising Page

Anna Lepsy's Fundraising Page

Anna Ryan's Fundraising Page

Anna's Campaign for Water

Anna's Fundraising Page

Anna's Fundraising Page

ANNA, Nancy, Leah & Carolie's Campaign for Water

Anne Hansen's Fundraising Page

Anne Maree Higgins' Fundraising Page

Anne Sahingoz's Fundraising Page

Anne's 4th Grade Class Fundraising Page

Anne's Campaign for Water

Annella Benjamin's Fundraising Page

Annie Deis's Fundraising Page

Ansley's Campaign for Water


Anthony D'Angelo

Anthony D'Angelo & Gabe Manzon's Campaign for Water

Anthony D'Angelo's Fundraising Page

Anthony Tillis Jr.'s Campaign for Water

Antojuan S's Fundraising Page

Anton's Fundraising Page

Antonia Lombardi's Fundraising Page

Antuane's Campaign for Water

Anya's Campaign for Water


AOA Angels Wish

Apes4Change Campaign for Water

APIC NNJ's Fundraising Page

APO Kappa Epsilon's Fundraising Page

Apollos + Algebra = Water for the World

Appalachian Teacher Leadership Fundraising Page

April's Campaign for Water

Aqeel's Campaign for Clean Water

AQUA - Tony D'Angelo & Gabriel Manzon

AQua Aid- Aquinas Enactus's Fundraising Page

AQua Aid: Aquinas College Enactus

AQUA Benefit Fundraising Page

Aqua De Vida (Water of Life)

AQua Enactus's Fundraising Page 2014-2015

Aqua Party 2016 - Tony D'Angelo and Gabe Manzon

AQUA Party 2019

Aquafilter Europe for World Water Week

Aquinas AQua Aid Page

Arabel Lebrusan's Fundraising Page

Arabel Lebrusan's Fundraising Page

Arabel Lebrusan's Fundraising Page 2017

Arabel's Campaign for Water 2018

Archi Friends! Let's Build a Well!

Arindam's Campaign for Water

Arlene Williams' Fundraising Page

Art & Clay Fundraising Page

Art Guidry's Fundraising Page

Arusha City Boys' Secondary 's Campaign for Water

Arvid Berendes's Fundraising Page

Arwen 's Campaign for Water

Aryaman Gulati's Fundraising Page

Ash'Lee Lindley's Fundraising Page

Ashdale Secondary College's Campaign for Water

Ashford School Water Challenge

Ashleigh Created’s Campaign for Water

Ashleigh’s Campaign for Water

Ashley Dillingham's Fundraising Page

Ashley Lanyi's Fundraising Page

Ashley Lanyi's Fundraising Page

Ashley Lanyi's Fundraising Page

Ashley Marie's Campaign for Water

Ashley Sweeney's Fundraising Page

Ashley Winsett's Fundraising Page

Ashley's Campaign for Water

Ashley's Campaign for Water

Ashley's Campaign for Water

Ashley's Campaign for Water

Ashlynn's Fundraising Page

Ashlynne Chapman's Fundraising Page

Ashton 's Campaign for Water

Ashwini's Campaign for Water

Aspen's Water Project

ASPIRA Academy Campaign for Water


Ataya R and Sunny O's Fundraising Page

Atherton Pre-School's Fundraising Page

Athlone School Fundraising Page

ATS' Campaign for Water

Attack Hunger's Fundraising Page


Aubrey's Water for Everyone

Auburn UMC's Mission Page

Auda's Campaign for Water

Augustana Clubs's Fundraising Page

AUMC Youth: The Well Project

Austin 's Campaign for Water

Austin, Hayden, and Ethan's fundraising page

Ava Tortorici's Fundraising Page

Ava Wells's Fundraising Page

Ava's Campaign for Sharing Water

Ava's Campaign for Water

Ava's Campaign for Water

Avalon Elementary Fundraising Page

Aveena Banbait's Fundraising Page

Avery Gibson's Fundraising Page

Avery's Water Campaign 2017

Avi Chesler's Fundraising Page

Avni Shah's Fundraising Page

Avon Intermediate School West's Campaign for Clean Water

Avon Old Farms School Water Project

Awakening The Senses - Campaign for Water

Axel Polito's Fundraising Page

Axel Polito's Fundraising Page

Aye Lighthouse Foundation Fundraising Page

Ayesha Siddiqi's Fundraising Page

Ayesha Zubair's Fundraising Page

Ayumi Kikuchi's Fundraising Page

Ayush Soota's Fundraising Page

Aztecs for Africa's Fundraising Page

Baba Love's Fundraising Page

Baby Miss America's Campaign for Water

Baby Water Blue


Bailey Cook's Fundraising Page

Bailey Shirk's Fundraising Page


Bancroft School's Fundraising Page

Bandi Family Fundraising Page

Bangor Water Project

Barbara's 70th Birthday Campaign for Water

Barkot's Campaign for Water

Baron Smith's Fundraising Page

Barron High School FCCLA's Campaign for Water

Barton 6th Hour Science Campaign for Water

Barton's 4 Clean Water

Battle High School Water Walk Fundraising Page

Baybars & Tugce: Volkan adına su!

Bazan’s Campaign for Water

BB Health Science Campaign for Water

BCIG Inc. Quest for Water

Be The Change Fundraising Page

Be The Change Group: Help Us to Build a Well in Sudan

Be the Change... For Kenya

Be the Change: A Tino Smith Project

Beaver Tech's Fundraising Page

Becca's Campaign for Water

Becci Campbell's Fundraising Page

Beddingfield High School

Being the Church

Belladonna Records Fundraising Page

Belly Love Baking Co.

BelovED Kindergarten's Fundraising Page

Beloved's Campaign for Water

Beloved's Campaign for Water

BelovED's Campaign for Water

BelovED's Campaign for Water

BelovedCCS 2015's Fundraising Page

Ben Holt's Campaign for Water

Ben Rodenbeck's Fundraising Page

Ben's Bake Sale for Water

Ben's Campaign for Water

Benjamin Cropp's Fundraising Page

Benjamin Neithardt's Fundraising Page

Benjamin Shklyar's Fundraising Page

Benjamin's Campaign for Clean Water

Benjamin's Campaign for Water

Benjamin's Campaign for Water

Bennett Middle School's Campaign for Water

beozy make it rain for children

Berenice & Gladis' Water Campaign

Berkie Kids For Africa

Berna's Campaign for Water

Bernard Chung's Fundraising Page

Bernie Villone's Fundraising Page

Berza’s friends Water Project

Beth Beyler's Fundraising Page

Bethany & Brenna's Birthday Fundraising Page

Bethel Community Church Fundraising Page

Bethel University's Fundraising Page

Bettie Weaver - 'Oh Well'

Betty's Campaign for Water

bfree skincare Campaign for Water

bfree skincare campaign for water

BHS Interact Club's Campaign for Water

BI & DP's Real Reason for the Season - Campaign for Water

Bianca Wills's Fundraising Page

Bibi Haji Marhaba Qaderi's Memorial Page

Big Pine Elementary's 3rd Grader's Campaign for Water

Bilal and Asli's Campaign for a Water Well

Bill Webster's Fundraising Page

Billy Anderson's Fundraising Page

Billy Cox's Fundraising Page

Binka's Water Project Foundation!

Birthday Drinks for a Cause 22

Bita's Campaign for Water

BitGive Foundation's Fundraising Page

Bivol's Campaign for Water

Bixby - CI - 6th Grade World Geography Campaign for Clean Water

BJay Smith Fundraising Page

BLACK FRIDAY 25% off Water!

Bladder Infection Recovery Fundraising Page

Blaik's Campaign for Water

Blaine's Campaign for Water

Blair Tramel's Fundraising Page

Blake Greenfield's Fundraising Page

Blake Schieffer's Running Water

Blanton EXPO Page


Blessing The Rains From Hendricks Chapel

Bloomfield Hills Middle School's Campaign for Water

Blu's Campaign for Water

Blue Earth

Blue Earth Area 8th Grade

Blue Nero: An Endless Ripple

Blytheville High School Interact Club's Campaign for Water

BNHS Social Problems Class

Bo Sears's Fundraising Page

Boba Panda Campaign for Water

Bobbi's Campaign for Water

Bobcats for Water!

Boerne restores HOPE.... Give the Gift of Water

Bonnie D. Stroir's Fundraising Page

Bonnie's Birthday Wish

Bonnie's Campaign for Water

Bonny Slope 5th Grade Gift 2015 Fundraising Page

Borden County Sixth and Seventh Grades

Borg & Overström's Campaign for Water

Brad 's Campaign for Water

Brad McCollum's Save a Life Fundraiser

Bradly Olson's Fundraising Page

Brady Balcombe's Birthday Fundraising Page

Brandon G's Fundraising Page

Brandon Huntoon's Fundraising Page

Brandy Taylor's Fundraising Page

Brazilian Texas Holden comunity Fundraising Page

Breakaway 2011 @ University Covenant Church

Breakaway 2012 @ University Covenant Church

Breakaway 2014 @ University Covenant Church

Breakaway 2015 Fundraising Page

Breakaway 2016 @ University Covenant Church

Breakaway 2017 @ University Covenant Church

Breanne Broxton's Fundraising Page

Brearley 2018 Water Project

Brendan Woods's Fundraising Page

Brennan Dental Water Challenge - Campaign for Water

Brennan Ursu's Fundraising Page

Brent Berends's Fundraising Page

Brentwood Youth Artist

Brett Bitting's Fundraising Page

Brett Keeley's Fundraising Page

Brian & Sarah's Water Challenge

Brian Cassel's Fundraising Page

Brian Neilon's Fundraising Page

Brian Schleede's Fundraising Page

Brian's Campaign for Water

Brian's Campaign for Water

Brian's Campaign for Water

Briana Lee's Fundraising Page

Brianna Juhrend's Fundraising Page

Brianna McDonald's Fundraising Page

Brianne Steakelum's Fundraising Page

Brice's Campaign for Water

Brieze Martins's Fundraising Page

Bright Bear Media's Fundraising Page

Brigitta Canfield's Fundraising Page

Briizzoll's Campaign for Water

Bring Clean Water In Sudan

Bring clean water to all people

Bring Safe Water To Earth

Brinson Elementary's Fundraising Page/Jan Hemphill

Brinson Memorial Water Project

Britni's Campaign for Water in Loving Memory of Renee Martinelli

Brittany Allen's Fundraising Page: Well Wishes for the New Year

Brockport's African Student Union

Broderick House's Fundraising Page

Bronx Green Middle School

Brooke Lombardi's Fundraising Page

Brooke Spetelunas's Fundraising Page

Brooke's Campaign for Water

Brookhaven College Rotaract Club Water Project

Brookhaven college Rotaract Club's Fundraising Page

Brooklyn's Campaign for Water

Bropocalypse Dig Wells

Brownie Girl Scout Troop 88073

Brownie Troop #2472-Giving Back

Brownie Troop #33331 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop #3653 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 11568 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 158's Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 1624 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 1741's Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 18502 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 1900 Campaign for Water

Brownie Troop 26087

Brownie Troop 2614's Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 3355

Brownie Troop 40615 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 536's Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 553

Brownie Troop 5917 Fundraising Page

Brownie Troop 63227 Campaign for Water

Brownie Troop 71465 Fundraising Page

Brownie Unicorn's Fundraising Page

Brownies Troop #2309 Campaign for Water

Brownies Troop 1765 Fundraising Page

Brownsburg East Middle School Campaign for Water

Brownsburg East Middle School ~ Team 7-2

Brownsburg East Middle School~STARS Team

Bruce's Campaign for Water

Brust Family's Fundraising Page

Brutus Brings The Water

Bryan Timberlake's Fundraising Page

Bryant Elementary School Second Grade 2013-2014

Brynn & Rayne's Clean Water Fundraising Page

Bryson Stuehmer's Fundraising Page

Buckets of Water Fundraising Page

Build a Well Ensemble

Build a Well for Bryce's Birthday

Build a Well for Kenya

Build Your Life Resume Team

Build-A-Well (Lego Animat's Fundraiser)

Building Wells

Bullen Middle School, Kenosha WI (Mr. Bochnovic's 6th Grade)Fundraising Page

Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center

Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center's 2012 Fundraising Page

Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center's Fundraising Page

Bunche Montessori's Fundraising Page

Bunny Attack Fundraising Page

Burdick's Campaign for Water

Butch Trotti's Fundraising Page

Buy me a drink on my birthday

BVHS MSA Campaign for Water

BVHS MSA Water Project

BZLCS' Fundraising Page

c2v young adults

CAB's Fundraising Page

Cachers Fundraising Page

Caitlin Davis' Fundraising Page

Caitlin Huck's Fundraising Page

Caitlin Price's Fundraising Page

Caitlin's Campaign for Water

Caitlin's Campaign for Water

Caitlin's Campaign for Water

Cal High Choir Campaign for Water

Caleb Copeland's Fundraising Page

Caleb Sandle's Fundraising Page

CalHi Choir's Clean Water Project Page

CalHi Choirs Clean Water Project

CalHi Choirs Clean Water Project

Caline El roz's Fundraising Page

Calli Balcombe's Fundraising Page

Calli's Campaign for Water

Callie's Campaign for Water

Calmecac's Campaign for Water

Calvert School 5th Grade & 6th Age Campaign for Water

Calvert School 5th Grade and 6th Age Campaign for Water

Calvert School's 5th Grade Campaign for Water 2020

Calvert's 5th Grade Campaign for Water

Calvert's Campaign for Water 2023 - 2024

Camdenton IB CAS 2017-2018's Campaign for Water

Cameron Cuarisma's Fundraising Page

Cameron Elementary's 5th Grade Fundraising Page

Cameron Host's Fundraising Page

Cameron Winch's Fundraising Page

Cameron's Campaign for Water

Camila Cooper-Green's Fundraising Page

Campaign for Clean Water

Campaign for Clean Water

Campaign for Clean Water

Campaign for clean water for the children of Africa

Campaign for Critical Water Access

Campaign for Water

Campaign for Water

Campaign for Water

Campaign for Water

Campaign For Water

Campaign for Water - St. James Confirmation Program

Campaign for Water in Honor of Paul Dempsey

Campaign for Water in Memory of Amjad Balkhair and Mohammed Mufti

Campaign for Water in the name of my late Granddad

Campaign: Water for the Future

campanha da caracolga pela Agua

Campbell Creek Cares

Campbell Kinch's Fundraising Page

Campus Climate Challenge of Binghamton University 's Fundraising Page

Campus Student's for Christ-WIU Fundraising Page

Canadian Martyrs Campaign for Water

Candace & Maggies's Fundraising Page

Candace Cown's Fundraising Page

Candace Martinez's Fundraising Page

Cans for Clean Water Fundraising Page

Canterbury Middle School's 6th Grade Water Challenge

Cap's birthday campaign for water

Cape Fear Drilling Service Campaign for Water

Caper Games Fundraising Page

Capital Well's Campaign for Safe, Clean Water

Capstone Water Project

Cardington FFA Well project

Cardona's Fresh Water Funding

CARES Water Project

Cari Miller's Fundraising Page

Carl Swenson's Fundraising Page

Carla Peters' Fundraising Page

Carlie Jake Matt and Kyle's Fundraising Page

Carlo and Camden's Campaign for Water in the Middle East

Carlos' Campaign for Water

Carlos's Campaign for Water

Carlos's Campaign for Water

Carly 's Campaign for Water

Carmel High School's Water Project

Carmen Johnston's Fundraising Page

Carol Ann Porter's Fundraising Page

Carol Lazarus's Fundraising Page

Carol's Campaign for Water

Carol's Water Project

Carole and Peter's Water Project for Africa

Carolina Souza's Fundraising Page - The Nice Bucket Challenge

Caroline Middle School's Campaign for Water

Caroline Middle School's Campaign for Water

Caroline Warner & Aaron Riley's Fundraising Page

Caroline's Campaign for Water

Carolyn Barnes's Fundraising Page

Carolyn Streiff's Fundraising Page

Carr Familiy & Friends Campaign for Water

Carrie Aldridge's Fundraising Page

Carrie Lewis's Fundraising Page

Carrie Rice's Fundraising Page

Carrie's Campaign for Water

Carson Lowe's Fundraising Page

Carson's school fundraiser

Carter's Family and Friends - Let's Build a Well!

Carty's Fundraising Page

Case's Campaign for Water

Casey Diehl's Fundraising Page

Casey Lea's Fundraising Page

Casey Sturgeon & Angela Hwang's Fundraising Page

Casey's Campaign for Water

Case’s water for Uganda

Cass Hunt's Fundraising Page

Cass Middle School 7th Grade Campaign for Water

Cassie's Campaign for Water

Castillo's Water Project

Cat and Lawrence's Drinking Well

Catherine Hwang's Fundraising Page

Catherine's Campaign for Water

Catholic Memorial Grade 9 Campaign for Water

Catholic Youth Summer CAMP-aign for Water

Cave Spring Baptist Church

Caymen's Campaign for Water

CBIZ Marks Paneth Campaign for Water

CCS Technologies' Campaign for Water

CCSA 6th Grade's Fundraising Page

CCSA 6th Grade's Fundraising Page

CCSA 6th's Grade Fundraising Page

Cecilia Hanna's Fundraising Page

Celebrate Project's Fundraising Page

Celebrating Odarkor Lamptey

Celebration Storm's Fundraising Page

Celeste Scott's Fundraising Page

Centennial's Third Grade Campaign for Water

Center Grove Middle School Central

Central Baptist Church's Water Project

CFI 84 2nd Grade Campaign for Water 2024

CFI 84 2nd Grade's Campaign for Water

CFI 84 2nd Grade's Campaign for Water 2023

CFI 84's 2nd Grade Campaign for Water

Chad and Gwen Braeger's Fundraising Page

Chad's Campaign for Water

Chance For Life?

Change for Change

Change for change; The B.H.A.G. Water Project

Change Means Money

Change to Change

Changing the World

Chantelle Baker's Fundraising Page

Chapelwood 5th Graders

Chapelwood Elementary 2016 Water Project

Chapelwood Elementary's Campaign for Water

Chapelwood's 2018 Campaign for Water

Charity Fashion Show

Charity Luce's Fundraising Page

charity party

CharityMiningPools Fundraising Page

Charles and Nina's Campaign for Water

Charles Calderone's Thunder Fundraising Page

Charles Lamoureux's Fundraising Page

Charles N. Cook's Clean Water Fundraising Page

Charles Ruffin's Fundraising Page

Charlie and Logan's Fundraising Page

Charlie's Campaign for Water

Charlotte Blum's Fundraising Page

Chase Neblett's Fundraising Page

Chasen's Campaign for Water

Chassidy Ballard's Fundraising Page

Chattanooga Gives Water

Chayah's Campaign for Water

Cheney Family's Cans for clean water

Cheng's Fundraising Page

Chersey, Katie, Caitlyn, and Sydney's Campaign for Water

Chesapeake Christian Environmental Science Class

Chesney Doak's Fundraising Page

Chi Gamma Xi Fraternal Order

Chic Lane Campaign for Clean Water

Chic'sCampaign for Water

Chihiro's Campaign for Water

Children Help

Children of Mercy Fundraising Page

Chip's Project

Chloe and Emma's Campaign for Water

Chloe Fleming's Fundraising Page

Chloe's Bat Mitzvah Project

Chloe's Birthday Water Campaign

Chloe's Campaign for Water

Chloe, Jessica and Cassie’s Campaign for Water

Chris and Cassandra Bihl's Fundraising Page

Chris and Jeff's Fundraising Page

Chris Cochran's Fundraising Page

Chris DeKrafft's Fundraising Page

Chris Ho wants you to save the world!

Chris Johnson's Fundraising Page

Chris Kirchner's Fundraising Page

Chris Luedeke's Fundraising Page

Chris' Water Project

Chris's Campaign for Water

Chris's Fundraising Page

Chrisfel's Campaign for Water

Chrissy Abare's Fundraising Page

Christian Holman's Fundraising Page

Christian Life Fellowship's Project

Christiana Ampofo's Fundraising Page

Christina and Christine Y's Fundraising Page

Christina's Campaign for Water

Christine Crasto's Fundraising Page

Christine Murray #ChangeOneThing

Christine W's Water Project

Christine Walker's Fundraising Page

Christmas Wishing Well

Christopher Sanchez and Alan Mohabir's Fundraising Page

Christopher's Water Project

Christopher's Water Project

CHS Campaign for Water

CHS Catholic Club's Campaign for Water

CHS Water Project 2015

Church Under the Bridge Midland Fundraising Page

Ciera Lynch's Campaign for Water

Cindy Doan's Fundraising Page

Cindy Hull's Fundraising Page

Cindy's Campaign for Water

CIS Fundraising Page 2015

CIST Grade 7's Campaign for Water

Citronelle Memorial Baptist Church's Fundraising Page

Claire Boyles's Fundraising Page

Claire Thomas's Fundraising Page

Claire's Birthday Campaign for Water

Claire's Campaign for Water

Clancy's Campaign for Water

Clara's Campaign for Water

Clare Hammerl's Fundraising Page

Clare's Campaign for Water

Clarks for Safe Water!

Class of 2027 Water Project Campaign

Claudia Samaniego's Fundraising Page

Clayton Janikowski's Fundraising Page

Clean Engines for Clean Water Campaign

Clean Water 4 All

Clean Water Campaign for Africa

Clean Water Challenge

Clean Water Coin

Clean Water for a School in Western Kenya

Clean water for Africa

Clean Water for All

Clean Water For All

Clean Water For All

Clean Water for All - Fundraising Page

CLEAN WATER for ALL:Geymi's Fundraising Page

Clean Water for Christmas - A Family Affair

Clean Water For Everyone's Fundraising Page

Clean Water for the World

Clean Water Fundraising Page

Clean Water Fundraising Page

Clean Water H2oyas Fundraising Page

Clean Water Ice Bucket Challenge Donation Fundraising Page

Clean Water in Memory of Helen Shimberg

Clean Water Initiative

Clean Water Project for Africa

Clean drop at a time

Cleaner Envy LLC's Campaign for Water

CleanWater 2020

Clearwater Elementary Campaign for Clean Water

Clearwater PBL Campaign for Water

Climb For Clean Water

climbing for a cause

ClinicalRM H2O Project

Cloud Catcher Campaign for Water

Cloverleaf Impact's Fundraising Page

Clow Brownie Troop

Club 56 Fundraising Page

CM Grant Leadership Academy 2nd grade Fundraising Page

CMCSI: The Water Project Challenge

Co-op Challenge Fundraising Page

Co-Sister's Campaign for Water

Coast to Cliff's Donation Page

Cody Bartel's Fundraising Page

Cody Mead's Fundraising Page

Cody's Campaign for Water

Coffin Family Campaign for Water

Coffin Family Water Project

Colby Kordas's Fundraising Page

Cole B's Fundraising Page

Colin's Quest for Water

College Students for Clean Water

Color Image Apparel's Fundraiser Page

Columbia's Campaign for Water

Columbus North's Interact Club Fundraising Page

Columbus Water Project

COMM 1010 Water Fundraiser

Community Campaign for Water

Community of Faith

Compass Point's Campaign for Water

Conestoga's Campaign for Water

Coney's Detour

Confidence Photography

Connecticut River Academy's Water Project Fundraiser

Conner Middle School's Fundraising Page

Connor's Christmas Wish

CONVOS Water Project

Cooper's Campaign for Water

Cora Sargent's Birthday Gift-Away

Cora Sargent's Birthday Gift-Away 2

Cora Sargent's Birthday Gift-Away 3

Cora Sargent's Birthday Gift-Away 4

Cora Sargent's Birthday Gift-Away 5

Coral Solutions's Fundraising Page

cori kern's Fundraising Page

Corinne's Water Campaign for Kids

Cornell Citizens of the World Fundraising Page

Cornell Hoap

Corona High School- Water Project

Cory Haynes's Fundraising Page

Corydon Central Junior High School's Fundraising Page

Country Christian

Courtney's Fundraising Page

Courtney's Fundraising Page

Coyote Springs Elementary School Campaign for Water

Crane Cares - Water 2017

Crave Conscious - The Water Project

Creation fitness Fundraising Page

Creggan Elledge's Fundraising Page

Criffel's Campaign for Clean Water

Cristal's Campaign for Water

Cristina Monge's Fundraising Page

CRMS's Campaign for Water

CrossFit Kids Jozi Ice Bucket Challenge

CrossPointe Fellowship Fundraising Page

Crue's Campaign for Water

Crystal Clear Hope

Crystal Clear Project for Clean Water

Crystal's Campaign for Water

CSAMS's Water Project

CSLA First Grade's Water Project

Cup of Cold Water

CWAS.CO Fundraising For Clean Water And Sanitation.

CWEA Student and Young Professional's Committee: Campaign for Water

Cynthia & Sultan's Campaign for Water

Cynthia DeJesus's Fundraising Page

Cynthia Water Project Fundraising Page

Cyril 's Campaign for Water

Daegu Seobu English Club's GIVING WATER PROJECT!

Dail & Price Team @ Radloff Middle

Daisy Escobedo and Sara Seid's Fundraising Page

Daisy Troop 1492

Dakota and Sadie's Campaign for Clean Water

Dakota's Campaign for Water

Dakyra's Campaign for Water

Dalhousie Water For Wellness Society

Damon Brog/Springfield Church

Dan Kimura's Fundraising Page

Dan's building a well!

Dana Young's Fundraising Page

Dana's Campaign for Water

Dancing for Water

Daniel Group's Fundraising Page

Daniel Howard's Fundraising Page

Daniel Perez and Jack Ellis Fundraising Page

Daniel Perez's Fundraising Page

Daniela's Friends' Fundraising Page

Danielle's Bat Mitzvah Project

Danielle's Campaign for Water

Danielle's Water Project

Danny Beeks's Fundraising Page

Danyelle Cushman's Fundraising Page

Darren and Hedda's Clean Water Project

Darren's Campaign To Help Africa Get Clean Water

Daughter Earth

David & Andy's Water Well Fundraiser

David Aboki's Fundraising Page

David Adams's Fundraising Page

David Brindle's Fundraising Page

David Coffin's Wells

David Hopkinson's Fundraising Page

David Myers's Fundraising Page

David Myers's Fundraising Page

David Solomini's Fundraising Page

David's Campaign for Water

David's Campaign for Water

Davis' 3rd Grade Fundraising page - 2016

Davis's 3rd Grade Fundraising Page

Dawn Lewis's Fundraising Page

Dazia Miller's Fundraising Page

DBMS's Campaign for Water

Deanna Birch's Fundraising Page

Debora & Bisola's Campaign for Water

Deborah's children's well

Deeds for Days' Fundraising Page

Défi de l'Eau ÉSC Renaissance

Défi de l'Eau ESC Renaissance 2019

Delaney Campbell's Fundraising Page

Delaney Young's 8th Birthday Celebration

Delaney's Campaign for Water

Delta Delta Saves Lives Initiative

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.- NJ Garden City Alumnae Chapter's Fundraising Page

Demetris Family's Fundraising Page

Denis's Campaign for Water

Dennis Akkaya's Fundraising Page

Denton Contemporary Christians

Denton Taylor and Collin Hoffman

Derek Xie's Fundraising Page

Deshanie's Campaign for Water

Deshanie's Mission for Clean Water

Destiny 's Campaign for Water

Devika 's Campaign for Water

Devils Lake CMS Water Project

Devin Wedin's Fundraising Page

Devin's Campaign for Water


DFC Youth Fundraising Page

Dhillon/Johal Fundraising Page

DHUMC Small Group

Diadem Forums T-ara 4th Anniversary Charity Project

Dialogue Institute's Campaign for Water

Diane Gutierrez's Fundraising Page

Diego's Campaign for Water

DiG a Well


Diller MTL's Fundraising Page

Dillon's Campaign for Water

Dirt Bucket Challenge

Dirtriderz Fundraising Page

Dirty Water Challenge Fundraising Page

Do Something Great Fundraising Page

Doc Kavanagh's 100 Churches Tour

Don't Close Your Eyes Water Fundraiser

Dona Merced Elementary School's Water Project

Donate a Drop Fundraising Page

Donate Dollars for Clean Water Fundraising Page

Donate for Life | Campaign for providing access to safe and reliable water


Donating Water To Kenya's Samitsi Community, Giving People The Water They Need!

Donna Koppelman's Fundraising Page

Donovan's Campaign for Water

Donya Metzger's Fundraising Page

Dora's Birthday Wish

Doreen's Campaign for Clean Drinking Water (Africa)

Dorothy's Campaign for Water

Doug Dillon's Fundraising Page

Douglas Price's Fundraising Page

Downtown Investment Advisory Supports the Water Project

Dr. Alandra Kahl's Fundraising Page

Dr. Chelsea's Campaign for Water

Dr. Valerie Nelson's Fundraising Page

Dr.Bob & Betty Anderson Well Project

Dre Fleury's Fundraising Page

Dré Fleury's Fundraising Page

Dré Fleury's Fundraising Page

Dre Fleury's Other Fundraising Page

Dré's Campaign for Water

Dreamers & Builders Fundraising Page

Drew Tollenaar's Fundraising Page

Drew's Birthday Campaign for Water

Drill It Water Well and Pump Service Fundraising Page

Drinks for Dakota's 21st!

Drinks for Jordan

Drop in a Bottle

DSST's Fundraising Page


DST-HCAC Walk on Water2013

DST-Westchester Alumnae Chapter's Fundraising Page

DSTPgh International's 2014 Fundraising Page

DSTPgh International's Fundraising Page

Dubai for Africa

Duncan 's Campaign for Water

Dungrila's Campaign for Water

Dunlap High School - LEAF Club

Durand family Christmas campaign for water

Durham Acadamy Club Fundraising Page

Durham Academy Fundraising Page

DVHS Activate Project

Dyani, Myrrin and Cara's Campaign for water

Dying of Thirst! By Nabil Fancy

Dylan and Kadens Clean Water Project

Dylan Viola's Fundraising Page

Dyon Vega's Fundraising Page

Dzhiyan's Campaign for Water

Eagles Water For Africa Campaign

East Coast Water Quality "Clean Water Initiative"

East Iredell Middle Schools water campaign

East Noble Gets Involved

Eastern Environmental Club's Fundraising Page

Eastern Hills High School

Eastern Nazarene College

Easthampton Public Schools

Eastvale Students CAN Take Action for Water!

Eastwood Knolls International School


Ebenezer CRC Young People's Fundraising Page

ECE's Fundraising Team

Echelon Fights For Clean Water

Echo Water Project

Ed & Joy's Fundraising Page

Eden's Pathway

edgar cruz's Fundraising Page

Edge Youth Operation Summer

Edie And Jess's Fundraising Page

EDM Community for Clean Water

EDWARD JAMES's Campaign for Water

Edwina Morgan Forh's Fundraising Page

EGMS NJHS Fundraising Page

EGMS Robotics Campaign for Water

EHS Interact Club's Campaign for Water

El Campo High School Interact Club Campaign for Water

El Campo NJHS - Senae Farrar's Fundraising Page

El Rancho HS Social Justice Club Fundraising Page

El-Shaddai Lugar de Adoracion's Campaign for Water

Elaina Lowe's Fundraising Page

Eleanor Kelley's Fundraising Page

EleMech's Water Challenge

Elena Confirmation Project Fundraising Page

Elena's Campaign for a Village Water Well


Eleni Glikakis's 'Get The Well' Fundraising Page

Elfat's Campaign for Water

Eli Melaas's Fundraising Page

Eliana Durand's Fundraising Page

Eliana's Birthday Campaign for Water

Eliana's Campaign for Water

Elijah's Campaign for Water

Elise's Campaign for Water

Elissa LaGrand's Fundraising Page

Elizabeth Smith's Fundraising Page

Elizabeth Stalford's and Becca Borg's Fundraising Page

Elizabeth's Page

Elizabethtown College Senior Class Gift Campaign for Water

Ella & Naomi's Fundraising Page

Ella Ancheta's Fundraising Page

Ella and Lauren's fundraising page

Ella's Campaign to help everyone have clean water

Ella's Fundraising Page

Ella's Mitzvah Campaign for Water

Ella's Wonderful Water Wish

Elle's Bat Mitzvah Campaign for Water

Ellen Mitchell's Fundraising Page

Ellen's Littlest Angels Child Care Campaign for Water

Ellery's Campaign for Water

Ellie Allen & The 7th Graders of Les Paul Middle School Central Campus

Ellie's Campaign for Water

Ellie's Senior Project Campaign for Water

Elliott Sloate's Fundraising Page

Elmhurst College's Fundraising Page

Em's Fundraising Page

Ema's Campaign for Water

Emelia and Jess's Campaign for Water

Emerson and Annie's Campaign for Water

Emerson's Campaign for Water

Emerson's Fundraising Page

Emerson’s Campaign for Water

Emil's Campaign for Water

Emil's Campaign for Water

Emilie Hong's Fundraising Page

Emily and James' Wedding Water Project

Emily and Julia's Campaign for Water

Emily Fenn's Fundraising Page

Emily Fisher and Michelle Fan - LIVE LOVE WATER

Emily Lefin's Fundraising Page

Emily Quiles's Fundraising Page

Emily Sassen's Fundraising Page

Emily's Campaign for Water

Emma and François-Xavier's Fundraising Page

Emma J's Fundraising Page

Emma Janssen's Fundraising Page

Emma Montgomery's Capstone: Water for Education

Emma Weiss-Burns's Fundraising Page

Emma's Campaign for Water

Emma's Campaign for Water

Emma's Fundraising Page

Emma's Homecoming Campaign for Water

Emmanuel Lopez's Fundraising Page

Emmy's Fundraising Page

Encinitas Youth Fundraising Page

Eneya Khalil's Fundraising Page

Eneya's Campaign for Water

Enrique's Campaign to provide clean water

Environmental Challenge Group Fundraising Page

Ephraim's well for others in need funraiser

EPHS Water Fundraiser

Epworth Church's Fundraising Page

ERC's Hydration Challenge

Erdim Menevseoglu's Fundraising Page Gives Back!

Eric and Kailyn's Fundraising Page

Eric Bailey's fundraising page: let's build a well!

Erica Anne's 20th Birthday Fundraiser

Erica George's Fundraising Page

Erica Harmon's Fundraising Page

Erica's Campaign for Clean Water in Africa

Erika Baer's Fundraising Page

Erika Lara's Fundraising Page

Erin and Davey's Campaign for Water

Erin McGayhey and Skyler Farrell's Fundraising Page

Erin's Fundraising Page

Erkan Barin's Fundraising Page

Ervena's Campaign for Water

Eshani's Birthday Gift Fundraising Page

Essential Oil Distributors Making a Difference -

Establishing Community Water Well - Please help fundraise!

Etem's Campaign for Water

Ethan & Caleb's Campaign for Water

Ethan Alper's Fundraising Page

Ethan and Kate's Campaign for Water

Ethan Lavictoire's Fundraising Page

Ethan Thompson's Fundraising Page

Ethridge Elementary School's Fundraising Page

Eunity 72 hour Marathon

Eva's Campaign for Water

Evan MacLean's Fundraising Page

Evan's Mitzvah Project: A Campaign for Water

Evans Girls Christmas Water Challenge

Evelyn's Campaign for Water

Even a Little. . Fundraising Page

Everlasting Water Fundraising Page

Everlasting Water Fundraising Page

Every Drop Counts

Every drop counts

Every Drop Counts

Every drop counts! Please help fund a water project!

Every Last Drop

Everyone Needs Water Campaign

Evidentia Solutions Campaign for Water

EWRSD Walk for Water

EZneeds Campaign for Water

F-ing Cool Stuff's Campaign for Water

Fabi Ramirez's Fundraising Page

Facebook Friends Frundraising

Fahad Khan's Fundraising Page

Faisal 's Campaign for Water

Faith Baptist Fellowship's Fundraising Page

Faith Baptist Youth Group

Faith Christian Fellowship's Campaign for Water

Faith Crossing's Water Project!

Faiz's Campaign for Water

Falcon FLL Project

Families of Mrs. Burke's Second Grade Class-Long Meadow Elementary School, Middlebury CT.

Farida's Campaign for Water

Farishta Nezomuddin's Fundraising Page

Farrah 's Campaign for Water

Farrah and Ahsan's Wedding Well Project

FaShaw's Fundraising Page

Father Beauregard Grade 2/3's Campaign for Water

Fatima Ghaleb's Campaign for Water

Fatuma Guleid's Fundraising Page

Fca's Campaign for Water

FCC Hanson VBS Fundraising Page

Felipe Barbosa's Fundraising Page

FEMI AKINDELE's Fundraising Page

Feminaire's Campaign for Water

Fern's Campaign for Clean Water

Fernando's Campaign for Water

Fighting the water crisis

Fill up the Bucket Challenge

Filled With Hope

Finding Nano's Campaign for Water

Finley & Friends Recycling for Water

Finley Ivey's Fundraising Page

Finley's Campaign for Water

Finley's Campaign for Water

Fire Ridge's Fundraising Page

First Baptist Church Mens Breakfast's Fundraising Page

First Church of Christ in Mansfield UCC - Campaign for Water

First Congregational Georgetown Lenten Fundraiser

First Grade at Most Holy Rosary's Fundraising Page

First Grade Fundraising Page

First Grade Funds Friends in Africa

First Lutheran Church's Campaign for Water

Fisher Cat's Fundraising Night

Fishers Creek International Church's Well

Flashpoint's Water Challenge

Fletcher Primary's Fundraising Page

Fleury Fundraising Page

FLL Team Rapids Water Project Fundraiser

FLL's The Robo-Girls's Campaign for Clean Safe Water

Flossmoor Community Church - Children's Ministries

Flowing with H2O Kid's Campaign For Water

Flynn's Birthday Campaign for Water

Focused Effect Apparel

FoL Wear's Campaign for Water

Folkstone's Fundraising Page

Food For Soul - Campaign for Clean Water

For a Change Fundraising Page

For all you schmucks dumping gallons of clean water on themselves for ALS

For He Satisfies The Thirsty Fundraising Page

For our Papaw

Forest Ridge Elementary School's Fundraising Page

Forest, Greer, and Brown syndicate Campaign for Water

Fountain of Youth

Four Kids and a Plan's Fundraising Page

Fox Chapel Community

Fox Valley Church of Christ Campaign for Water

Fox Valley Church of Christ Campaign for Water 2021

Fox Valley Church of Christ Walk for Water 2022

Fox Valley Church of Christ Walk for Water 2023

Fox Valley Church of Christ Walk for Water 2024

FPC Ballston Spa's Fundraising Page

FPU Global Citizenship Seminar Fundraising Page

Francesca & Cecilia's Water Well

Francesca's Campaign for Water

Francisco Cabral's Birthday Fundraising Page

Francisco Mota's Fundraising Page

Francisco Rua's Fundraising Page

Franklin Middle School @HSC Campaign for Water

Frans's Campaign for Water

Fred Grooms's Fundraising Page

Freddy and Ellen's Wedding Campaign for Water

Frederick Ragan's Fundraising Page

Frederick's Campaign for Water

Free The Children's Campaign for Water

Fresh water project

FRESHCASSETTE Creative Compassion

Friends Campaign for Water

Friends of Carlos Quesada

Friends of Israel's Campaign for Water

Friends of Scott Rod


Fruvilla's Campaign for Water

FTC Club's Campaign for Water

FUMC Arlington Texas

Fundraiser To Bring Fresh Drinking Water To Africa

Fundraiser to help END the water scarcity in South Africa

Fundraising for Hope- Ryan Connors' Project

Fundraising Page

Funny Fable Water Project

Fusion Academy's Campaign for Water for Kisalizi Primary School

Füsun's Campaign for Water

G. Ray Bodley's Fundraising Page

G1's Fundraising Page

Gabe Manzon & Anthony D'Angelo's Campaign for Clean Water

Gabi's Campaign for Water!!!

Gabriel's Campaign for Water

Gabriele Gocso's Fundraising Page

Gabrielle & Danielle Daudet's Fundraising Page

Gage's Campaign for Water

Gallego 4th Grade Music Fundraising Page

GameDay Gear Campaign for The Water Project

Garin's Campaign for Clean & Safe Water in Africa

Garrett Krull's Fundraising Page

Gary Cleveland's Fundraising Page

Gary's Water Well

Gaurav Rajgopal's Fundraising Page

Gavi Kamens's Fundraising Page

GCA's Campaign for Water

GCG of Hanbit Church

GEMNU's Fundraising Page

Genius Grace's Project

Gentile's Fundraising Page

George and James' Campaign for Water

George Hartdegen IV's Fundraising Page

George Kyriacou's Fundraising Page

Gerrit Pannek's Birthday Bash

Gerrit Pannek's Weihnachts Spendenaktion

Geryn Childress's Fundraising Page

Gesu School's Fundraising Page

Get Auto Group's Campaign for Water

Get Back Shadow's Fundraising

Get Buckets, Give Buckets


Giancarlo's Fundraising Page

gianna zimmerman's Fundraising Page

Gianna's Campaign for Water

Gibbs' Campaign for Water

Gillian Veldey's and Taylor Griffin's Fundraising Page

Gillian's Campaign for a clean supply of water for kids in africa

Gina and David's Fundraising Page

Gina Parker's Fundraising Page

Gina's Campaign for Water

GINIA's Fundraising Page

Girl Scout Troop #1551 and future Georgia Troop Fundraiser

Girl Scout Troop 15141

Girl Scout Troop 1715 Campaign for Water

Girl Scout Troop 209 Campaign for Water

Girl Scout Troop 2481's Fundraising Page

Girl Scout Troop 31005

Girl Scout Troop 31145 Fundraising Page

Girl Scout Troop 3529 Campaign for Water

Girl Scout Troop 3629

Girl Scout Troop 5001

Girl Scout Troop 50234

Girl Scout Troop 52629

Girl Scout Troop 540's Fundraising Page

Girl Scout Troop 87 Campaign for Water

Girl Scout Troop 87030's Fundraising Page

Girl Scout Troop 98266's Campaign for Water

Girl Scouts Troop 258 Campaign for Water

Girl to Girl

Girls Making a Difference

Girls of Summer 11 Fundraising

Giuliene's Campaign for Water

Give Hope

Give life for Christmas..

Give Life Give Water

Give Opp's Seirra Leone Well Project Page

Give Water to Those in Need

Give Water, Give Life

Give Water. Give Life. Fundraising Page

GiveFive decide for a smile


Giving Hope for Life - Lyman Hall

Giving the Gift of Water for the Holiday Season

GJ's Campaign to Provide Clean Water for the Poor

Glen Crest 6th grade class: Water Challenge

Glen Waverley's Campaign for Water

Glenn Family Fundraising Page

Glide High School's Campaign for Water

Glide, Oregon's Fundraising Page

Global Business Management Association's Fundraising Page

Global Clean Water Initiative

Global Clean Water Initiative 2nd Project

Global Leadership's Fundraising Page

Global Oasis Initiative

Global Water Dances Cork 2021 - Campaign for Water

Globe-Trotters Fundraising Page

Gloria's Campaign for Water

GNS Fundraising Page

Go to the Well 5K

Godfrey First United Methodist Church Water Project

GOF Kingdom Kids' Fundraising Page

Gokhan Ibis's Fundraising Page

Gold Coast Yoga Centre Fundraising Page

GOLDEN TEAR's Fundraising Page

Goliath Down's Fundraising Page

Gombe school's Campaign for Water

Good Shepherd UMC Fundraising Page

Gordon Graydon SAC Water Project

Got Water? Thompson Kids' Summer Water Project

Gr.6/7 Crew Water Project: Lead the Way Serving the Least of These

Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Grace Capital Church

Grace Capital Kids's Fundraising Page

Grace Christian School Fundraising Page

Grace CRC's Campaign for Water

Grace Graebel's Fundraising Page

Grace Holcomb's Fundraising Page

Grace Huggins's Fundraising Page

Grace Jester's Campaign for Water

Grace Machado's Fundraising Page

Grace Steele's Fundraising Page

Grace Stephenson & Katie Kelly's Fundraising Page

Grace United Methodist's Fundraising Page

Grace's & Lia’s Campaign for Water

Grace's Campaign for Water

Grace's Campaign for Water

Grace's Water Project Fundraising Page

Grade 5 Campaign for Water

Grade 6 Holbrook Fundraising Page

Grade 7/8 Girls Fundraising Page

Grade FourB's Fundraising Page

Graff Fundraising Page

Granby Elementary Campaign for Water

Grand Coulee Dam SHARP Kids' Campaign for Water

Grandville High School Waterproject

Granite Bay High School's 2014-15 Page

Granite Bay High School's Fundraising Page

Grant High School's Fundraising Page

Grant Ruddy's Fundraising Page

Gray and Karen Erlacher's Page

Grayson Greer's Fundraising Page

Great Mission Ministries Campaign for Water

Great Oak NHS's Fundraising Page

Green 2 Kleen's Campaign for Water

Green Elementary's Water Fundraising

Green VillageChildren's Home Campaign for Water

Greenfield Resources Corp. Clean Water Project

GreenHopportunity Let's Make it Rain

Greenville High School's Campaign for Water

Greenwood Hills's Campaign for Water

Greg's English Channel Swim Fundraising Page

GregBaugh 's Campaign for Water

Gregg and Alise's Christmas Water Project

Gregori Global Club's Fundraising Page

Gregori High School's Global Project

Grinnell Highschool's Fundraising Page

Grossmont College Group Project Page

GSLC Water Campaign

Gummy's Fundraising Page

Gur's Campaign for Water

Gurpreet & Pawan's Fundraising Page

Guy Lacey's Fundraising Page

GWES Students Helping Others

GWES Water Heroes

Gyan's 13th Bday Campaign for Water

H.R.E.'s REACH: Project Water

H2 Bow's Fundraising Page




H2O - Hope to Others

H2O 100

H2O 4 Others Fundraising Page


H2O Tutoring

H2O Tutoring (2)

H2O: Here Helping Others


H2OPEFUL Fundraising Page

HabitForge Water Project Page

Hadi's Campaign for Water (Action Project)

Halema's Campaign for Water

Haley 's Campaign for Water

Haley Holland's Fundraising Page

Haley Hsu's Clean Water Fund Page

Haley's 2nd Campaign for Clean Water

Haley's Campaign for Water

Hamish & Leo's Campaign for Water

Hana's Water Project Page

Hannah 's Campaign for Water

Hannah and Wyatt's Campaign for Water

Hannah Bazemore's Fundraising Page

Hannah Gardner's Fundraising Page

Hannah McMahon's Fundraising Page

Hannah Rich's Fundraising Page

Hannah Scott's Fundraising Page

Hannah Shepard's Fundraising Page

Hannah Smith's Fundraising Page

Hannah Swopes's Fundraising Page

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hannah's Campaign for Water

Hanne's Fundraising Page

Happy Hollow's Water Fundraiser

Happy Hollow's Water Fundraiser 2015

HAR-BUR MIDDLE SCHOOL's Campaign for Water

Harbor Lites (IL) Chapter's Campaign for Water

Harbor Lites Chapter of the Links Incorporated Fundraising Page

Harford County Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ***5K WATER DASH***

Harford County Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 2023 5K WATER DASH

Harford County Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 5K WATER DASH 2022

Haris's Campaign for Water

Harlie 's Campaign for Water

Harmon Joy's Campaign for Water

Harmony's Campaign for Water

Harmony’s 8th Birthday Campaign for Water

Harold Longworth Fundraising Page

Harriett Chan's Fundraising Page

harryy's Campaign for Water

Harshman Magnet Middle School 2012-13 Fundraising Page

Harvard Elementary School's Fundraising Page

Harvest Youth Ministry's (HY5) Fundraising Page

Harvey Harvington's Fundraising Page

Haskill - Veres Family's Fundraising Page

HAWKS with Heart

Hayden's Helping Hands Page

Hayley's Campaign for Water

HCCS Campaign for Water

HCCS Campaign for Water

HCCS' Campaign for Water

Heather Adams' Fundraising Page

Heather Bradley's Fundraising Page

Heather Embrey's Fundraising Page

Heather Poco's Fundraising Page

Heavy Hearts Fundraising Page

Hebrew roots Fundraising Page

Hebrews 13:16

Heidi Elliott's Fundraising Page

Helen Gonzalez's Fundraising Page

Helena Collins-Zajaczkowska and Melissa Ethel May's Fundraising Page

Hello Fresh Water and The Water Project

Help Africa, Help Humanity.

Help Aimee Build a Well

Help Change Lives

Help Donate for Safe Water

Help Fritz Help Others

Help Global Feminism

Help me, help others

Help provide a community in Africa with a safe supply of water

Help Rachel Parilis Raise Money for Clean Water

Help save the people of Africa from unfiltered water - Anay Mehta

Help St. Michaels Brownie Troop #77172 Collect Donations for The Water Project

Help Tayler Dig Deep For Water

Help the Fleurys raise funds to help 600 people gain access to clean water.

Help Third World Countries Get Fresh Water

Help Us Provide People in Africa With Clean & Safe Water

Help Us Support Schools


Helper 3's Fundraising Page

Helping Hands: Environment Committee Fundraising Event

Helping Others

Hennigans for clean water

Herban's Campaign for Water

Heritage High School Fundraising Page

HeritageforHumanity's Fundraising Page

Hershey School of Dance

Hespera's Campaign for Water

Hey Dewy Campaign for Water

HFCS 4th Grade's Campaign for Water

Hfi78 Water Challenge

HHH High School East Muslim Student Association's Campaign for Water

Highlands 's Campaign for Water

Hiking For Causes' Fundraising Page

Hillary's Campaign for Water

Hillcrest High School Energy Club's Campaign for Water

Hillmond School's Fundraising Page

Hillside Middle School- Team Gratitude

Hilonee's 2020/21 Campaign for Water

Hilonee's Campaign for Water 2022

Hilonee's Water project drive - Help In The Fight For Water

Hinds Church Fundraising Page

Hippsylake Fundraising Page

HM Service Learning Fundraising Page

HMS Going Global Fundraising Page

HNA Spendenseite: #PlantAFriend - die Waterproject-Challenge

Hoffmann Lane Elementary Fifth Graders

Holly and Marlee's Campaign for Water

Holly and Muylika's Campaign for Water

holly byrd's Fundraising Page

Holly Ivy's Fundraising Page

Holly Stelmack's Fundraising Page

Holy Name CREW Project Water Campaign

Holy Redemption C.O.G.I.C., Inc's Fundraising Page

Home Shield Direct Fundraiser

Honey and Bob's Campaign for Water

Hope 4 Tomorrow's Fundraising Page

Hope for Africa Water Fundraising Team

Hope Griffith's Fundraising Page

HOPE Prima's Campaign for Water

Hope UMC Sunday School Fundraising Page

HOPE Walk For Water 2018

HOPE Walk For Water 2019

Hope Weinstein's Fundraising Page

Hope, Measu, and Caroline's Fundraising Page

Hopie Vita

Horace Mann's Campaign for Water

Horizon Japan International School's Grade 5 Campaign for Water

Horizon UU Church Fundraising Page

Horn H2O: the Team Horn Water Project

Horning Middle School Water Challenge

Horsepower Golf Fundraising Page

Hotep Nation's

Houghton Score4Water's Fundraising Page

Houria's Campaign for Water

Howard Hall 2011-2012 Fundraising Page

Howard Hall's 2013 Fundraising Page

Howard Hall's Fundraising Page

HS2 Interact Club Fundraising Page

Hugo's Campaign for Water

Hugo's Campaign for Water

Humana Water Challenge

Humanbeingflag Com's Fundraising Page

Humanbeingflag Com's Fundraising Page2

Hunter and Shelby's Fundraising Page

hunter's Campaign for Water

Huntington Central Church of the Nazarene's Campaign for Water

Hutton Elementary's Campaign for Water

Hydrate Africa.

Hydrate the Homeland! (In George's honor)

Hydration Nation's Campaign for Water

HydroHomies's Campaign for Water

Hydrolove's Fundraising Page

Hyunsoo's Campaign for Water

I Was Thirsty

I Was Thirsty and You Gave...

I'm Thirsty - Spindale Elementary

IBA's Campaign for Water

Ibrahim Danladi's Fundraising Page

ibrahim's Campaign for Water

Ice Bucket Challenge Hundred

Ice Bucket Challenge with a Twist

ICSJ Girl Scout Cadettes

Idea College Prep's Fundraising Page

Ideal Location's Fundraising Page

Idika Amogu's Fundraising Page

Ignacio Moreno's Fundraising Page


Ilianel's Water, Agua, Aqua, Eau Dans Fundraising Page!!!

Illinois Area 2015 Children's Cluster Fundraising Page

Ilya's Campaign for Water


Imala, Tabby & Friends (5th graders) Campaign for Water

iman 's Campaign for Water

Immanuel CRC's Fundraising Page

In Memory of Hazel Patyrak

In Memory of Trevor King

In Memory of Vera Childress

In Remembrance of Ezekiel Noah

In Remembrance of Lyndsay Doulaghsingh Bleau

Incisive Media's Holiday Fundraiser

Indian Church's Fundraising Page

Indiana 3rd Graders' Campaign for Water

Indigo's Fundraising Page

Ingrid's Campaign for Water

Innovative Rehabilitation Consultants' Fundraising Page

Inouye Family's Fundraising Page

Interact Club of BHS' Campaign for Water

Interact Club of Joe T. Robinson High School's Campaign for Water

Interact Club's Fundraising Page

Interaktivo 's Campaign for Water

International Partners Company IPC Purpose ------- Water is a HUMAN RIGHT

International School Almere campaign

International School Curitiba Brazil's Fundraising Page

International Studies Academy At LWHS/CMSD

Iota Xi Alpha Phi Alpha's Fundraising Page

Iredale Towers

Irene's Campaign for Water

Irfan & Chidie's Campaign for Water

IRJC’s Campaign for Water

Isaac's Campaign for Clean Water in honor of his 30th Birthday

Isaac's Campaign for Water

Isaacs Walk for Water Fundraiser

Isabel Garcia-Maxson's Campaign for Water

Isabel Garcia-Maxson's Fundraising Page

Isabel's Campaign for Water

Isabella and Christina's Campaign for Water

Isabella's Fundraising Page

Isabelle Kozla's Fundraising Page

Isabelle's Campaign for Water

isaiah saint-vil's Fundraising Page

ISC wildcat's Fundraising Page


Ishaana's Campaign for Water

Isi Donnelly's Bar Mitzvah Project

Islam's Campaign for Water

Island City Academy's Campaign for Water

Island School 7th Grade Campaign for Wells

It Works Distributors - Giving Back!

It's not about clothing, food, job or education.. it's about water.

Its my birthday 04/08/15!!! as a birthday present help me give water!!!! Aneudy Martinez

Ivakale Village Primary School

IWU fights for Africa

Izeah's Campaign for Water

Izzy and Maddie Cox's Fundraising Page

Izzy and Maddy's Campaign for Water!

J.J. O'Neill Catholic School

Jabari Thomas's Fundraising Page

Jacie's Fundraising Page

jacinta wairimu's Fundraising Page

Jack & Sophia Preston's Fundraising Page

Jack Foyle's Fundraising Page

Jack Jones's Fundraising Page

Jack Krone- Running for Water

Jack's Campaign for Water

Jackelyn Schimmel's Fundraising Page

Jackie Kreutzer's Fundraising Page

Jackie's Campaign for Water

Jackie's Fundraising Page

Jackie's Revelation 7:17 Project

Jackson 's Campaign for Water

Jackson's Campaign for Water

Jacob and Kelsey's Fundraising Page

Jacob Devlin's Fundraising Page

Jacob Goldsmith's Fundraising Page

Jacob Stern's Fundraising Page

Jacob's Campaign for Water

Jacob's Campaign for Water

Jacob's Campaign for Water 2017

Jacqueline's Campaign for Water

Jacques Philippe's Campaign for Water

Jacques Philippe's Campaign for Water

Jada Kyle's Fundraising Page

Jada's Campaign for Water

Jade Carina's 9/30/2011 Birthday Fundraiser

Jade Miller's Fundraising Page

Jade Navarro's Furndraising Page

Jade's Birthday Fundraiser :D

Jaiden and Emme Abbs's Fundraising Page

Jailyn's 7th Birthday Wish

Jaime's Campaign for Water

Jake Garn's Clean Water Fundraiser

Jake Shames's Fundraising Page

Jake's Campaign for Water

Jake's Campaign for Water

Jakub's Run for Water in Africa

James & Laurena's Fundraising Page

James Estrada's Fundraising Page

James Ketner's Fundraising Page

James Musgrave's Appeal for Clean Water

James Peyton's Fundraising Page

James Ruffing's Fundraising Page

James Stansfield's Fundraising Page

James Wong's Fundraising Page

James's Campaign for Water

JAMES's Campaign for Water Wells

Jamie Brown's Fundraising Page

Jamie Sapia's Fundraising Page

Jan Hemphill's Fundraising Page

Jan Jan's Campaign for Water

Jana Hammers's Fundraising Page

Jane Ekstrand's Fundraising Page

Janessa's Campaign for Water

Janessa's Campaign for Water

Janet's Campaign for Water

Jared Rosenberg's Fundraising Page

Jasmine Hawkins's Fundraising Page

Jasmine Joyner's Fundraising Page

Jasmine's Clean Water for the World Campaign

JASMINE'S Campaign for Water

Jasmine's Campaign for Water

Jason Bloom's Fundraising Page

Javier Virgen's Fundraising Page

Javier's Campaign for Water

Jawon 's Campaign for Water

Jay Burton's Fundraising Page

Jay Teresi's Fundraising Page

Jay's Water 4 All

Jazmin and Briana's Campaign for Water

JBP 's Campaign for Rubani Community

Jean Mozell-Hollingsworth's Fundraising Page

Jeff Ford's Fundraising Page

Jeff Graves's Fundraising Page

Jeff Kinzer's Fundraising Page

Jeff's 30th Birthday

Jefferson Elementary School Campaign for Clean Water

Jefferson Fundraising Page

jeffery wineglass's Fundraising Page THE WATER PROJECT

Jemima's Foundraising Campaign for Water

Jen and Anna's Fundraising Page

Jen Cassidy's Fundraising Page

Jen Cassidy's Fundraising Page

Jen Cassidy's Marathon #5 for Clean Water

Jen Cassidy's Marathons 2017 for Water

Jen Hulburt's Fundraising for Water Page

Jenepher 's Campaign for Water

Jenni Lord's Fundraising Page

Jennifer Kirchhevel's Fundraising Page

Jennifer Landis's Fundraising Page

Jennifer Myracle's Fundraising Page

Jennifer Singel's 21st Birthday Drinks!!

jennifer's Campaign for Water

Jennifer's Campaign for Water

Jennifer, Emma, Alexis and Veronica's Fundraising Page

Jenny Lee's Anti-Ice Bucket Challenge Page

Jenny's Water Project

Jer & Sue's Water for Life

Jeremy Batten's Fundraising Page

Jeremy's Campaign for Water

Jerilyn's Watering Hole

Jerlissa's Fundraising Page

Jerry Berry’s Campaign for Water

Jesse Brown's Fundraising Page

Jessica Abraham and Laura VanBragt's Fundraising Page

Jessica and Ryan's Campaign for Water

Jessica Faurote's Fundraising Page

Jessica Lee's Fundraising Page

Jessica Liang's Fundraising Page

Jessica's 30Before30 Campaign for Water

Jessica's Campaign for Water

Jessica's Campaign for Water

Jessica's Campaign for Water

Jessie Abt's Fundraising Page

Jessy James's Fundraising Page

Jesús's Campaign for The Water Project

Jewel Perry's Fundraising Page

Jewel Santaniello's Fundraising Page

Jheanelle's Golden Project

JHS Interact Club's Campaign for Water

Jill Hubbard's Fundraising Page

Jill Roloff's Fundraising Page

Jillian Waxman's Fundraising Page

Jillian's Fundraising Page

Jillie's Campaign for Water

Jim Lyons's Fundraising Page

Jim's 60th Birthday Wish: CLEAN WATER

Jim's Campaign for Water

Jimmy Hickman and Nicole Platti's Fundraising Page

Jiri's Fundraising Page

jo thorn

Joana and Olivia's Water Campaign

Joana's Fundraising Page

Joanne's Campaign for Water

Joanne's Campaign for Water

Jody Richards Elementary's Fundraising Page

Joe Baratta's Fundraising Page

Joe's and Rishi's Campaign for Water

Joel Mathew's Fundraising Page

Joelle 's Campaign for Water

Joelle Mellon's Fundraising Page

Joey and Emily Rounsaville's Fundraising Page

Joey Cavallo's Fundraising Page

John Clinton's Fundraising Page

John DiCaro's Fundraising Page

JOHN SUMMERS Fundraising Page

John's Campaign for Water

Johnston County 8th grade Science 2012-13

Johnston County Schools - 8th Grade Science 2013-14

Join Kiley in the War for Water

Jon Willock's Fundraising Page

Jonah Chen's Bar Mitzvah Campaign for Water

Jonathan Dean's Campaign for Water

Jonathan's Campaign for Water

Jordan Knight's Fundraising Page

Jordan Mitchell's Fundraising Page

Jordan Reimer's Fundraising Page

Jordan's Campaign for Water

Jordan, Anton and Will Fundraising Page

Joren Kandel's Fundraising Page

Jorge's Campaign for A Better World

Joseph Desimone's Fundraising Page

JOSEPH LESTRANGE's Fundraising Page

Joseph Tusa's Fundraising Page

Joseph Vitale's Fundraising Page

Joseph's Campaign for Access to Fresh Water!

Josephine Fitzgerald's Fundraising Page

Josh and Sol's fundraising page

Joshua Dierberger's Fundraising Page

Joshua Taylor's 8th Birthday Fundraising Page

Joshua's Well

Journey Ministry's Fundraising Page

Joy's Campaign for Water

JrGaming's Fundraising Page

Juan M Sierra's Fundraising Page

Juan's Campaign for Water

Jude's Campaign for Water

Judy Shaw's Memorial Page

Judy's Campaign for Water

Julia and Claire's Fundraising Page

Julia Reasinger's Fundraising Page

Julia Wimberly's Fundraising Page

julia's Campaign for Water

Julia's Campaign for Water

Julia's Campaign for Water

Julian Minett's Fundraising Page

Julian's Campaign for Water

Julian's Campaign for Water

Juliana Travis's The Water Project Fundraising Page

Juliana's Campaign for Water

Julia’s Campaign for Water

Julien Bouchard, Adil Mawji, Liam Guindi Fundraising Page

Juneau's Campaign for Water

Just add Water Campaign

Justin Ogborn - plumbing for poverty

Justin Barbeau's Fundraising Page

Justin Beasley's Fundraising Page

Justin Hartley's Fundraising Page

Justin McKague's Fundraising Page

Justin Morgan's Fundraising Page

Justin Toh's Fundraising Page

JW Paragoods's Fundraising Page

K.I.N.D - Kill Injustice Now, Donate

K2B Golden Apple IPAK's Campaign for Water

Kaan's Birthday Wish for Water

Kainos Community Church: Change to Change The World

Kaitlin Glidewell's Fundraising Page

Kaitlin Salinas- Campaign for Water

Kaitlin's Campaign for Water

Kaitlyn's Campaign for Water

Kaitlyn's Clean Water Project

Kaleb's Faith Love & Water Project

Kaleidoscope Kids Helping Kids

Kalin's Campaign for Water

Kamales's Campaign for Water

Kamil Antonczak Fundraising Page

Kamila 's Campaign for Water

Kamisha Worley's Water Project

Kang's Fundraising

Kanzy's Water Project

Kara Crumpler's Senior Project

Kara Hofstetter's Fundraising Page

KaraLyn Street's Campaign for Water

Karen 'Karo' Hilton's Fundraising Page

Karen's Campaign for Water

Karen's Tanzania Challenge

Karim's Campaign for Water

Karim\'s Campaign for Water

Karissa Gallo's Fundraising Page

Karla Sanchez's Fundraising Page

Karlotta, Lydia and Zhafira´s Campaign for Water

Karlotta, Lydia and Zhafira´s Campaign for Water

Karly McNeil's Water Project Fundraising Page

Karsey's Campaign for Water

Kashonia Hadley's Fundraising Page

Kassidy's Fundraising Page

Kat Graham's - The Ripple Effect

Kat Graham's Fundraising Page

Katarina's Campaign for Water

kate and kyleigh's fundraising page

Kate Beerkens's Fundraising Page

Kate Burkes's Fundraising Page

Kate Pendergrass's Fundraising Page

Kate Trump's Fundraising Page

Kate Wilson's Fundraising Page

Kate's Campaign for Water

Katelyn Sojka's Fundraising Page

Katelyn's Campaign for Water

Katelyn's Campaign for Water

Katharina's 24th Birthday Campaign for Water

Katherine & Jude's Campaign for Water

Katherine Bailey's Fundraising Page

Katherine Capellan's Fundraising Page

Katherine's Campaign for Water

Kathleen Watson's Fundraising Page

Kathryn Hurley's Fundraising Page

Kathryn Stewart's Fundraising Page

Kathy Casper's Fundraising Page

Kathy Williams' Fundraising Page

Kati Bucciero's Fundraising Page

Katie Bright For Clean Water

Katie Stevenson's Fundraising Page

Katie's Clean Thirty

Katie's Fundraising Page

Katie's help me build a WELL funraising page

Katrina Gabby & Claire's Fundraising Page

Katy Nadal's Fundraising Page

Katy, Jude, Clara, & Lucy's Fundraising Page

Kayla Martin's Fundraising Page

Kayla's Campaign for Water

Kayla's Senior Project Campaign for Water

Kaylee Kinniburgh's Fundraising Page

Kaylee's Campaign for Water

Kayleigh's Fundraising Page

KCS Grade 2 Water Project Fundraiser

KED group's Fundraising Page

Keenan Gladd-Brown's Fundraising Page

Keenan's Fundraising Page

Keep It Concrete

Keeping it Classical Fundraising Page

Keith Pate's Fundraising Page

Keith Walden's Fundraising Page

Kellene Maynard's Fundraising Page

Kelli and Molly's Fundraising Page

Kelli Gilmore's Fundraising Page

Kellie Gerber's Clean Water for Africa Page

Kelly Bachich's Fundraising Page

Kelly Bielaski and Friends Fundraising Page

Kelly Flint's Fundraising Page

Kelly K's Fundraising Page

Kelly Randall's Fundraising Page

Kelly's Birthday Fund

Kelly's Campaign for Water

Kelly's Clean Water

Kelly, Ria, Shea, and Jessica's Clean Water Campaign

Kelsey Berguson and Maddy Palmgren's Fundraising Page

kelsey evans's Fundraising Page

Ken Champlin's Fundraising Page

Ken's Fundraising Page

Ken-ya Dig It?

Kendall's Fundraising Page

Kendrick's Fundraising Page

Kennedi's Campaign for Water

Kennedy Giselle's Campaign for Water

Kenneth Corsi's Fundraising Page

Kenneth's Campaign for Water

Kenya Gimme Some Water

Kenya, build a Water Well

Kenzie Conner's Fundraising Page

Kenzie Conner's Fundraising Page

Kepher's Campaign for Water

Kessler Celebrate Life Fundraising Page

Keturah's Campaign for Water

Kevin Cline's Fundraising Page

Kevin Eaton's Fundraising Page

Kevin Yu's Fundraising Page

Kevyn's Campaign for Water

Key Club of East Aurora's Fundraising Page

Keyanna Fielding's Fundraising Page

Kiandra's Campaign for Water

Kids of Promise Fundraising Page

Kids Who Care Seminole

Kidzone Learning Center Campaign for Water

Kiel Knight's clean water Fundraising Page

Kiera and Leah 's Campaign for Water

Kieran's Campaign for Water

Kilela Community Project- Pathway Church San Diego

Kim Quiroz's Fundraising Page

Kimarie's 26th Birthday Campaign for Water

Kimarie's Birthday Campaign for Water

Kimarie's Campaign for Water

Kimberly Hajioff's 21st birthday Fundraising Page

Kimberly Newman's Fundraising Page

Kimi's Campaign for Water

Kinder's Care for Africa!

Kindness Matters

Kingdom Harvest

Kingdom Kids's Campaign for Water

Kingston 's Campaign for Water

Kingsway Preparatory School Fundraising Page

Kingswood Elementary 5th grade Fundraising Page

Kira Lieberman's Fundraising Page

Kiran Shimp's Fundraising Page

Kirk Moore's Fundraising Page

Kirsten's Campaign for Water

Kirsten's Campaign for Water 2019

Kittredge Magnet School's Water Project

KMDx2 The Water Project

KMS Lego Robotics Blue Team's Campaign

Knots for Sierra Leone

Knoxville Family Fundraising Page

Komensky's Campaign for Water

Koopstrooper Charity Streams || Help Uplift Communities and Transform Lives

KPC Wellness Group's Campaign for Water

Kramer Colt's Taking Action Campaign for Water in Africa

Kris Ray's Fundraising Page

Kris' Christmas Wish-No Gifts--Just Water

Kristen Blair's Fundraising Page

Kristen's Campaign for Water

Kristin's Sparkling Water Project

Kristina's Campaign for Water

Kristy Eastman's Fundraising Page

Krystal Arnez's Fundraising Page

KVI 2016 Campaign for Water

Kyla's Campaign for Water

Kyle and Noah's Help a Child Donations

Kyle Gasson's Fundraising Page

Kyle Hall Plumbing Water Project

Kyle Togrul's Fundraising Page

Kyle Winkley's Fundraising Page

Kyle's Birthday

Kyle's Water Fundraising Page

Kylee Keifer

Kylee's Campaign for Water

Kylie B.'s Fundraising Page

Kylie B.'s Year Long Water Project!

Kylie's Campaign for Water

Kylie's Campaign for Water

Kyoko's Campaign for Clean Water

Kyra's Campaign for Water

Kyrie's Campaign for Water

Kyuki-Do Huntley's Fundraising Page

L'eau pour tous 2018


L-Soren Mobley's Campaign for Clean Water

L.A. Nelson EXPO's Fundraising Page

L.L.P. Campaign for Water

L.M. Foundation's Water For Africa Campaign

La campagne de l'eau

La Cueva’s Campaign for Water

La Roche College's Campaign for Water

La Roche University's Campaign for Water

LA's Campaign For Water

Lachlan New's Barmi Page

Laianna's Birthday Campaign for Water

Lake Norman Charter Water Project

Lakeisha Tapplin's Fundraising Page

Lakes High School Campaign for Water

Lakewood Montessori Middle School's Fundraising Page

Lakota Middle School

Laksh's Campaign for Water

Lama's Campaign for Water "Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have."

Lands' End Campaign for Water

Laney's Campaign for Water


Larissa Schultz's Fundraising Page

Larissa's Campaign for Water

Las Vegas Plumbers Campaign for Water

Lattimore's Campaign for Water

Laura Cole's Fundraising Page

Laura Joseph's Fundraising Page

Laura Phillips's Fundraising Page

Laura Raybourne's Fundraising Page

Laura's Campaign for Water

Laura, Sasha, and Beatrice's Campaign for Water

Lauren & Callums Fundraising Page

Lauren 's Campaign for Water

Lauren Glokler's Fundraising Page

Lauren Grilli: Small Change for Big Change

Lauren's Fundraising Page

Lauren, Leah and Anna's Campaign for Water

Laurian, Ismael, and Jose's water campaign

Laurie's Campaign for Water

Lawless's Campaign #TeamLawLess

Lawrence Manuel's Fundraising Page

Lawrence's Campaign for Water

Lawrence, KS Water Project - Conner Smith

Layla Polito's Fundraising Page

Layla Polito's Fundraising Page

Layla Snow's Fundraising Page

Lazaro Gala's Fundraising/Help the Needy

lazy's Campaign for Water

LCHS Interact

LCM Interact's Campaign for Water

Le Defi de L'eau

Leah 's Campaign for Water

Leah's Birthday Campaign for Water

Leah's Fresh Water Challenge

Learn2Serve - GWUOHS

Lee/ Emma's Campain for water

Lefty's Campaign for Water

Lefty's Fund Raising Page

Legacy Church Youth Ministry Ada, Ok.

Legacy Plumbing's Fundraising Page

LegoAnimat's Fundraising Page

Leila & Amanda's Wedding Water Project

Leila Laleh's Fundraising Page

Lena's Clean Water Campaign

Lend a Hand's Fundraising Page

Lennart Pedersen's Fundraising Page

Lennart Pedersen's Fundraising Page

LENTEN WALK Campaign for Water

Leo Pupo's Fundraising Page

Leonard Elementary's Fundraising Page

Leonard Elementary's Fundraising Page

leonardus's Campaign for Water

Leonie's Campaign for Water

Leslie Crawford's Fundraising Page

Leslie Schleiger's Clean Water Campaign

Less Stuff < More Water

let's do it Fundraising Page

Let's Gift Clean Water to an entire Community

Let's Give A Hand

LET'S GIVE people clean drinking water!!! Fundraising Page

Let's give, ILM.

Let's help Change the World

Lets Change the World

Lets Give Water

Lets make a change Fundraising Page

Let’s Make a Difference

Level 2 Science Project's Fundraising Page

Levi's Campaign for Water

Levinia Hugo Well

Lexi and Abby Blair's Water Project

Lexi Stephens's Fundraising Page

Lexie's Page to Make a Difference!

Lia and Anisha's Fundraising Page

Liam & Zach Harrington's Fundraising Page

Liam's helping with water team

Liam's Wells - Fundraising Page

Liam's Wells - Liam's Friends

Lianna Holub's Fundraising Page

Libby's Campaign for Water

Liberty area

Life Ministry Foundation's Fundraising Page

Lifeboat Campaign for Water

LIFT - A Campaign for Water

Light House Christian Academy

LIGHTHOUSE Fundraising Page

Liliana Vega's Fundraising Page (juntar $ para pozo de agua potable)

Liliana's Fundraising Page

Lillie Phelps's Fundraising Page

Lily and Lukes Campaign for Water

Lily Mongan's Fundraising Page (East Hampton New York)

Lily's Campaign for Water

Lily’s Campaign for Water

Lincoln Elementary's Fundraising Page

Linda Camille 's Campaign for Water

Linda Kuhn's Fundraising Page

Linda Schroeder's Fundraising Page

Linda's Mississippi Bike Ride for Clean and safe water

Lindsay's Campaign for Water

Lindsay's Fundraising Page

Lindsey and Jaxon Winkler's Fundraising Page

Lindsey's Campaign for Water

Lisa & Sarah's Campaign for Water

Lisa Bernal's Water for Africa

Lisa Cederberg's Fundraising Page

Lisa House's Fundraising Page

Lisa Moran's Fundraising Page

Lisa Osborne's Fundraising Page

Lisa's $31 for 31 Years Campaign for Water

Lisa's Campaign for Water

Lisa's Campaign for Water

Lisa's Clean Water Fundraising Page

Lisa's pay it forward 50

Lisgar's Muslim Student Association's Fundraising Page

Lisha's Mitzvah Project

Little Daisies Fundraising Page

Live Oak High School's Red Cross Club

Live The Life Foundation

Living Water

Living Water John 4:14

Living Water Project

Liz Thayer's Fundraising Page

Liz's Birthday Campaign for Water

Lizz Foster's Fundraising Page

Lizzy Powers' Fundraising Page of Awesome

Lloyd Garrison School Fundraising Page

LMU Ignatians's Fundraising Page

Logan & Henry's Campaign for Water

Logan Laj's Youtube Community Campaign!

Logan's Campaign for Water

Logan, Chase and Reagan Botill's Fundraising Page

Londa Freeman's Fundraising Page

Londa Freeman's Fundraising Page

Longmont Suzuki Strings

Look at This !

Lorag Records Music4Water

Lord of Life Youth

Lorena's Campaign for Water

Lori & Tim McDonnough's Fundraising Page

Lori and Kelly's Alternative to Lent Fundraising Page

LORI BISHOP's Fundraising Page

Lori Lewis's Fundraising Page

Lori Maddox's Writing Class

Lori's Campaign for Water

Los Altos Youth Fundraising Page: Uganda

Louis Armstrong Middle School 227 Queens, NY - Seventh Graders Fundraising Page

Louise Ellie Johnson's Fundraising Page

Love Everlasting1 Fundraising Page

Love International Youth's Fundraising Page


Lovin Africa Project

Loyola Water Warriors

LSW Titan Tennis

LT Water Givers

LTA's Campaign for Water

Luca Mangiardi's Fundraising Page

Lucas's Campaign for Water

Lucia's Campaign for Water

Luciana Villalta's Fundraising Page

Lucky's Birthday Gift-Giving Page

Lucy Fagan's Fundraising Page

Lucy's Campaign for Water

Lucy-Mae Eagle's Fundraising Page

Luella Middle 7th Grade Social Studies

Lukas Goodworth's Fundraising Page

Luke and Carl's Campaign for Water

Luke and Jessi's Wedding

Luke Levandusky's Fundraising Page

Luke's Campaign for Water

Luke's Campaign for Water

Lulu, Leeza, and Shelbie's Donations

Luna 's Campaign for Water

Lupe Seward's Fundraising Page

Lutheran Church of Our Savior's Water Project

Luz Virgen's Fundraising Page

Lyanna rose's Fundraising Page

Lydia Jacques's Fundraising Page

Lyla's Campaign for Water

Lyndall Johnson's Fundraising Page

Lyndsie Most-Gephart's Fundraising Page

Lynn Baptista Jewelry-Let's Build a Well!

Lynn Temske's Fundraising Page

MAbebe's 4Ethiopia Fundraising Page

Mackenzi's Group Fundraising Page

Mackenzie and Jenna's Birthday Fundraiser

Mackenzie Greiner's Fundraising Page

Mackenzie's Campaign for Water

Mackenzie's Campaign for Water

Macy, Vivien, and Yelena's campaign page for clean water

Madeleine Harp's Fundraising Page

Madeline's Campaign for Water

Madeline's Campaign for Water

Madi's and Nina's Fundraising Page

Madison Cilk's Fundraising Page

Madison Collins's Fundraising Page

Madison Patrick's Fundraising Page

Madison Spencer's Fundraising Page

Madison Well Cooperative

Mae Morton-Dutton's Fundraising Page

Mae's R+F Campaign for Water

MAFSCY Fundraising Page

Maggie and Tony's Campaign for Life GivingWater

Maggie's Campaign for Clean Water

Maggie's Campaign for Water

Maggie's Campaign for Water

Maggie's Campaign for Water

Maggie's Campaign for Water

Mahima 's Campaign for Water

Majorel's Campaign for Water

Makai's Campaign for Water

Make a Difference

Make A Difference 2016 Campaign for Water

Make a difference for someone else.

Make A Difference's Water Project

Make a Splash In Their Lives!

Make Christmas Count:Help a Community Get Clean Water

Make Rob Eat a Spicy Crisp

Makena's Campaign for Water

Making a Better Future for Our Planet

Making dreams come true.

Mallory and Eric's Wedding

Mallory Switzer's Fundraising Page

Maloney Family Christmas Project 2011

MAMA's Fundraising Page

Mamta's Campaign for Water

Man In The Mirror

Mana Anvar's Fundraising Page

Managizers Fundraising Page

Manchester Christian Church presents: SNOWBALL EFFECT: Fortress Water Challenge

Mandy Eubanks's Fundraising Page

Manny Vilahomat's Water Project

Mantinha de Retalhos's Fundraising Page

Mantis Customs Fundraiser

Manual Arts High School Fundraising Page

Maple Corner Montessori Campaign for Water

Marc's Birthday Campaign for Water

Marc-Antoine's Campaign for Water

Marcia Kellogg's Fundraising Page

Marco's Campaign for Water

Marcos's Campaign for Water

Margaret Jervis 65th Birthday

Marian's Campaign for Water

Marie Murphy's Fundraising Page

Marie Ratermann's Fundraising Page! Doe for H20!

Marie Scherbaum Snow's Fundraising Page

Marie Scherbaum Snow's Fundraising Page

Marie Scherbaum Snow's Fundraising Page

Mariemont Junior High School: Warrior Water Project

Marilyn 's Campaign for Water

Marilyn Regan's Campaign for Water

Marissa Cherry's Fundraising Page

Marissa's Campaign for Water

Marissa's Campaign for Water

Marium's Campaign for Water

Marius Boncea's Fundraising Page

Marjorie's Campaign for Water

Mark Hoag Water Fundraiser!

Mark Houghton's Water for Life Fundraising

Mark Staff's Fundraising Page

mark's Campaign for Water

Marks Paneth Campaign for Clean Water

Marks Paneth Campaign for Water

Marlowe's Campaign for Water

Marquita's Campaign for Water

Marta Blevins's Fundraising Page

Martina Olivia's Fundraising Page

Marty Pelosi's Campaign for Water

Marwa B's Fundraising Page

Marwa's Campaign for Clean Water

Mary Alice Shemo's Fundraising Page

Mary Cossit's Fundraising Page

Mary Dolan's Fundraising Page

Mary Jo's Campaign for Water

Mary's Campaign for Water

Maryanna's Campaign for Water

Maryum's Campaign for Water

Mashburn - Zimmerman Wedding

Mason Hevle's Fundraising Page

Mason Street Church of Christ 2016 Campaign for Water

Mason's Campaign for Water

Master Pools Guild

Master Pools Guild Fundraising Page

Mathews Christmas Water

Matovu's Campaign for Water

Matt & Rachel's Campaign for Water

Matt and Jenn Rexroad's Fundraising Page

Matt Newman's Fundraising Page

Matt Smith's Fundraising Page

Matthew Brigley's Fundraising Page

Matthew Roskowski's Fundraising Page

Matthew Rupert's Fundraising Page

Matthew's Campaign for Water

Matthew's Fundraising Page

Maureen and Frank's Fundraising Page

Maurizio Martinoli's Fundraising Page

Mauro Repacci's Fundraising Page

Max's Mitzvah Project for Clean Water

Maxwell Wingelaar & Matthew Kuivenhoven's Fundraising Page

May and Grey 3rd Grade Class

May Rocha's Fundraising Page

Maya Hollister's Fundraising Page

Maya's 7th Birthday Water Project Page

Maya's Campaign for Water

Maycie 's Campaign for Water

Mayra Varela's Fundraising Page

MC Water Consevation Fundraising Page

McCall's Campaign for Water

McCall's Campaign for Water

McCall's Campaign for Water

McCarthy Clean Water Project


McFarland World Wide Foundation Inc. for Water

McFarland-Higgins family

McGlothlin Kids Fundraising Page

mckenzie miller's Fundraising Page

McLean's Fundraising Page

McMillen Water Campaign

McNair Murray's Fundraising Page

Meadow Park Fifth Grader's Water Challenge

Meadville UMC Youth Fundraising Page

Meagan Olson's Fundraising Page

MEC VBS 2019 - Mission

Meenu & Gagan's Fundraising Page

Meet me at the Well

Meeuwsen Family Fundraising Page

Meg Appleby's Fundraising Page

Meg's Miracle Miles Inspire Hope

Megan Hoogaars's Fundraising Page

megan jannusch's Fundraising Page

Megan Moffitt's Fundraising Page

Megan O'Connell's Fundraising Page

Megan's Campaign for Water

Meghan gives water

Meghan's Campaign for Water

Meghna's Campaign for Water

Melanie 's Campaign for Water

Melanie Brunott's Fundraising Page

Melanie Halem's Fundraising Page

MELANIE's Campaign for Water

Melina's Water Project Fundraising Page

Melinda Ortiz's Fundraising Page

Melinda Wong's Fundraising Page

Melissa Anadely Evelyn's Campaign for Water

Melissa Hammick's Fundraising Page

Melissa Scarlett's Fundraising Page

Melissa's LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Campaign for Water

Melissa's Campaign for Water

Melody Schwartz's Fundraising Page

Memorial for Jim and Brenda Clark

Mendell Elementary Fundraising Page

Meninist's Campaign For Water

Mentors & Students from West MS Campaign for Water

Mercersburg Elementary Campaign for Water

Mercy's 18th Birthday

Meredith College CD 404 Project

Meredith's Campaign for Water

Merlin's Campaign for Water

Mermaids Den Fundraising - The Water Project

Metropolitan School Frankfurt 's Campaign for Water

MHS Campaign for Water

Mi Casa Fitness' Fundraising Page

MI Water's Fundraising Page

Mia Pragt's Fundraising Page

Micah Luke's Fundraising Page

Michael Van Zoeren's Fundraising Page

Michael A's Fundraising Page

Michael and Alexa's Campaign for Water

Michael McCarty's Fundraising Page

Michael Mulvaney's Fundraising Page

Michael Rogers's Fundraising Page

Michael's Mitzvah Water Project

Michaela Magnuson's Fundraising Page

Michele Worthy's Fundraising Page

Michelle & Glen's Campaign for Fresh Water

Michelle Early's Fundraising Page

Michelle Marz's Fundraising Page

Michelle Medoff's Fundraising Page

Michelle's Campaign for Water

Michelle's WaterProject Page

Midvale UMC Fundraising Page

Midwest Pond Design's 4th Fundraiser 2016/2017

Midwest Pond Design's 5th Fundraiser

Midwest Pond's 3rd Fundraiser 2014/2015

Midwest Pond's Fundraising Page

Midwest Pond's Second Fundraiser

Mighty Griffins

Mihika R & Olivia M Water Project's Fundraising Page

Mikaya and Indi's water project

Mikayla Pardinas' Fundraising Page

Mikayla Pardinas' Fundraising Page

Mikayla's fundraiser for water

Mike Belle's Fundraising Page

Mike Perorazio's Fundraising Page

Mike Phelps's Water Fundraiser!

Mike Rainey's Fundraising Page

Mike's Memorial Well

Mikenna 's Campaign for Water

Mikey's Campaign for Water

Mikiko's Campaign for Water

Milan Wynyard's Fundraising Page

Millie Gutierrez-Colon's Fundraising Page

Mindy Benze's Fundraising Page

Minhoshineeina's Campaign for Water

Minneapolis Service Industry Water Project

Miralem's Campaign for Water

Miranda Burgos's Fundraising Page

Miranda Richter's Fundraising Page

Miranda's Campaign for Water

Miriam's Water Project Fundraising Page

Miriam's Well

Mirian Silva's Fundraising Page

Mischa's 50km for $5K - Swim for Clean Water

Mischa's Christmas Fountain

Miss Muro and Balcazar's 4th Grade Fundraising Page

Miss O'Grady's Class Campaign for Water

Miss Planetary Czech Republic 2017 wishes you to help with Clean Water

MISSION EARTH: Project Water

Mission in Mexico Clean Water Project Fundraising Page

Mission Potable

Mission Task Force's Fundraising Page

Mitch and Anne's Fundraising Page

Mitsi Germain's Fundraising Page

Miz 's Campaign for Water

Miz 's Campaign for Water

MJCS 4th Grade Fundraising Page

MKA Water Fundraising Page

Mme Forsman's Fundraising Page

Mme. Forsman's Fundraising Page

Mode Fundraising page


Moderately Lukewarm Bucket Challenge

Mohamed's Campaign for Water

Mohammad's Campaign for Water

Mollie's Campaign for Water

MOLMS Campaign for Water

Monarch's Fundraising Page

Money for More Water: Makenna's Fundraising Page

Monica Hayes's Fundraising Page

Monica Hudsons Campaign for Water

Monica Ivey's Fundraising Page

Monica's Campaign for Water

Monika Petkova's Fundraising Page

Monique Coutu's Fundraising Page

MONIQUE's Campaign for Water

Monroe Township's Talented and Gifted Students' Campaign for Water

Monroe Township's Talented and Gifted Students' Campaign for Water

Montague-Ridall & Associate's Fundraising Page

Montclair State's National Society of Collegiate Scholars Water Campaign

Montgomery's Campaign for Water

Montse's Campaign for Water

Monty King's Fundraising Page

Monty King's Fundraising Page

Moose's Fundraising Page

Morgan Jackson's Fundraising Page

Morgan Teske's Fundraising Page

Morgan's Camden Conference Clean Water Project

Morgan's Campaign for Water

Morgan's Campaign for Water

Morgan's Fundraiser for

Morgan's Fundraising Page

Morris Family Fundraising Page

Mosaic 1 Sunday School Class at Northside Baptist

Mother's Ministries Campaign for Water

Motoch Fundraising Page

Mount Vital's Campaign for Water

Mousie's Community Fundraiser

MoWest Water Drive

MPG's Campaign for Water

MPW Minecraft Challenge

Mr. Brown's 6th Grade Geography Class Clean Water Effort for Gisambai Primary School - Vihiga, Kenya

Mr. Brown's 6th Grade Social Studies Clean Water Effort

Mr. Goodman's Fifth Grade Class 2015

Mr. Goodman's Fifth-Grade Class Fundraising Page

Mr. Hadd's Fundraising Page

Mr. Hafner and Liberty Bell Walk for Water

Mr. K's ELA class's Campaign for Water

Mr. Morrow's Water Warriors

Mr. Morrow's Water Warriors

Mr. Morrow's Water Warriors 2017

Mr. Muckleroy's primetime Fundraising Page

Mr. Young's 16-17 3rd Grade Class Water Project

Mr. Young's 16-17 3rd Grade Class Water Project

Mr. Young's 3rd Grade Class Fundraising Page

Mr.Bacons 23-24 Class Middle School Scholars

Mr.Bochnovic's 6th grade Social Studies class

Mr.Goodman's commitee

MRI Racine's Fundraising Page

MRMS World Affairs Challenge Water Project

Mrs. Banks' & Mrs. Jackson's First Grade Campaign for Water

Mrs. Beaudrie's Class Fundraising Page

Mrs. Braun's Class: Water = Life

Mrs. Bullock's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Burchell's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Burns Class

Mrs. Burns' Class Campaign for Water

Mrs. Crumbley's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Cushman's 1st Graders at LCA

Mrs. Frazier's Class Campaign for Water

Mrs. Harris's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Hubbard's Class Clean Water Campaign

Mrs. Kelly's Class' Campaign for Water

Mrs. Kushmer's Campaign for Water

Mrs. Kushmer's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Lopez's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Moore's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Myer's Class Fundraising Page

Mrs. Reckord's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Rettig's Class Fundraising Page

Mrs. Rice's Class - Sam Houston Elementary

Mrs. Ruzbasan's Campaign for Water

Mrs. Shonamon's Class Campaign for Water

Mrs. Wishon's Fundraising Page

Mrs. Zacher's Fundraising Page

Mrs.Hall's 8th Grade Science Class Fundraising Page

Mrs.Mckelveys Fundraising Frogs

Mrs.Rice's Class Fundraising Page

Ms Smith's Class's Fundraiser for Water

Ms Stone's Class Campaign for Water

Ms. Adams's Class Campaign for Water

Ms. Aguayo's 4th Grade Class at Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies in Kissimmee, Florida

Ms. Ayers class Fundraising Page

Ms. Bastuba's Fundraising Page

Ms. Corkers ACA 9th graders Campaign for Water

Ms. Graham's Class' Water Campaign

Ms. Hartmann Earth and Space Science

Ms. Holmstedt's Fundraising Page

Ms. Kitt's Conscious Living Class

Ms. Kunde's Environmental Class Fundraising Page

Ms. Meyer's 6th Grade Campaign for Water

Ms. O'Grady's Class Campaign for Water

Ms. Otey's Class-Campaign for Water

Ms. Scott's Advisory Fundraising Page

Ms. Seo/Mr. Rohe's 5th grade SETON HALL

Ms. Shafer's 4th Grade Class Fundraising Page

Ms. Smith's Class's Fundraiser for Water

Ms. Thiersch's Class Fundraising Page

Ms.Blackmore's Fundraising Page

Ms.Maani's Class' Campaign for Water

MSFW water campaign

MTCHS's Campaign for Water

Mukwonago NHS Fundraising Page

Mulga Street Primary School's Campaign for Clean Water

Mulu and Zelalem's Fundraising Page

Muna's Campaign for Water

Muna's Campaign for Water

Museum Academy's Water Project

Music for Wells

Muslim Students Association Of Montgomery College Rockville Fundraising Page

Muslimah Shabazz-Seraaj's Fundraising Page

Mustapha's Campaign for Water

MVMT Love in Action

My Bucket Challenge

My Fundraiser for Clean Water

My Fundraising Page

My Kingdom Assignment

MY Water Project

My Water Project - Birmingham

Mya Koljic's Fundraising Page

Mya's Senior Project: Campaigning for Water

Mystele Paint's 'Less of Me' Fundraiser

MZS Grade 2/3 Campaign for Water

N.F. Woods

Nadia Hu's Fundraising Page

Nadine Ahmad's Fundraising Page

Nadine's Campaign for Water

Nancy Cardona's Fundraising Page

Nandini's Well India Project

Nandini's Well India Project: The Promise

Naomi Hodgson's Fundraising Page

Naomi\'s Campaign for Water

Narpinder Rehallu's Fundraising Page

Nash's Campaign for Water

Natalia and Abby (JMS)'s Campaign for Water

Natalia Narvaez's Fundraising Page

Natalie and Simi's Fundraising Page

Natalie Roh's Fundraising Page

Natalie Runneals's Water Project

Natalie Walters's Fundraising Page

Natalie's Campaign for Water

Nathan Price's Fundraising Page

Nathan Smith's Fundraising Page

Nathan Smith's Fundraising Page

Nathan's Fundraising Page

Nathania Terry's Campaign for Water

Nathaniel's Birthday Wish? Clean Water!

Naugatuck High School Fundraising Page

Nawal 's Campaign for Water

Nazarene Lakdawalla's Fundraising Page

NBCC THE NEST Fundraising Page

NCC Group Process-The Goonies

NCCP/Grace/Greenmount/St/John's Fundraising page

NE 5th Grade Class 2017-2018 Campaign for Water

Nebraska IORG's Campaign for Water

Necias building a well for africa

Neck's Fundraising Campaign for Water

Ned's Campaign for Water

Neece Hitson's Fundraising Page

Neel Chheda's Water Project

Neeladri Ghosh's Fundraising Page

Neeladri Ghosh's Fundraising Page

Neeti Goel's 21st Birthday Wish!

Neeti's Birthday Wish!

Nehemiah Projekt

Neicie's Campaign for Water

Nellie McClung 4/5 GATE Fundraising Page

Nerida 's Campaign for Water

Nermin's Campaign for Water

Netivot 5th Grade Making a Difference

Neve Sweeney, Emma Poulin, Neve Pratt's, Fundraising Page

New Albany Donation Page

New Harvest Campaign for Water

New Haven UMC's Fundraising Page

New Hope's Campaign for Water

New Horizon's Fundraising Page

New Life Mall

New Life Mall / New Life Christian Church

New Life Mall Campaign for Water

New York Blockchain Week Campaign for Water

NEWCHURCH YOUTH's Fundraising Page

Newlin's Thirsty to Help!

Newton Middle School's Fundraising Page

Ng Ling's Fundraising Page

Ngo and Sons Fundraising Page

NHS Assassins 2015

NHS Environmental's Campaign for Water

Nicholas Chorbajian's Fundraising Page

Nicholas Laurenzi's Fundraising Page

Nick Juhl's Water Page

Nick Rocchio's Fundraising Page

Nick's Tab

Nicki's Campaign for Water

Nicole Dewar's Fundraising Page

Nicole Dudaney's Fundraising Page

Nicole Swanson's Fundraising Page

Nicole Turcotte's Fundraising Page

Nicole's Campaign for Water

Nicole's Campaign for Water

Nigerian Students Association's Campaign for Water

Nikayla's Campaign for Water

Nikhil Dutt's Fundraising Page

Niki Franco's Fundraising Page

Nikki's Water Well

Nimmy Ayekun's and Syntheya Leslie's Fundraising Page

Nina & Savanna's Clean Water Fund

Nina and Kaytlyn - Clean Water for Ikuyuni

Nina and Nia's Fundraising Page!

Nina Lakota's Water4Life

Nina's Campaign for Water

Nisi's Fundraising Page

Nitya 's Kids Yoga Camp Campaign for Water

Nitya Surya's Fundraising Page

NIU Students Fundraising

Niya's Campaign for Water

NJE's "Water Our World" Campaign

NLCC/Paragon School The Mall - Fundraising Page

No More Ice Bucket Waste

No Water, No Life-Freshman Class ISolve Water Project

Noah's Campaign for Water

Noah's Campaign for Water

Nobel YMCA Kids Campaign for Clean Water

Noelle's Campaign for Water

Noelle's Campaign for Water

Nona Raybern's Fundraising Page

Nona's Birthday Campaign for Water

Noor-Emma Bonneau's Fundraising Page

Nora School's Fundraising Page

North Fork Recreation's Fundraising Page

North Hall: Health and Wellness Water Project

North Ridge Community Church's Fundraising Page

North Shore Baptist Church Fundraising Page

North Star Academy Change 4 Change

Northeastern student council

Northgate 7th Graders' Campaign for Water

Northwest Secondary's Page

NOVA for Africa

November 2010 Teen Gaming for Water Fundraiser

NTMS -7th Grade 's Campaign for Water

Nu Delta Fraternity, Inc.'s Fundraising Page

Nur's Fundraising Page

Nurai and Hailey's Campaign for Water

NWACC World Civilization II Fundraising Page

NWC Dance Fundraiser

NWCC Water Project Fundraising Page

NZBC Youth Missionary Project

Oak Forest Elementary 4th Grade Fundraising Page

Oak Grove Elementary's Fundraising Page

Oak Park Christian church Fundraising Page

Oakhill Christian School 5th & 6th Grade

Oakridge's MOSAIC Fundraising Page

OCCC Sociology Club's Fundraising Page

OCUMC's Vacation Bible School Well Project

Odin's 400km for Water

Odyssey's Campaign for Water

Ofelia's Manrique Campaign for Water

Ogande Special School's Fundraising Page

Ojai Valley School Campaign for Water

Oksana Androshchuk's Fundraising Page

Old Quarry Water Project Campaign

OLG Life Teen's Fundraising Page

Olivia Coury and Sinead Haughey's Fundraising Page

Olivia Dalton's Fundraising Page

Olivia Engel's Fundraising Page

Olivia Kirk's Fundraising Page

Olivia Pereira's Fundraising Page

olivia sweeney's Fundraising Page

Olivia's Campaign for Water

Olivia's Campaign for Water

Olivia's Campaign for Water

Olivia/Faith/Callen 5th grade exhibition- Campaign for Water

OLMS Fundraising Page

OLPH Lego Robotics Team Fundraising

OM ObGyn's Fundraising Page

Omar Abazeed's Fundraising Page

Omar's Plumbing's Fundraising Page

Omega Phi Alpha WVU Spring Pledge Class's Fundraising Page

Omega Phi Alpha's Fundraising Page

OMHS Water Project Fundraiser

On Pointe With Christ's Water Project

One Drop at a Time's Fundraising Page

One Life Water

One Ride, One World

OneUp Challenge Fundraising Page

Oona's Campaign for Water

OPEN WORLD's Campaign for Water

Operation Global Unity

Operation Hydration

Operation School for All

Operation Water Conservation's Fundraising Page

OPSEU 612/613 SCSU's Fundraising Page

ORHS Do Something Club's Water Project

Orin Abrams Fundraising Page

Our 2013 Christmas Gift

Our Birmingham Water Project

Our Campaign for Clean Water

OUR Campaign for Water

Our Campaign for Water

Our Campaign for Water

Our Christmas Gift

Our Class' Campaign for Water

Our House Montessori Water Project Challange Page

Our Rockin' Fundraising Page

Our Savior's Water Project

Our Sixth Grade Campaign for Water

Our Troop's Water Campaign

Our Water Campaign

Our Water Campaign

Outbreak Fundraising Page

Over RAINBOW's Fundraising Page

OVMS's Fundraising Page

Owen and Ari's Campaign for Water

Owen's Campaign for Water

Owen's Campaign for Water

P.A.N.D.A club's Fundraising Page

P.In.K Initiative's Campaign for Water

P169M Has Heart

PAC Deltas's Fundraising Page

PACE's Fundraising Page

Paige Gamet's Fundraising Page

PAL Energy Smart's Fundraising Page

Palm Beach Atlantic University Women's Soccer Fundraising Page

Palmer Yee's Fundraising Page

Pam Renner's Fundraising Page

Pam Renner's Fundraising Page

Pamela Elmore's Fundraising Page

Pamela Munro's Fundraising Page

PAPIRUDEI's Campaign for Water

Parisa Tofigh's Fundraising Page

Parita's Campaign for Water

Park Grandson's Fundraising Page

Park West's Water Challenge

Parker's Campaign for Water

Parker's Campaign for Water

Parker's Campaign for Water

Pars Outreach

Parsippany United Methodist Youth Fellowship Fundraising Page

Partnership with N’Baimbaya community, Sierra Leone

Party For The People

Pashka's Campaign for Water

Paso 360 Wine into Water

Passion Project

Pathway's Kenya Water Project 2013

Patricia Otchere's Fundraising Page

Patricia's Campaign for Water

patricia's Campaign for Water

Patrick Finnegan's Fundraising Page

Patty Stover's Campaign for Water

Paul Felix's fundraising for clean water - In memory of Charles Banda

PAUL LOTT's Fundraising Page

Paul Rose's Fundraising Page

paul tania and zindel's fundraising page

Paul's Campaign for Water

Paul's Campaign for Water

Paula's Campaign for Water

Paulette Kolmar & Lydia Quinnan's Fundraising Page

Paulo Mellizo's Fundraising Page

Paulo Sousa's Fundraising Page

Pawel Borzym's Fundraising Page

Payton Dawson Alonzo's Campaign for Water

Payton Wood's Fundraising Page

PCA Water Project

PCEP Interact's Campaign for Water

Peabody School Water Project

Pea’s Mission: Water for Kids

PeckBOTS Water Project

Peculiar's Campaign for Water

Peggy Caruso 's Fundraising III

Peggy Caruso's Fundraising Page

Peggy Caruso's Page II

Pei Yi's Christmas Project

PELA 4th Grade Campaign for Water

Penn Valley's Fundraising Page

Penncrest Interact Campaign for Water

Perry Heppler's Fundraising Page

Pete & Lynn's Campaign for Water

Peter Chasse's Fundraising Page

Peter Chasse's Fundraising Page

Peter Chasse's Fundraising Page

Peter Howard's Fundraising Page

Peter's Campaign for Water

Peter's Campaign for Water

Petra's Campaign for Water

Phalen’s Campaign for Water

Phalen’s Campaign for Water

Phantom Anglers' Campaign Challenge

Phi Kappa Psi Philanthropy

Philip Brown's Fundraising Page

Phong Vo's Fundraising Page

Phyllis Jeffers Greene's Fundraising Page

Pi Alpha Omega and Ivy & Roses 2018 Campaign for Water

Pierce City High School's Campaign for Water

Pine View Key Club Fundraiser

Pineville Elementary 2nd Grade

Pinkerton Academy's International Club and Global Problems Classes Fundraising for the Water Project

Pinkerton on a Mission fundraising page

Pinnacle Montessori's March Giving Tree

Piper and Tiffany's Campaign Page

Piper Greer's Fundraising Page

Piper's Campaign for Water

Pison Stream Solutions

Pitt County's Chicod- Fundraising Page

Plainfield's Campaign for Water

Plainview Supports Project Kenya

Plamena Tsanev's Fundraising Page

PlanePowerHobby 2015 Water Project Fundraising Page

Plantation IB 2014 Water Project

Pleasant Kids's Fundraising Page

Please help to bring life to a thirsty community

PLUR Water Fund

Plymouth State University Fundraising Page

Plymouth UCC Sunday Sessions Campaign for Water

PMA Water Project

Pods Testing's Fundraising Page

Pontiac Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta

Pooja's Campaign for The Water Project

Poolesville Club's Fundraising Page

Poolesville Water Project

Portola Panda Water Fund

POWER IN THE WORD Fundraising Page

Power Of One 2015

Powhatan Well Wishers 2016-2017

Powhatan Well-Wishers

PQ Teens for Change

Prairie City-Monroe Schools Fundraising Page

Prairie Crossing Charter School - 5/6th grade Service Learning Project

Pratima's 60th Birthday

Preach at the Beach- Water Campaign

Presence's Campaign for Water

Presence, Not Presents

Presley's Campaign for Water in Africa

Pride of 2021's Fundraising Page

Princess Anne Elementary's Campaign for Water

Privileged to Help

Progressive Law Group Well

Project Cura's Fundraising Page

Project for EXO's 2nd Anniversary

Project H2O

Project Immerse

Project Rehydrate

Project Wishing Well

Project Wishing Well

Project: Refresh

Prosper Kids Fundraiser


Provide water to others, In Honour of Ahmed Gulzar Gilani

Pryanka's Campaign for Water

PS 11's Campaign for Clean Water

PS75 Third Grader's Fundraising Page

PSU Pre-Medicine Association x The Water Project

PSU World Language Society's Fundraising Page

Public Health Society's Campaign for Clean Water in the African Communities

PURE OUTREACH's Fundraising Page

Pure Water Project

Purity for Everyone

Purnell Swett High School's Campaign for Water

Push 4 A Pump

Putting my money where my mouth is

PW Water Project

PW's Water Project

PY5's Campaign for Water

QISS ~ A Drop of Hope

Quarters of Change Fundraising Page

Quarton's Campaign for Water

Quench Foundation's Fundraising Page

Quenching Africa

QuickSmart Craned Trucks (Edmon Romel)

QuickSmart Craned Trucks Water Project


Rabbi Levine's Bat/Bar Mitzvah Class 5772

Race for Water Fundraising Page

Rachael 's Campaign for Water

Rachael's Campaign for Water

Rachel Corney's Fundraising Page

Rachel Gomez's Fundraising Page

Rachel LeBoeuf's Fundraising Page

Rachel Lopez's 1 band+1promise= 1life Fundraising Page

Rachel Turbessi's Fundraising Page

Rachel's Birthday Campaign for Water

Rachel's Campaign for Water

Rachel's Campaign for Water

Rachel's Campaign for Water

Raff Logullo's Fundraising Page

Raffael&Fabrizzio's Fundraising Page

Rafferty's Birthday Campaign for Water

Raf’s Campaign for Water

Ragan Rogers's Fundraising Page

Raghida's Fundraising Page

Rahat's Campaign for Water

Raiky's Campaign for Water

Rain Fresh Water's Fundraising Page

Rainbow Elementary Water Project

Raise a Well With Miss Cox

Raise your glass and celebrate the gift of water with UReserv.

Raising Clean Water :)

Raising Money on a Dunny - Bendigo

Ramiah Rawood Campaign for Water

Randall and Barry Elementary Walk for Water

Ranelagh - AMANZIPATION Project

Raqchel Fundraising Page

RAQUEL CHERYSE's Fundraising Page

Raquel's Campaign for Water

Raquel's Campaign for Water

RASHMI's Campaign for Water

Raus Coffee Company - Change for Coffee

Ray Tarantino's Water Page

Reagan's Campaign for Water

Reb's Reformation Run

Rebecca 's Campaign for Water

Rebecca Mader's Birthday Project 2016

Rebecca Snell's Fundraising Page

Rebecca Wilcher's Campaign for Water

Rebekah's Fundraising Page

Rebuilding Our Heritage Campaign Fundraising Page

Rechere McCoy's Fundraising Page

Red Bank Elementary's Campaign for Water

Red Mill Elementary's Fundraising Page

Redeemer Lutheran Church of Milwaukee's Water Challenge

Reece Davis's Fundraising Page

Reed Moulthrop's Fundraising Page

Reed's Fundraising Page

Reeja's Campaign for Water

Reginald (Reg Young) Montgomery's Fundraising Page

Reginald Payne's Fundraising Page

Reham's Campaign for Water

Reilly 's Campaign for Water

Renee Kovats's Fundraising Page

Renfroe Middle School's Fundraising Page

Rent vand til Afrika

RENT VATTEN - Tanja with Friends Fundraising Page

Rex Gurley's Fundraising Page

Rex Toma Nawato

Reyansh & Rahyl's Campaign for Water

Rhea Kolapalli's Fundraising Page

Rhea Kolapalli's Fundraising Page


Rhoads Water Systems Fundraising Page

Rhonda's Campaign for Water

Rhyder Fisher's Fundraising Page

RHYS & Friends's Campaign for Water

Rhys Searles's Fundraising Page

Ribbons & Reptiles Fundraising Page

Rich and Kennedy's Fundraiser

Rich Stern's Fundraising Page

Richard's Campaign for Water

Rick Barrera's Fundraising Page

Rick Rivas BELIEVE...

Rick's Campaign for Clean & Safe Water

Ride for Water

Ridge Point HS APES Water Campaign

Riley's Campaign for Water

Riley's Campaign for Water

Rise to the Challenge: Let's Make a Difference

Riverglen Earth Science

Riverhead Middle School Water Challenge 2017

Riverhead Middle School\'s Campaign for Water 2018 by Mrs. Benze, Mr. Dunn, and Mrs. Falisi

Riverview Multiage's Campaign for Water

Riverwatch Middle School Fundraising Page

Rkia's Campaign for Water

RMS Enrichment Fundraising Page

RMS Water Challenge 2015

RMS Water Challenge 2016

RMS Water Challenge 2019

Ro and Ry Magee's Fundraising Page

Robbi Gerard's Fundraising Page

Robbins S.D.A. Church Fundraising Page

Robert 's Campaign for Water

Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School Campaign for Water

Robert Miotti's Fundraising Page

Roberto Figueroa's Fundraising Page

Robyn Clark Bostrom 2012 Water Project

RoChan's Fundraising Page

Rochester Prep's-West Campus Campaign for Water

Rock The Well's Fundraising Page

Rockademy's Campaign for Water

Rocket Pool Cool

Rockin' Out For Clean Water

Rockmart Middle School's Campaign for Water

Rockwell's Campaign for Water

ROG Tween Scene's Fundraising Page

Roger Bull's Fundraising Page

Roger Harvest Luis and Michael's Campaign for Water

Romulo's Fundraising Page

Ron's Well Fundraising Page

Ronin Tinney's Fundraising Page

Room 16's Fundraising Page

Room 301 - Langevin School Fundraising Page

Room of Voices Electro Fundraiser Overflow

Rootstown Brownie Troop 90460 Campaign for Water

Rory and Haley's Wedding - Funding a Well Project for a community in need

Rose's 18th Campaign for Water

Rosemark Water Tanks

Rosemark Water Tanks' Campaign for Water

Roshan's Campaign for Water

Roxi's Campaign for Water

Roxy's Campaign for Water

RPHS Model UN's Campaign for Water

Rubi's Proceeds for Water

Ruby\'s Campaign for Water

Ruhee's Campaign for Water

Run for Water 5K

Running for Running Water

Running for Running Water

Running for Water that Empowers (WaterDrops of Hope)

Running Preacher Fundraising Page

Rutherford County Deltas' Campaign for Water

RVA Student Water Challenge

Ryan Jones's 'Eat it or Donate' challenge

Ryan Reynolds' Fundraising Page

Ryan's Campaign for Water

Rylee's Campaign for Water

Rylee's Campaign for Water

Ryleigh's Campaign for Water

S.P.A- Saving People Altogether

Sabah's Campaign for Water

Sabrina White's Fundraising Page

Sabrina's Campaign for Water

Sacks Fundraising Page

Sackville High School's Fundraising Page

Sadaqa For Mona's full recovery (InshAllah)

Saddle Brook's Campaign for Water

Sadens Safford Manning Fundraising Page

saewelo spendet sauberes Wasser

Safari Studios' Fundraising Page

SAFE Water SAVE LiFE - Birthday gift to Motaz

Sage's Campaign for Water

Sage's Campaign for Water

Sagen's Fundraising Page

Sahin Iciren's Campaign for Water

SAHS Girls advisory - Campaign for Water

Saint Andrew Catholic School- The Water Project Campaign

Saint Andrew Catholic School- The Water Project Fundraiser

Saint Anne School's Campaign for Water

Saint Dominic Savio - 5th grade

Saint Saviour High School's Campaign for Water

Saint Thomas More's Fundraising Page

Salem Lutheran School's Chapel Fundraising Campaign for Clean Water

Sales Group: The Water Project

Salo Aizenberg Supports The Water Project

SALTEES Campaign for Water

Sam Chaneles's Fundraising Page

Sam's Campaign for Water

Sam's campaign for water

Sam's Clean Water Fundraiser

Samantha A. and Dustin O.'s Campaign for water to further Global Education

Samantha Derrington's Fundraising Page

Samantha Edwards's Fundraising Page

Samantha Russell's Fundraising Page

Samantha's Campaign for Water

Samantha's Campaign for Water

Samantha's Fundraiser for Safe Water

Samantha, Sophia, and Alyssa's Fundraising Page

Samford Women's Tennis Campaign for Water

Sami's Campaign for Water

Samira's Campaign for Water

Sammi Lassiter : Help donate proceeds to a great cause, a drop of clean water can change someone's life for the better :)

samson wesonga's Fundraising Page

Samuel Wellman's Fundraising Page

San Dieguito United Methodist Church Fundraising Page

San Francisco Marathon

Sana's Campaign for Water

Sana's Campaign for Water

Sandra e Joao's Campaign for Water

Sandra e Joao's Campaign for Water

Sandra e Joao's Campaign for Water

Sandril Looney's Fundraising Page

Santa Fe College's Student Fundraising Page

Sanya and Sarah's Campaign for Water!

Sappington Elementary's Fundraising Page

Sara and Rebecca's Campaign for Water

Sara Aronfeld's Campaign for Water

Sara Boylan's Fundraising Page

Sara Burke

Sara Cap's Fundraising Page

Sara Dombrowski's Fundraising Page

Sara Saeed's Fundraising Page

Sara's Campaign for Water

Sara's Campaign for Water

Sara's Campaign for Water

Sarah and KC's Campaign for Water

Sarah Beatty's Mitzvah Well

Sarah Dana's Fundraising Page

Sarah Hendrickson's Fundraising Page

Sarah Kliman's Fundraising Page

Sarah Mullins's Fundraising Page

Sarah Ocicki's Fundraising Page

Sarah Sommerville's Fundraising Page

Sarah Turns 40 birthday surprise!

Sarah's Campaign for Water

Sari's 40th Birthday Campaign for Water

SAS Peace makers

Sasha's Campaign for Water in Kenya

Satisfied Thirst

Satisfied Thirst

Savannah and Ariel's Campaign for Clean Water

Savard's Campaign for Water

Save a life

Save a life in Ramadan - Water Project

Save Lives With Water

Save The Kids -Annie Springer Kristin Hays-

Save your change to make a change

Sayde's Campaign for Water

Schaffer Family's Fundraising Page

School For Global Leaders' Fundraising Page

Scooter's Birthday Wish

Scooter's Birthday Wish - 2014

SCOPE 2nd Grade Fundraising Page

Scott City R-1 Schools Campaign for Water

SCS Leadership Fundraising Page

SCST's Campaign for Water

SD43 Initiative

Sean Ryan's Fundraising Page

Sean's Birthday Campaign for Water

Sean's Campaign for Water

Seattle Central Community College

Sebastian's Campaign for Water

Second Grade's Campaign for Water

Second Grade's Campaign for Water

Second Graders at Bryant Elementary

Selah Cov Kids' Campaign for Water

Selah Cov Kids- The Water Project

Selene Yepez's Fundraising Page

Selene's Campaign for Water

SEMCO's Fundraising Page

Separett-USA Campaign for Water

Serenah's Mitzvah Project

Serina Moore's Fundraising Page

Serkan's Campaign for Water

Serve to Grow! Campaign for Water

Service Learning Ninjas Campaign for Water

Set Sail to Save a Life

Seth Bjorkman's Fundraising Page

Seth Lewis Lucky 13 Water Project

Seton Hill Water Project

Seton Hill's Fundraising Page

Sevan's Watering Well

Seventeenth's Spread Love Campaign for Clean Water

Seventh day Adventist Fundraising Page

SeventhSeaJewelCo. 4 Clean Water In Africa

Sevi's Birthday Campaign for Water

SFIAM's Campaign for Water

SFSU NRHH's Fundraising Page

Shada Bahu's Camas High School Senior Project

Shae Straw-McMahon's Fundraising Page

Shai's Bar Mitzvah Campaign

Shambhavi's Campaign for Water

shanahii's Campaign for Water

Shane Sims's Fundraising Page

Shania's Bat Mitzvah Campaign for Water

Shania's Bat Mitzvah Campaign for Water

Shania's Campaign for Water and Education

Shannon Haynie's Fundraising Page

Shannon O'Neill's Fundraising Page

Shannon's Campaign for Water

Sharifa Khan's Fundraising Page

Sharon And Robert's Campaign for Water

Sharon Collins's Fundraising Page

Sharon Yimbo's Water and Sanitation Project Fundraising Page

Sharon's Campaign for Water

Shavonne Midder's Fundraising Page

Shaw's Sixth Grade - Walk for Water

Shawn Dietz's Fundraising Page

Shawn ONeill's Fundraising Page

Shay Collins's Fundraising Page

Shazeen's family campaign for Water

Sheena's Fundraising Page

Sheila Herdman's Fundraising Page

Sheila's Campaign for Water

Shelby and Gina's Fundraising Page

Shelby Community VBS's Fundraising Page

Shelby Isenhart's Fundraising Page

Shelby Raymond's Fundraising Page

Shelby Rommell Water for Kenya

Shelby Ward-Jackman's Fundraising Page

Shelby's Campaign for Water

Shelitha Scott's Fundraising Page

Shelly's Campaign for Water

Shelton Elementary Has a Heart!

Sheri Pope's Fundraising Page- Love Someone Today

Sheri Sanders's Fundraising Page

Sherial McKinney's Fundraising Page

Sherr's Fundraising Page

Sherry Stone's Fundraising Page

Sheryl's bucket Fundraising Page


SHEWS Campaign for Water

SHEWS Campaign for Water


Shield Roofing's Campaign for Water

Shiko Mbugua's Fundraising Page

Shimizu/Lastrapes Wedding - for Water

Shine your world, By helping others

Shira's Campaign for Water

Shola Yusuf 2014

Shola Yusuf's Fundraising Page

Shola's Fundraising Page

Sholah and Hana's Water Project

Shoshanah's Campaign for Water

Shots for a Cause!

Shuv it for Africa

Sid Thomson's Fundraising Page

Sidi Amar's Nomadic Tribe Campaign for Water

Sidney's Campaign for Water

Sienna 's Campaign for Water

Sienna, Hannah, and Maia's Campaign for Water

Sierra Ecton's Birthday Fundraising Page

Sierra Leone Water project

Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Gamma Chapter's Campaign for Water

Sigs's Campaign for Water

Silver Firs Elementary's Campaign for Water

Silver Firs Elementary's Campaign for Water

SilverRail's Do Good for Water

Simeon Moore's H2O Fundraising Page

Simone Risser's Senior Project Fundraising Page

Sin's Campaign for Water

Sina's Campaign for Water

Sing "Africa" by Toto at the White House

Sirota's Alchymy

Siskin Early Learning Center's Classroom 3's Campaign for Clean Water

SISTAR and STAR1 Third Anniversary - Help the Children of Africa

SJBC Youth Dept.,Mansfield, La: Ursula Godfrey Memorial Page

Skate for Water!

Skyler's Campaign for Water

Skyline High School - Energy and Power Classes

SLCS's 8th Grade Fundraising Page

SMASH Energy's Fundraising Page

Smith-Cotton's Field Day Campaign for Water

Smooth Ambler Spirits Fundraising Page

Sneha's Christmas Donations

SNHU World Water Day

SNHU World Water Day Celebration

SNOWBRIDGES - Fatbike across Maine for clean water in African Villages

Social Action for Africa

SodaStream One2One Project

Sofia 's Campaign for Water

Sofia Mellizo's Fundraising Page

Sofie's Campaign for Water

Sonja Vuckovic's Fundraising Page

sootae꼬마 2015 Christmas Support for Taeyeon and Sooyoung

Sophia and Anna's Campaign for Water

Sophia and Georgia's Fundraising page!

Sophia Guilin's Fundraising Page

Sophia Kolodzinski's Fundraising Page

Sophia's Campaign for Water

Sophia's Fundraising Page

Sophia's Run for Clean Water in Africa Fundraising Page

Sophie and Mia's Campaign for Water

Sophie Figueroa's Fundraising Page

Sophie's Campaign for Clean Water in Africa

Sophie's Campaign for Water

Sophie's Campaign for Water

South Aiken Presbyterian Church VBS Campaign for Water

South Asheboro Middle School's Fundraising Page

South Church, Concord. Faith in Action

South Woodstock Baptist Church's Fundraising Page

Southampton Township School's 3rd grade Campaign for Water

Southdale YIG's Fundraising Page

Southeast Guilford High School PROJECT 750

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville InterVarsity

Southside Funding Page

Southwood Public School's Fundraising Page

SPAN MCC's Fundraising Page

Sparkle Naturally Bath

Sparkle Naturally Bath Fundraising Page

Sparkle Naturally Bath Fundraising Page

Spartan Icons Fundraising Page

Spearman Advisee Fundraising Page

Spencer 's Campaign for Water

Spencer Brogden's Fundraising Page

Spencer Moody's Fundraising Page

Sperreng Middle School

Spikes Fundraising Page

Spiritual Bandits Campaign for Water

Splash Africa with H20

Sports Research Campaign for Water

Spread Christmas to Africa

Spreading Christmas Joy to Africa

Spring Hill Manufacturing / UAW Local 1853 Campaign for Water

Springdale Bulldogs IB Fundraising Page

Springfield Choir

Springwise Facility Management's Fundraising Page

Spruce Street 3rd Grader's Fundraising Page

SRW Campaign for Water

SRWC Hyphen's Fundraising Page

St Edmond Rehoboth Beach DE 2016 Confirmation Class

St John Starlight Youth Group's Fundraising Page

St Mary's Campaign for Water

St Mary's Campaign for Water

St Nicholas Angels Fundraising Page

ST Thomas Campaign for Water

St. Anthony School Robotics (SAINT BOTS) Team Campaign for Water

St. Anthony VBS Campaign for Water

St. Cecilia Columbus Ohio Water Project

St. Charles Water Project

St. Christopher's Eco Club's Fundraising Page

St. Edward Confessor 4th grade Fundraising Page

ST. JACOB ANNA Fundraising Page

St. John Baptist Church Youth Department - Mansfield, LA Fundraising Page

St. John Church's Fundraising Page

St. John Middle School Fundraising Page

St. John School, Encinitas

St. John's 3rd Graders for Water

St. Joseph the Worker's Campaign for Water

St. Margaret Mary Campaign for Water

St. Martha's Grade 2 Campaign for Water

St. Martha's Grade 2 Fundraising Page

St. Maughold/ Independent Kingdom of Mann's Fundraising Page

St. Michael's Troop 2112 Campaign for Water

St. Norbert College Environmental Club

St. Rose St. Mary's Pennies for Water

St. Stan's 3rd Grade

St. Stan's PS and PK's Campaign for Water

St. Stan's Third Grade Fundraising Page

St. Stephen School: The Water Project

St. Thomas Aquinas College's Campaign for Water

St. Thomas Middle School Youth Ministry's Water Project

St.Catharines Christian Fellowship Youth Fundraising Page

STA Middle School Ministry Campaign for Water

Stagg's Water Relay

Stand For Those in Need

Starkey 2nd Grade Study Group Campaign for Water

Stay Free Movement Fundraising Page

Steel Magnolias Campaign for Water

Stefan's Campaign for Water

Steigerwald Plumbing's Fundraising Page

Stein family and friends Fundraising Page

Stephanie C. Lear Fundraising Page

Stephanie DeVeaux's Fundraising Page

Stephanie Remy's Fundraising Page

Stephanie's Campaign for Water

Stephanie's Campaign for Water

Stephanie's Campaign for Water

Stephen Hawking Charter School Fundraising Page

Stephen Hawking Kindergarten Fundraising Page

Stephen Sewe's Fundraising Page

Stephen Voglewede's Fundraising Page

Stephen's Campaign for Water

Steve & Mary Build a Water Well... Well, kind of....

Steve Ackerman's Fundraising Page

Steve Daly's Fundraising Page

Steve T's Fundraising Page

Steven Cromartie's Fundraising Page

Steven Goolian's Fundraising Page

Steven Jones's Fundraising Page

Steven Pegram's Fundraising Page

Stevie 's Campaign for Water

Stokes Campaign for Water

Stonewall Jackson Middle School Campaign for Water

Stop Bugging My Wife for Gift Ideas

Stop Dumping Ice Water on Your Heads

Stop The Ice Bucket Challenge Fundraising Page

Stop the Walk

Stop the Walk

Storm Chaser's Water Project

Straight Out of Dayton

Strikatron's Campaign for Water

Stroud Elementary's Fundraising Page

STS's Campaign for Water

Student Council’s Fundraising Page

Student Fundraiser

Student Peace Action Networks Fundraising Page

Students Campaign for Water

Students Campaign for Water

Students Campaigning for Water

Students for Global Citizenship at Brookdale

Students Making a Difference-GWES 5th Grade Superheroes

Sue Douglas's Fundraising Page

Suha ( Um Hakim ) Campaign for Water

Suhaili's Fundraising Page

SUHO's Campaign for Water

Suhyeon's Fundraising Page

Sulayman and Yousuf's Campaign for Water

Sumair Nibber's Fundraising Page

Summer’s Clean Water Clean Life Project

Summit Ridge Middle School

Summit Ridge's Fundraising Page

Summit Ridge's Fundraising Page 2015

Summit Ridge's Walk4Water 2014

Summit Senior Project: Wells for Africa

Sun Valley Middle Saving Lives

Sun Valley Middle School

Sun Valley WaterProject

Super Testing PFP

Support Clean Water for Jeptulu Primary School's 1,000+ Children

Supry's Campaign for Water

Suredata Tap In

Survivor Filter Fundraising Page

Susan Crow Wells 4 Sudan

Susan Puetz's Fundraising Page

Susanna's Fundraising Page

Sustainable Destinations Campaign for Water

Suzanne's Campaign for Water - Women Without Pots

SVMS WaterProject

Svoboda Family Campaign for Water

Sway Jah Vu Fundraiser

Sweet Tater Sweats for Water

Sweet Water Project

SWHS Water Launch Club Campaign

SWHS Water Launch Club Campaign for Water

Swim shady donations

SWS Student Fundraising Page

Sydney Catherine Garner's Fundraising Page

Sydney Graul's Fundraising Page

Sydney Peterson's Mitzvah Project

Sydney's Mitzvah Project

Sydni McGee's Fundraising Page

Sylvie's Campaign for Water

Symone's Campaign for Water

Symphony Ragan's Fundraising Page

Symphony's $1 for Clean Water

SYPLA's Water Project Fundraising Page

T.C.P. World Academy ~ Class of 2014's Fundraising Page

T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) For Humanity

Tahlia's Campaign for Water

Tai Owen's Fundraising Page

TAINA NORELL's Fundraising Page

Take Heed's Fundraising Page

Take The Step For Clean Water

Talin Lewis' Fundraising Page

Tam High's Fundraising Page

Tamia and Egypt's Campaign for Water

Tammy's Campaign for Water

Tamra Perkins's Fundraising Page

Tanaya's Campaign for Water

Tanice Wilson-Slaughter's Fundraising Page

Tanner and Emily's Water Project

Tara Brown - Pure Water Systems

Tarek's Campaign for Water

Tasha & Steph's Water Project!

Tasha Suwarrow-Williams's Fundraising Page

Tashkent 's Campaign for Water

Tatum’s World Changing Campaign for Water

Taylor and Morgan's Project

Taylor Elementary's Fourth Grade Campaign for Water

Taylor Hart's Fundraising Page

Taylor Kirkpatrick's Fundraising Page

Taylor Kitchen's Fundraising Page

Taylor Nagy's Fundraising Page

Taylor Neville's Fundraising Page

Taylor Paff's Fundraising Page

Taylor School's Fundraising Page

Taylor's Birthday Campaign for Water

Taylor's 17th Birthday Campaign for Water

Taylor's Campaign for Clean Water!

TCA Central Fundraising

Team 52

Team B's Campaign for Water

Team Building Class

TEAM GOAL's Fundraising Page

Team Hillary for Clean Water's Fundraising Page

Team Meadowbrook Fundraising Page

Team Pathways

Team RunningWater

Team Up with Cole-Parmer to Bring Clean Water to Those in Need

Teddy Fogelman & Alex Shamash's Fundraising Page

Teegan's Campaign for Water

Teen FemiList

Tegan Michalak's Fundraising Page

TEKFuzion's Fundraising Page

Teleperformance Campaign for Water (Community Fundraiser)

Temperance's Campaign for Water

Temple's Treehouse Fundraising Page

Tenille Vitalich's Fundraising Page

Tenison Woods College's Fundraising Page

Teriyiah Smith's Fundraising Page

TerraVu Campaign for Water

Terry Jones Water Project™

Terry Neale's Fundraising Page for Unicef's Water Project

Tess Crick - Donor Relationships's Fundraising Page

Tess Crick's Fundraising Page

Tess Crick's Fundraising Page 2014

Tessa's Campaign for Water

The 3D Community Fundraising Page

The 8th Grade Campaign for Clean Water!

The African Water Project

The African Water Sources Fund

The Ahl's Sun Stand Still prayer

The Amachi Project

The Angola Water Mission

The Aqua Hero Six Campaign for Water

the aquarius fund

The Ballard Fundraising Page

The Bare Essentials...

The Bedwells' Water Project

The Beech Hill School

The Beech Hill School 6SS Water Project

The Birch School's Campaign for Water

The Bonks Campaign for Water

The Brad Smith Water Fund

The Bridge Church Children's Ministry

The Bubbling Well real well fund!

The Build a Well Ensemble

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2017-2018

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2018-2019

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2019-2020

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2021-2022

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2022-2023

The Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2023-2024

The Caring Wolves Fundraising Page

The Carpenter's Fundraising Page

The Carter Family

The Catching Force

The Catching Force Fundraising Page

The Chance for You to Change Lives

The Chase-Dobiash Family's Clean Water Fundraiser Page

The Christian School at Castle Hills IMPACT Team

The Clean Water Campaign

The Clean Water Crew

The Clean Water Fund for The Awareness of ALS

The Clean Water Fundraiser

The Clothes Hamper Challenge

The Cole family and friends water project

The Conservatory School Water Project!

The Cross AU's Campaign for Water

The Dalton School's Water Project

The Dent's Campaign for Water

The Drew Beuerlein Foundation Fundraising Page

The Ecole's 8th Grade Fundraiser 2022

The EGMS National Junior Beta Club Campaign for Water

The Erwin Water Warriors

The Ferrari's fundraising page

The Fight for Clean Water

The Fight for Water

The Fort's Fundraising Page

The Funny Fable Water Project

The Funny Fable Water Project

The Furniss Family Fundraising Page

The Gaby Foundation

The Gainesville NJHS Fundraising Page

The ghanaian sanitation project

The Gift Of Clean Water

The Gift of Life.

The gift of water

The Golden Drop

The Great Flood

The Green's Water for a Cause Fundraiser

The Guirao Family's Fundraising Page

The Hatcher Family's Fundraising Page

The Hawaii Project for Clean Water

The Help Africa Team Campaign Page

The Henson Foundation Freshwater Fund

The I Was Here Project 2013 - Nick, Jacob, Doug, Michael & Luca

The Ice Bucket Recall

The Ignatians Water Well

The International Baccalaureate School at Campbell High School Fundraising Page

The International Baccalaureate School at Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2015-2016

The International Baccalaureate School at Campbell High School Fundraising Page for 2016-2017

The JC Water Project | Jenna & Caitlin's Campaign for Water

The Katz Kids' Fundraising Page

The Kinderclub Nest 2013-2014

The Kloster's Fundraising Page: Small acts make huge impacts!

The Knoll & Scanlon Family Fundraising Page

The KO Water Goal

The Korea America Hospitality & Tourism Educators Association

The Lamb's Water

The LEGOrillas' Campaign for Clean Water

the life.unlabeled. water challenge

The Living Water

The Love People

The Lovely 8 Fundraising Page

The Madden Family Fundraising Page

The Magdy and Elham Water Well

The Mary Lisa McKay Mangan Memorial Page

The Mauthe Center: Eat Well Fundraising Page

The Mentor, Esq.'s Campaign for Water

The Mile Challenge

The Morsony Project

The Newson's Fundraising Page

The NobleCoin Water Project

The Ojeda's Water Project Fundraising

The OLHS National Honor Society's Campaign for Water


The Phi Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., "Campaign for Water"

The PHS Water Project 13-14 Fundraising Page

The Pi Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated's Campaign for Water

The Prayer Well Fundraising Page

The Project's Fundraising Page

The Real Drip Campaign

The Real Ice Water Challenge Fundraising Page

The Redd Head's Help for Humanity

The Reed's Campaign for Water

The Remix Softball Club

The Richmond Gathering's Fundraising Page

The Robards Fundraiser Experience

The Rock Fundraising Page

The Running Water Campaign

The Sage Team's Fundraiser for Water

The Samaritans' Campaign for Water

The Selfie Stylist Co's Campaign for Water

The Seyhan and Mehmet Memorial Fund Raising Page

The Shay Family's Fundraising Page

The Shilling Project

The Sigel Family's Fundraising Page

The Silent Crisis

The Smiley Family's Campaign for Water

The Snider Wedding Project

The South Church Mt. Prospect IL Fundraising Page

The Southeast Project's Water Project

The SRI LANKAN's Fundraising Page

The Svoboda Family's Campaign for Water

The Svoboda Family's Campaign for Water

The Swanson Family's Fundraising Page

The Swanson's Campaign for Water

The Theta Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.'s Campaign for Water

The Third Grade Water Project- St. Johns Episcopal School

The Training Lofte's Water Project

The Trudeaus Campaign for Water

The Water Challenge

The Water Diamond

The Water Project

The Water Project

The Water Project Campaign- Jacks Giving Back

The Water Project Fundraising Page

The Water Project Fundraising Page

The Water Project MX

The Water Project- Ms. Maani's Class

The Water Project: Fundraising for Clean Water

The Water Push Ups Project

The Water Savers' Fundraising Page

The Water Store of Spring Hill challenge!

The Water Store Spring Hill

The Water Store Spring Hill Fundraiser to Dig a Well in Africa

The Water Walk

The Water Walk

The Water Walk 2014

The Water Walk 2017

The Water Wonder Girls Fundraising Page

The Watering Hole

The Well

The Well Runs Deep Fundraising Page

The Well Wishers Project

The Well Wishers Project

The Wickersham Family's Water Project

The Williams Campaign for Water

The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well Project

The Wishlet´s Fundraising Page

The Worth of Water

Theatre for the World's Fundraising Page

TheCityofZ's Fundraising Page

TheDreamProduction's Campaign for Water

ThelilBigShop's Fundraising Page

Theodore Roosevelt's Fundraising Page

Theresa Schneider's Fundraising Page

Theresa's Campaign for Water

theSHORE Giving Mission

Thilo's Fundraising Page

Thirsty for Water Fundraising Page

Thomas Jefferson's Campaign for Water

Thomas Lesser's Fundraising Page

Thomas Renneisen's Fundraising Page

Thomson Elementary School's Campaign for Water

Three Million Steps for Water

Three Rivers Christian School Campaign for Water

Thrive Africa

tien's Birthday Campaign for Water

Tiers of Joy

Tiffany Gottlieb's Fundraising Page

Tiffany Gottlieb's Fundraising Page

Tiffany Pellegrini's Fundraising Page

Tim & Holly's Fundraising Page

Tim Hwang's Fundraising Page

Tim Joyce LJ Hooker Port Macquarie for Water

Tim's Campaign for Water

Timothy Ie's Fundraising Page

Tina Bettles's Fundraising Page

Tina Collop's Fundraising Page

Tinuade's Campaign for Water

Titi's Campaign for Water

Titi's Campaign for Water

Tivy Aqua Squad

To one who has been given much.

Todd and Leslie's Campaign for Water

Together we Stand for Humanity

Tokalautawa Fundraising Page

Toll Gate Elementary - Kids Creating Change

Toll Gate Elementary - Kids Creating Change 2013

Toll Gate Elementary - Kids Creating Change 2014

Tom and Elsa's Campaign for Water

Tom Stadnicki's Campaign for Water

Tony and Michelle Nehring's Fundraising Page

Tony Burson's Fundraising Page

Tony Castellon's Fundraising Page

Tony's Campaign for Water

Tonya Latrice Wilson's Fundraising Page

Top o' the Morning Muffin Tops

Tornado Campaign for Water

Torrington High School Swim team Fundraising Page

Totoket Valley Elementary School's 5th Grade Science Classes

Touchland's Fundraising Page

Toye's Campaign for Water

TPCS Fundraising Page

Tracey's Campaign for Water

Trading Hair for Water!

Treasure Harris' #GiveWaterChallenge

Trenary's Fundraising Page, A Well of HOPE

Tres Rios Service Academy's Campaign for Water

Tressa's Campaign for Water

Trifa's Campaign for Water Well In Africa

Trinity Christian AP Environmental Science Fundraising Page

Trinity Christian School 2015 APES Class Campaign for Water

Trinity Eight's Fundraising Page

Trinity Oriol's Fresh Water Project

Trinity Preparatory School

Trinity UMC Lindsborg Middle School Youth

Trinity United Methodist Church Christian Education Team

Triple Vision Fundraising Page

Trisha's Campaign for Water

Trista Borgese's Fundraising Page

Troop 1064's Fundraising Page

Troop 10643's Campaign for Water

Troop 1324's Campaign for Water

Troop 198's Fundraising Page

Troop 2749

Troop 3195 - Campaign for Water

Troop 33394's Campaign for Water!

Troop 40120 Campaign for Water

Troop 4185 Fundraising Page

Troop 46796's Campaign for Water

Troop 5284's fundraising page!

Troop 541's Silver Project

Troop 68230's Fundraising Page

Troop 781 Fundraising Page

Troop 95861 Water Project

Troop20345 Fundraising Page

Troy U's ATO Sigma Pledge Class

Truck Pool Charity

TSP Supply's Fundraising Page

Tuks Civil Water Challenge

Tulane University Water Project Fund

Tunesha banks

Tustin High School's Campaign for Water

TVES 5th Grade Campaign for Water

Twitch Family Love

Ty's Campaign for Water

Ty's Campaign for Water

Tyan Brown's Fundraising Page

Tyler & Kaila's Fundraising For Kenya

Tyler and Jenah's Well

Tyler Leonard's Fundraising Page

Tyler Limbrick's Fundraising Page

Tyler Wescott's Fundraising extravaganza

Tyler Williams' Kingdom Working Page

Tyler's Campaign for Clean Water

Tyler's Campaign for Water

Tyler's Campaign for Water

Tyler's Fundraising Page

Tylethea's Campaign for Water

Tylor Mayfield

Tynan Cavanagh's Fundraising Page

UAE's Clean water initiative

UArts Water Bake Sale Fundraising Page

UC Water for Africa

UConn Water Wise

Udyog's Campaign for Water

UFgrly13's Fundraising Page

Uganda Water Crisis

UMD iGive Do Good Fundraising Page

Ummah Collection

Unclean water in Sub-Saharan Africa - Tatum -

UNI Final Project Fundraising Page

UNI's Fundraising Page

Union Elementary's Campaign for Water

United Environmental Solutions's Fundraising Page

United Ummah of Philly 's Campaign for Water

Uniting Church of Christ Water Project

Upton Middle School Fundraising Page

Upton Middle School's Fundraising Page

Urban Mattress Boulder Fundraising Page

Urooba's Campaign for Water

Use the Internet For Good

Using Social Networks to Fund a Well (originated on

Usman's Campaign to Change the World!

UUCF 4s&5s Fundraising Page

UW-Madison EMBA class of 2020

UW-MBA 2019

V's Water Project for Africa

Valence & Maven's Fundraising Page #TeamThomasWaterProject

Valeria's Campaign for Water

Valerie Kuhns's Fundraising Page

Valerie's Fundraising Page

Vandelia's Campaign for Water

Vanessa, Teresa and Landon's Campaign for Water

Varick Memorial AME Zion Youth Missionaries

VBS Day Camp 2019

VBS to Mars and Beyond 2019 St. Anthony Catholic Church

Venture Church

Verena's Campaign for Water

Veritas' Fundraising Page

Vernetta Lopez's Fundraising Page

Vernon & Keri Crowder's Fundraising Page

Verona FFA Chapter 's Campaign for Water

Veronica Lemus's Fundraising Page

Veronica Yazmin's Water Project Fundraising Page

Veronica's Campaign for Water

Vertcoin Community's Fundraising Page

VH Homegroup's Fundraising Page!

Victoria Arico's Fundraising Page

Victoria's Campaign for Clean Water

Victoria's Campaign for Water

Victoria's Campaign for Water

Vijay Raja's Fundraising Page

Vikram's Campaign for Water

Vincennes University

Vincent Cackowski's Fundraising Page

Vineland AMSA Campaign for Water

Vineland AMSA Campaign for Water 2018

Vinny's Campaign for Water

Violet The Vine

Virgin Naturals

Visionaire Millionaire's Fundraising Page

Vitalija's Campaign for Water

Vivi's Campaign for Water

Viviana Cortez's Fundraising Page

Viviana Olivares's Fundraising Page

Vivienne's Fundraising Page

Vogler Family Fund Raiser

Volunteer Coffee's 2023 Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee's Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee's Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee's Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee's Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee's Campaign for Water

Volunteer Coffee\'s Campaign for Water

VRL Soul'd Out Cafe Fundraising Page

W.T White Key Club's Fundraising Page

Wabash Apaches Spread the Spirit

Wade and Sally

Waiokeola Congregational Church Campaign for Water

Wake Up Stand Up H20 Fundraiser

Wakilat Coker's Care For Clean Water Campaign - Build a water well and help save lives

Walk 4 Water 2016 International School of Curitiba

Walk for a Well

Walk for a Well 2015

Walk for Water

Walk for Water

Walk for Water 2016

Walk for Water 2017

walk for water : johnson city

Walk for Water Hosted by: Indiana University Northwest Geology Club


Walsh Electric's Campaign for Water

Walter D Ward Water Well

Walter Losiewicz's Fundraising Page

Warning - Detour Ahead!! Water Campaign

Wassail for Water


Watches for Water (Seventeenth Watches)



Water - Empowering Communities

Water - Empowering Communities Everywhere

Water - everyone's heritage

Water = Life

Water = Life (Josiah & Mikaya's fundraiser!)

Water Africa: Maddison Moore's Senior Project

Water Awareness Week

Water Campaign For a better World

Water Club 2015-2016

Water Club’s Donation Drive

Water Crisis - NHS

Water Crisis South Africa

Water Crisis: Today and Tomorrow

Water For Africa

Water For Africa

Water for Africa

Water For All

Water for ALL People

Water For All: A campaign by Sneha Pasupula and Kayla Hellikson

Water for Education

Water for Everyone

Water for Everyone | Let's help the world!

Water for Humanity

Water for Kenya 5K

Water for Life

Water For Lives

Water For Lives

Water for the Motherland Fundraising

water for the waterless

Water for the Wishful

Water for the World

Water For the World

Water for Wellness: Quenching Africa's Thirst

Water From My Daughter

Water Fundraising on Rack 61E03 (Blacktrend)

Water is Life

Water is Life - Let\'s give that gift.

Water is Life....Fundraising Page

Water Is Not Corporate Property

Water Project

Water Project

Water Project Campaign SMC

Water Project Change Drive

Water Project Club

Water Project Fundraising Campaign

Water Project Group Fundraising Page

Water Relief For The Needy

Water Scarcity Fundraiser

Water Through Nexu - A Babson Project

Water to Africa Fundraising Page

Water to Spare

Water Under The Bridge

Water Walk 2012

Water Walk 2015--Fox Valley Church

Water Walk 2016

Water Walker's Fundraising Page

Water Water

Water Well Campaign In Honor of Munirka Kolasinac & Daud Kolasinac

Water Well Ramadan Project for Mohammed Islam

Water wells for Africa!

Water Wells Now, Clean Water for Future Generations.

Water Where it's Needed

Water Wings II

Water Wings Project

Water With Taylor

Water You Waiting For?

Water, Water, Everywhere?


WaterDrops of Hope

WaterForLife Fundraising Page

WaterIsLife Campaign

WAU-Wells Around Us

Waverly 7th Grade's Water Project

Waverly Middle School English Class' Fundraising Page

Waverly Middle School Takes the Challenge

Waverly's 7th Grade Water Challenge Fundraiser

Wax Cosmetics Campaign for Water

Wayne's Water World Fundraising Page

Waynesboro History Club's Campaign for Water

Waynesburg Group

We Dig Water Fundraising Page

We have ice and some don't even have water!

WE LEAD Healthy Lifestyle

We Love Clean Water Fundraising Page

We Save Water

We're Thirsty's Fundraising Page

Weekend Nurses Well Project

Weetyr Goh's Fundraising Page

Well Crafted's Campaign for Water

Well Wishes

Well Worth It

Well, well, well, water we have here?

Well-Being for Water

Well-Made World


Wells Elementary PTA's Fundraising Page

Wells for Water: Best Practices for Oil & Gas 2015 Conference Fundraising Page

Wells for Water: Best Practices for Oil & Gas 2016 Conference Fundraising Page

Wells for Water: Best Practices for Oil & Gas Conference's Fundraising Page

Wes Roberts's Fundraising Page

Wesley Prep's Fundraising Page

West Chester Friends Meeting/Concord Quarter Campaign for Water

West Elementary's Campaign for Water

West Essex Campaign for Water

West Platte 6th Grade's Campaign for Water

West Platte and Friends' Campaign for Clean Water

West Side School 4th Grade Fundraising Page

West Stokes High School..... King, NC

West Woods '22-'23

West Woods 2021-22 Campaign for Water

Westlock/Barrhead Activity Kids Inititative to Change the World

Weston Middle School's Fundraising Page

WFMS 6th Grade Campaign for Water

What can you sell to build a well?

What If We Gave - Fusion - Fundraising Page

What the hell, let's build a well.

Wheatland's Campaign for Water

Wheels for Wells

When I'm Sixty Four

When life gives you lemons....

Where Real Life Begins Water Project

Whitney O'Neil's Clean Water Fundraising Page

Whitney Smith's Fundraising Page

whitney's page

Whitney,Charlotte, Alyssa, and Lauren's Campaign for Water

Whitten Twins Birthday Give!`

Whoever believes in Me - Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water -John 7:38

WHS Interact Club 2nd Annual Walk for Water

WHS Interact Club Campaign for Water

WILKISTER's Campaign for Water

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Wishing Well

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Year 4 The Armidale School Campaign for Water

Yehia's 36 Years old Birthday Week Campaign for Water

YES! What's next? Campaign for Water

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York Fundraiser

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Zoe's 21st B'day Fundraiser

Zoe's Campaign for Water

Zoey's Campaign for Water

Zoey's Campaign for Water

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[EXO] Chen's 2014 Charity Birthday Project

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Lilliann's Well Project

“CHILDREN FIRST” every child deserves an access to clean water

“Water instead of Gifts” Campaign for Water